Nancy Pelosi looked at this one poll and realized her career was over

It’s not just the White House up for grabs this November.

Control of the House of Representatives could change hands as well.

And Nancy Pelosi looked at this one poll and realized her career was over.

Ever since Democrats won back the majority in the House in the 2018 midterms Pelosi and her allies – as well as their partners in the fake news media – confidently predicted that the GOP had no path back to power in 2020.

Power in the House rarely changed hands during Presidential elections and Democrats believed Donald Trump alienated so many college educated suburban white voters that the Democrats had a lock on clinging to power.

But that all changed with the emergence of socialist Senator Bernie Sanders as the Democrat Party frontrunner.

A poll by the National Republican Congressional Committee found that in the battleground districts that will decide who holds power in the House, President Trump holds a five point lead over Bernie Sanders.

POLITICO Playbook reported, “The tumultuous political climate has given fresh hope to Republicans, who were privately skeptical of Trump’s prediction that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy will be the next speaker come 2021. Internal polling commissioned by the National Republican Congressional Committee showed that voters in districts targeted by both parties are skeptical of Sanders — his approval rating is 42%, and disapproval stands at 53% — which they believe will help boost their candidates for the House. In these districts, voters prefer Trump, 48% to 43%. If Sanders is atop the ticket, Republicans believe, they can credibly label every Democrat a socialist without fear of overreach.”

Democrats have underestimated Donald Trump before.

And with the party on the verge of nominating a candidate many see as unelectable, Donald Trump could not only win a second term, but win so convincingly that he creates down ballot coattails that carry Republicans back in to the majority in the House.

That would be the dream scenario for the GOP.

It would allow Republicans to control both Houses of Congress as well as the Presidency and this time Donald Trump would be setting the legislative agenda as opposed to RINO Never-Trumpers like Paul Ryan.

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20 Responses

  1. jimbo says:

    I recently saw a picture of Nancy Pelosi when she was about 30 and she wasn’t bad looking. But the years of hatred have shown up in her face. It has become a picture of the ugliness in her soul.

  2. Rich says:

    She should have been gone long ago. You knew she lost her mind when she tore up the presidents speech. What a moron she is. I’ll be glad when she’s gone.

  3. Susan Meyer says:

    CARLOS DEL VALIE – FYI – Nancy Pelosi is not a member of the Senate. She is the Speaker of the House of
    Representatives. Other than that, I agree with you!!!

  4. Jerry Moore says:

    Hey queen Nancy what are you Schumer Schiff and Nadler along with your slob followers going to do with the communist Bernie looks like he is smarter than all you deplorable democrats put together

  5. Nick Langarica says:

    We need President Trump to win re-election he supports prayer back in school, he supports pro life, he supports one man one woman marriage not LGBTQ rights he is the moral choice of America

  6. There wasn’t one darn thing in her Articles that supported any proof of any wrong doing of our President. However, the package they binded together were lies and corrupted to their advantage. A book of hatred for a man who exposed their long-term plan that back fired in all their hateful faces!

  7. carlos del valle says:

    I What is your problem and why wont you post it ?

  8. It infuriates me to no end that Adam Schiff is allowed the time of day when it comes to any
    matter relating to President Trump Schiff is a liar a cheat and his brain is infected with a
    Russian/Trump deranged position, he has lied with the two year year investigation and at every
    other event no matter what it is, I don’t know who is worse Madam Pelosi, or Schiff, dosen’t she
    have a job other than to follow President Trump and start investigations with every issue that
    she dreams up, I really hope that the voters wake up to all this nonsense and vote a republican
    Senate in November, and she can retire somewhere and just write nasty articles about Trump.

  9. Dee says:


  10. Ken Nolley says:

    Pelosi should see her face standing if front of a FIRING SQUAD ,TODAY

  11. Harvey Shelton says:

    The lying Trump doesn’t deserve a second term. The republicans have said by their vote at the impeachment trial (wasn’t a trial at all) that trump can do anything he wants. We are losing democracy and will become a part or Russia if Trump goes in a second term. He fired a decorated veteran, had him escorted out of the WH. He fired the National security chief for briefing congress on Russia interfering in the 2020 elections.

  12. Dan Gibson says:

    Hey NANCE, stop scheming for a second, and check the Handwriting on the Wall, Girl. It says
    loser … Loser … LOSER ! Here’s what YOU can DO FOR YOUR (?) COUNTRY: Resign, Tuck your
    Tail, and GO HOME …. and lest I forget, LEAVE THE GAVEL right there, where you found it. There
    SHALL BE NO going away gratuity. For YOU are DISGRACEFUL …. S A Y O N A R A

  13. Dewey says:

    I swear Pelosi is just a Communist. I can’t think of a positive thing this useless individual has done in her worthless career! She is a Perfect example of why term limits are so imperative! She is a total useless empty suit. The fool can barely put two sentences together! I have zero confidence in her Communist abilities! Wish she would do us all a favor and resign.

  14. Tom says:

    It was when she looked at her Dental report that she decided her career was over.

  15. Lyudmila says:

    Does Nancy Pelosi understand that with her unreasonable impeachment of Trump, she opened the way for communism to come to America? This deadly infection of communism is brought to our country by the frantic Sanders, who infects our children with communism

  16. Helga says:

    Why oh why do we have to read and see corrupt Pelosi every day? She should have been gone already along with the Squad!

  17. Robert says:

    As the Americans are understanding the Dumbocrats are a big joke. They have done nothing for the citizens except spend millions trying to get rid of of our POTUS. Go Trump

  18. Granny says:

    2 Chronicles 7:14 King James Version (KJV)
    14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

    King James Version (KJV)
    Public Domain

    2 Chronicles 7:14 in all English translations

  19. Mac says:

    Ever since the demturds got the house back they haven’t done one thing for the ppl. The only thing they have done is go after our president. That is and never was part of their job discription. Supposed to be working for the ppl, not someone else. We the ppl know exactly what the demturds are doing and we know who is behind it. It will be a long day in hell for them cause he’ll is eternity just what they all deserve for trying to give this country away. Money is the root of alll evil it’s what got the terrorists in the White House

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