Nancy Pelosi just made a bold prediction that will make you sick

Democrats are already claiming victory before the election has taken place.

Just like Hillary Clinton did before the 2016 election.

In a recent interview, Nancy Pelosi just made a bold prediction that will make you sick.

Not only did she predict that Democrats would win back the House, but that she would return as Speaker of the House.

The American Mirror reports:

For all the talk that Nancy Pelosi won’t be Speaker again if Democrats win back the House majority, rest assured: She will.

Pelosi said as much when she was asked about it during an appearance in Texas over the weekend.

“If the Democrats take the House,” Alex Wagner asked Pelosi, “are you going to be the person with the gavel in your hand, and are you going to be the person that calls up Donald Trump to try to work with him?”

Side-stepping the question about working with Trump — which would surely rile up her left-wing base, Pelosi said she would be Speaker again.

“Yes, I anticipate that I’ll be the person with the gavel in hand, but I haven’t asked anybody for a vote, in fact, I’ve told the candidates, ‘Do whatever you have to do, just win baby,’” she said, apparently telling her candidates to tell voters whatever they want to hear just so they’ll win.

While the Democrats’ over-confidence may be their downfall in the 2018 election, it should make every conservative concerned how assured Pelosi is that she will win.

Pelosi is the most polarizing and far-left Speaker of the House we have ever seen.

Many Democrats are openly running on impeaching President Trump.

So if they take back the House and install Pelosi as Speaker, it will only be a matter of time.

Pelosi’s Congressional District is in deep blue San Francisco a deep blue.

She barely needs to show her face there to win, so she is spending her time fundraising for Democrats around the country.

She will most certainly use this leverage to call in favors and demand Democrats vote for her as Speaker if the Democrats take power.

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