Nancy Pelosi just found out about the one poll number that keeps her up at night

Democrats thought they had an ace up their sleeve in 2022.

But now that’s turning into a major problem.

And Nancy Pelosi just found out about the one poll number that keeps her up at night.

Democrats counted on being able to sell themselves to Americans as competent managers of the coronavirus pandemic.

From Joe Biden on down, Democrats planned to pitch themselves to the public as the party that “follows the science.”

Democrats banked on Biden’s management of the pandemic service as their saving grace as Biden’s poll numbers slipped under water due to crises dealing with Afghanistan, inflation, illegal immigration, jobs and crime.

But a brand new Quinnipiac poll showed that for the first time more Americans disapproved of Biden’s handling of the pandemic than approved.

COVID is sure to be an important issue next year and with COVID Democrats will not have much of a sales pitch given their failures and overreach.

Democrats are equally likely to fare poorly on the other big issue in the midterms – namely, the economy which is always the number one issue in every election.

The Quinnipiac poll shows Joe Biden underwater on the economy as well.

Now, Democrats are panicking over the idea that more Americans disapprove than approve of Joe Biden’s handling of the two most important issues facing the country.

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have almost no margin for error next year if Democrats are going to hang on to their congressional majorities.

Joe Biden’s failures on COVID, the economy and Afghanistan sunk his poll numbers and put Pelosi and Schumer’s jobs at risk.

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