Nancy Pelosi just dropped the hammer on Joe Biden in this unexpected way

Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden are close allies.

But even House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is feeling the heat.

And Nancy Pelosi just dropped the hammer on Joe Biden in this unexpected way.

In his embarrassing marathon press conference on Wednesday, Joe Biden admitted defeat on a multi-trillion-dollar socialist spending bill.

Due to the opposition of West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin, the bill failed to reach 51 votes necessary to pass.

Biden told reporters he was open to breaking up the bill into smaller chunks and trying to move forward.

“It’s clear to me that we’re going to have to probably break it up,” Biden stated.

But Nancy Pelosi quickly shut down this idea.

Biden may have forgotten, but Democrats are using the budget reconciliation process to pass the spending blowout to avoid a GOP filibuster.

However, Senate rules state you can only pass one budget resolution per year.

Breaking the bill up into small pieces means much of the socialist spending gets left on the cutting room floor.

And while that may be good for America, Democrats will have a hard time keeping their conference united as member’s sacred cows get gored.

Nancy Pelosi understood that immediately and corrected Biden the very next day.

“So what the President calls chunks, it would hopefully be a major bill going forward, maybe more limited, but it is still significant. So we’re talking about climate. Now let’s talk about healthcare. So in the legislation is that millions more people will have access to healthcare at a very low cost, because of what is in the bill in terms of expanding the Affordable Care Act,” Pelosi began.

Pelosi tried to explain the rules of reconciliation and why it meant Biden’s proposal was a nonstarter.

“Remember this. This is a reconciliation bill. So when people say let’s divide up, eh, they don’t understand the process. What can we agree upon? And I’m sure that we can agree upon something significant. Call it a chunk if you want, but whatever you call it, we want it to be able to make a difference in transforming the workplace by honoring or by respecting the fact that there are families that have to make decisions between home and work and again, protecting the planet. So I’m optimistic,” Pelosi continued.

Pelosi knows this is the Democrats’ last chance to pass a massive spending bill and turn America into a socialist nation.

So even if it means correcting and embarrassing Joe Biden in public, Nancy Pelosi is willing to push this bill to the bitter end.

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