Nancy Pelosi just betrayed America with this coronavirus double-cross

Not every politician in American is fighting to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is chief among them.

And Nancy Pelosi just betrayed America with this coronavirus double-cross.

Nancy Pelosi blew up negotiations over a $1.6 trillion dollar economic relief package.

Pelosi descended on Washington, D.C. at the last minute and threw a stink bomb into the discussions by demanding

Republicans include a laundry list of long sought after socialist and anti-American wish list items.

Pelosi offered up her own bill that included $300 million for foreign refugees.

Breitbart reports that, “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) plan to fight the coronavirus includes giving millions in American taxpayer funding to refugees living overseas.

“Pelosi, along with House Democrats, blocked passage of a coronavirus relief package for American workers, citizens, and small businesses in favor of their own plan that increases taxpayer funding to foreign refugees.”

The stated purpose of this bill is to provide relief for the American worker and economic system.

Instead, Democrats think they have Congressional Republicans and Donald Trump backed into a corner and want to squeeze every last drop of taxpayer money possible out of these negotiations to advance their open borders and globalist agenda.

But Democrats are running a big risk.

Every day they block this bill risks stock markets spiraling downward and Americans become increasingly anxious that their job may not exist in 24 hours.

If Democrats drag this on too long they risk destroying the American economy by plunging into a depression after time ran out to provide relief to small businesses and distressed industries.

And that would invite a massive political backlash on the Democrat Party.

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82 Responses

  1. James says:


  2. Rolf Schulte says:

    Nancy Pelosi betraying the American workers ? Really : she fights for everyone of you, but you don’t even realize it ! God gave you a brain – use it ! But you’re all too beholden to your Dear Orange Leader , the “real”, but totally fake Donald J.Trump !..

  3. Alan says:

    Pelosi wants to keep the border open for her Hollywood socialites can get their fix and crash the stock market and blame trump and sleepy joe to win the election.

  4. Danny says:

    America loving Americans are commenting here, but what good is it doing until we kick them out and put the TREASONISTIC DEMONCRATS in a prison cell, and MAYBE 30 years from now, check in on them.

  5. OrangeManFan says:

    She impeaches President Trump for Ukraine and then withholds aid for the American people if the legislation does not include pork for her special interest donors. Sounds like extortion to me. “Quid Pro Quo Nancy”

  6. Uncle Hoppy says:

    No democrats care about the American citizens or the American workers.
    All democrats care about is power.
    People are just pawns to them. We are nothing but surfs to the democrat party. We are useful idiots.

  7. Bertha Hansen says:

    She is not concerned about the American worker. She is just buying illegal votes. Same day registration to vote just proves it.

  8. Honest says:

    Nancy is just like all of the rest of her Gaggle ~ Worthless Trash~

  9. Jake says:

    Pelosi is going to go down in history as the worst Speaker Of The House in history. She has lost any ability to think clearly. The democrat party has lost their way and needs new leadership.

  10. CRAZY OLD PELOSI has just shown all of America that she is mentally unstable and should NOT be Speaker of the House ! The woman is totally off her rocker with the nonsense she is demanding to be included in the Bill. Time for the American people to DEMAND that she step down and retire to some rubber room where she is no longer a danger to the general public !

  11. jaybird says:

    Just remember when election time rolls around who you will be voting out because of the things they have done the past 3+ yrs. They need to be voted out of Federal and State Government!

  12. Nick says:

    She needs to retire back to California and get out of the way shes lost it

  13. Margie Perkins says:

    She needs to be RE_MOVED !!!! ASAP !!! She has done nothing to help America ,and what she did do was show Hate for Our President ,along with her Demo’s partners !!!! That doesn’t Help America !!!!

  14. Margie says:

    She needs to be RE_MOVED !!!! ASAP !!! She has done nothing to help America ,and what she did do was show Hate for Our President ,along with her Demo’s partners !!!! That doesn’t Help America !!!!

  15. Nancy is a monster. She needs to go

  16. FRANK says:


  17. Steve says:

    Take a good look at that face of hers, as that is what treason looks like. Why she is even able to keep her position is beyond me. But I think one sentence sums her up.
    “Follow the money, and it will take you right to the front door of George Soros and company.”

  18. IrishEyes2C says:

    I don’t know, maybe, just maybe if Pelosi and Schumer were sick or had a loved one was sick maybe then they’ll see the urgency. The democrats are unbelievable, sick, twisted and sleazy. It’s my understanding that this bill is a retread of the HR1 from last year, but it didn’t pass in the senate. They just inserted the coronavirus stimulus package. They didn’t create that bill over the weekend, when it already existed. Because I’ve seen Pelosi wish list before and its was in the HR1 bill. About 75% of this bill was in HR1.

  19. jeanne says:

    Pelosi is diabolical! 👿

  20. Bill says:

    Pelosi is an enemy combatant. She betrays America every day just by getting up in the morning. we need to drag this hag out by the hair, along with anyone who aids and abets her in her treason.

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