Nancy Pelosi just announced a new scheme to take down Donald Trump in 2020

The Democrat Party is still reeling over their 2016 loss.

They can’t believe crooked Hillary took a beating at the ballot box.

So now they’ve unveiled a new scheme to take down Donald Trump in 2020.

Nancy Pelosi just came out in favor of lowering the voting age to 16.

In a press conference, Pelosi spoke of “capturing” kids in high school “when they’re interested in all of this.”

Her comments are in connection to the so-called “For The People Act,” which would overhaul U.S. election and campaign finance laws, if passed.

The Daily Caller Reports:

“That’s a subject of debate but my view is that I would welcome it, but I’ve been in that position for a long time.”

The issue of lowering the voting age came up for debate in the House as an amendment last week on the “For The People Act,” a Democratic pushed bill (H.R. 1) that would overhaul U.S. election and campaign finance laws. Democratic Massachusetts Rep. Ayanna Pressley introduced the amendment, but it failed 126-305.

Since 2013, thirteen states have proposed bills to lower the voting age. Some of the proposals are strictly for school board elections while others are for state elections.

H.R. 1, however, did pass the House through its Democratic majority, despite opposition from the ACLU.

Democrats are frightened.

They worry they will lose to Trump again in 2020.

So they are concocting every possible scheme to get him out of office.

Now they are trying to take over the voting system and make a mockery of the U.S. electoral process.

They know 16-year-olds are more naive than the general public and are susceptible to indoctrination by union-label public school teachers, so they are trying to flood the voter base with them.

If they succeed, it could be bad news for our fragile republic.

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109 Responses

  1. jemb says:

    These kids just learned to drive – they’re about to get their 1st car and could care less about voting. They look at it as an old people’s responsibility.


    LET ME BE CLEAR THEN the vote was ONLY given to the 18yr olds because of the military draft up through the Viet Nam era.”If we can be asked to die for our country we should be allowed to vote.” Well the draft is over NOBODY HAS to go into the military.Thevoting age SHOULD be moved back to 21 yrs of age.and even THEN (considering todays youth) Im not sure THAT is old enough.

  3. Randall Clark says:

    You hit that right square on the nailhead!!!!

  4. Randall Clark says:

    You are so right!!

  5. Randall Clark says:

    Nancy pelousy AINT gonna do jack-squat!!! She’s not smart enough!! You and CHUCKIE-poo Schumer BETTER WATCH OUT, because YOU TWO may be in the HOTSEAT SOON!!

  6. Loren Clobes says:

    Hey Nancy Peedlousy,
    You are the one that should be tried for TREASON if you continue with your really STUPID talk.
    Apparently, your mind has, to a noticeable degree, gone AWOL, so why should “we the people” put up with the “likes of your rambeling way off base.
    Do The USA, and yourself, a favor and kindly resign from The House.

  7. geoffrey barber says:

    Are you serious? Can you honestly point out half a dozen things she has worked on which rise to the level of calling her “a piece of filthy garbage”? Just what do you see as personal attacks on you and your American way of life by Nancy Pelosi? Please be honest and accurate if you decide to respond to these questions. Thank you.

  8. geoffrey barber says:

    Sir, I’m interested. Have you contacted any Republicans in congress to pitch your idea regarding an anti-Pelosi bill? I’m just wondering how they might sell your idea to all the professional people they represent (military personnel, police officers, nurses, doctors, lawyers, business owners, Wall Street workers, accountants, journeymen and journey women in all trades, teachers, etc., etc., etc.) Just wondering if you’ve had a returned phone call from any republican office holder with “any sense whatsoever” wanting to help you out?

  9. Geoffrey Barber says:

    Are you serious? Could you do us a big favor and take some time to be specific about what she’s doing which is un-American? Why any American who disagrees with you is not an American in your book?

  10. geoffrey barber says:

    So let me get this straight Mr. Whitty. Are you implying that 16 year-old’s should be put to the test of voter responsibility by being put in charge of family finances? And that would be just to see if they are savvy enough to vote intelligently and wisely? I have to be honest with you, when I listen to and read statements by much older people who only intend to instigate and aggravate others with their nonsensical responses to half-heard ideas of others, I find it to be sad and unnecessarily divisive. I think it would be nice if we, as Americans, would begin listening more to others and talking less about things we don’t understand. Who knows, maybe we could all become better voters, regardless of our age.

  11. T-pac says:

    OLD AND CENILE!!! SHE has no business being speaker of anything. She can’t even put together two sentences logically

  12. Kara Wright says:

    Nancy, you are beating a dead horse and proving that you not only look to old to serve but you have no mind to serve. So you are just one foot out the door and keep gluing you foot to the floor so nobody can remove you. Lord I ask for Term Limits to finish her off.

  13. Robert Higginbotham says:

    The delusional Pelosi and the rest of the dumb dims are having a lot of pot induced pipedreams but they are meaningless. This desire to reduce the voting age will never happen. It is a ploy to get millennials to vote democrat on the promise. They also want to do away with the electoral college which would be even tougher. Bringing up these subjects merely demonstrates just how desperate the dims have gotten. But all their plotting and scheming will not do them any good, Trump will win in 2020.

  14. GranC says:

    At 83 years old,, I can tell Nasty Nancy two things. At 16 I nor she would have been given a chance to vote,,, so forget it and go hide in a dark closet!!! Close door!!!

  15. Bee says:


  16. JANIE says:


  17. Carl says:

    Any American that believes in what Pelosi is doing is not a American in my book.

  18. Cody Stegman says:

    Why not what the Repubs really want raise voting age to 35 or when an over 21 has $1 million + in assets ,not counting primary residence. Will insure Repub election till the end..

  19. mike whitty says:

    Yes Dan I will second that and add that no-one should be allowed untilthey have paid at least 2 full years of Federal Income Tax!

  20. mike whitty says:

    I have a great Idea for Nancy, she should let her granddaughter take control of ALL of the Pelosi financies, insurances, property and all other Pelosi assetts as soon as she gets to 16 then Nancy will see just what 16 year olds are like. So come on Nancy make a pledgeto put Bella in charge of all you own whem she gets to 16!

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