Nancy Pelosi just announced a new scheme to take down Donald Trump in 2020

The Democrat Party is still reeling over their 2016 loss.

They can’t believe crooked Hillary took a beating at the ballot box.

So now they’ve unveiled a new scheme to take down Donald Trump in 2020.

Nancy Pelosi just came out in favor of lowering the voting age to 16.

In a press conference, Pelosi spoke of “capturing” kids in high school “when they’re interested in all of this.”

Her comments are in connection to the so-called “For The People Act,” which would overhaul U.S. election and campaign finance laws, if passed.

The Daily Caller Reports:

“That’s a subject of debate but my view is that I would welcome it, but I’ve been in that position for a long time.”

The issue of lowering the voting age came up for debate in the House as an amendment last week on the “For The People Act,” a Democratic pushed bill (H.R. 1) that would overhaul U.S. election and campaign finance laws. Democratic Massachusetts Rep. Ayanna Pressley introduced the amendment, but it failed 126-305.

Since 2013, thirteen states have proposed bills to lower the voting age. Some of the proposals are strictly for school board elections while others are for state elections.

H.R. 1, however, did pass the House through its Democratic majority, despite opposition from the ACLU.

Democrats are frightened.

They worry they will lose to Trump again in 2020.

So they are concocting every possible scheme to get him out of office.

Now they are trying to take over the voting system and make a mockery of the U.S. electoral process.

They know 16-year-olds are more naive than the general public and are susceptible to indoctrination by union-label public school teachers, so they are trying to flood the voter base with them.

If they succeed, it could be bad news for our fragile republic.


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109 Responses

  1. Don says:

    The hate group called the Dumbascrap party are nothing but 5 year old tantrum throwers and sore losers not worth the air they waste.

  2. Nathan Paris says:

    YES- Nancy Pelosi. another “LEGEND IN HER OWN MIND & MASTER LEGISLATOR”. The finest California can offer.

    • Beverly says:

      Pelosi is an old woman whose mind is deteriorating faster than JOE BIDEN’s. She has lost control and she needs to get it back, someway somehow. She is corrupt and all she wants is to clean her recodrup. She wants to sanitize her record. The Dem party is slowly falling to pieces and the rats are coming out (again) to. try to take our President down. With their hatred so deep, I worry more about people denied to vote by Dems. Stolen ballots, inability to vote due to some “reason the Dems” arent telling. They want a take-over and dont care. how they get it. The Dem party is a disaster.

  3. Blue says:

    Sorry-ass pelosi and the democrats with another slimy scheme for votes!

  4. Bill says:

    Lowering the age to 16 would that then be telling them that they will then be accepted as adults since only adults are allowed to vote. That then opens the question that all other things that require to be 18 going to be lowered to 16 as well. That would also allow 16 year olds to qualify for a full drivers licenses, going to bars for beer, legally enter strip clubs, legally purchase cigarettes and marijuana in states wear it’s legal, qualify for credit cards, home loans etc.
    Everything you are required to be 18 know will then be 16.
    Lowering the age for voting (only for the democrats to get votes) will open the doors to everything turning into being 16 instead of 18.

    • Philip Simon says:

      I can see that in school, educated teachers in Social studies classes want to educate young people about being involved with the voting and political process. when the students are of legal age to vote are urged to be involved.

    • KATHY says:


    • canam884 says:

      Bill you forgot to tell them about their new responsibilities, commit a crime, any crime, and you are tried as an adult, a lot of fresh meat for the lifers. This law would only be valid within the U.S.. You would still be considered a minor in countries that have laws that require you to be 18 or 21 to drink, smoke, etc. Now how debts, you would be responsible for all of your own, including lawsuits. Welcome to the real world.

  5. jemb says:

    These kids just learned to drive – they’re about to get their 1st car and could care less about voting. They look at it as an old people’s responsibility.

  6. Randall Clark says:

    Nancy pelousy AINT gonna do jack-squat!!! She’s not smart enough!! You and CHUCKIE-poo Schumer BETTER WATCH OUT, because YOU TWO may be in the HOTSEAT SOON!!

  7. Loren Clobes says:

    Hey Nancy Peedlousy,
    You are the one that should be tried for TREASON if you continue with your really STUPID talk.
    Apparently, your mind has, to a noticeable degree, gone AWOL, so why should “we the people” put up with the “likes of your rambeling way off base.
    Do The USA, and yourself, a favor and kindly resign from The House.

  8. Kara Wright says:

    Nancy, you are beating a dead horse and proving that you not only look to old to serve but you have no mind to serve. So you are just one foot out the door and keep gluing you foot to the floor so nobody can remove you. Lord I ask for Term Limits to finish her off.

    • T-pac says:

      OLD AND CENILE!!! SHE has no business being speaker of anything. She can’t even put together two sentences logically

  9. Robert Higginbotham says:

    The delusional Pelosi and the rest of the dumb dims are having a lot of pot induced pipedreams but they are meaningless. This desire to reduce the voting age will never happen. It is a ploy to get millennials to vote democrat on the promise. They also want to do away with the electoral college which would be even tougher. Bringing up these subjects merely demonstrates just how desperate the dims have gotten. But all their plotting and scheming will not do them any good, Trump will win in 2020.

  10. GranC says:

    At 83 years old,, I can tell Nasty Nancy two things. At 16 I nor she would have been given a chance to vote,,, so forget it and go hide in a dark closet!!! Close door!!!

  11. Bee says:


  12. Carl says:

    Any American that believes in what Pelosi is doing is not a American in my book.

    • JANIE says:


    • Geoffrey Barber says:

      Are you serious? Could you do us a big favor and take some time to be specific about what she’s doing which is un-American? Why any American who disagrees with you is not an American in your book?

  13. mike whitty says:

    I have a great Idea for Nancy, she should let her granddaughter take control of ALL of the Pelosi financies, insurances, property and all other Pelosi assetts as soon as she gets to 16 then Nancy will see just what 16 year olds are like. So come on Nancy make a pledgeto put Bella in charge of all you own whem she gets to 16!

    • geoffrey barber says:

      So let me get this straight Mr. Whitty. Are you implying that 16 year-old’s should be put to the test of voter responsibility by being put in charge of family finances? And that would be just to see if they are savvy enough to vote intelligently and wisely? I have to be honest with you, when I listen to and read statements by much older people who only intend to instigate and aggravate others with their nonsensical responses to half-heard ideas of others, I find it to be sad and unnecessarily divisive. I think it would be nice if we, as Americans, would begin listening more to others and talking less about things we don’t understand. Who knows, maybe we could all become better voters, regardless of our age.


        LET ME BE CLEAR THEN the vote was ONLY given to the 18yr olds because of the military draft up through the Viet Nam era.”If we can be asked to die for our country we should be allowed to vote.” Well the draft is over NOBODY HAS to go into the military.Thevoting age SHOULD be moved back to 21 yrs of age.and even THEN (considering todays youth) Im not sure THAT is old enough.

  14. Gail Hiatt says:

    High schoolers have no idea what politics and civics are all about. I wanted to vote for Carter because he had a cute little girl when I was in high school. When Obama was running people voted for him because of what he would give them, not how he would run the country and foreign policy. Maybe a simple civics test should be mandatory before voting, Nothing huge, just how many states are there…what is the difference between Senate and Congress…What are the three branches of government…and the like. Those who run should be able to pass a more complex civics test. That would have kept AOC at home since she has no idea how economics works…what the difference between tax incentives and giveaways are…and all the rest of her constant absolutely stupid ideas that can only make things worse.

  15. James L Moore says:

    I got an Email a few days ago. It stated that we should look at peoples finances when they go into office and when they leave. All those folks on both sides of the isle have gotten rich.

  16. Donna says:

    Nasty Nancy is really getting senile! I don’t know if she’s ever had good judgement, but being a Demoquack, most likely not! Time to call it a day Nancy…….permanently!!

  17. Arizona Don says:

    The voting age right now should be 25.

    • mike whitty says:

      Yes Dan I will second that and add that no-one should be allowed untilthey have paid at least 2 full years of Federal Income Tax!

  18. Tom says:

    Good luck with that one it has to get passed in the Senate and that should not even come close to happening.

  19. Karin says:

    16 year olds are still children. They must be guided in their thinking. If they are considered old enough to vote then they should also be old enough to be charged as an adult in cases of murder, robbery, dangerous actions toward others, and bullying. No more slaps on the wrist.

  20. Polo says:

    I say give them the and fire any teacher tring to tell them to vote democrat immediately. With no chance of ^teaching again* And a fine of $100,000 or prison for minimum of 10 years.

  21. Kara says:

    16 year old’s can’t vote since they are kids still under the supervision of their parents . They would be a nightmare for the DEMS since they already have troubles with the adult population. Nancy and Chuck have lost what little mind they have left. Keep on trying nothing is ever going to work out for you. Nancy why don’t you just adopt the whole country and make then DEMS led by you to the voting polls. You are one of the dumbest broads on the planet.

  22. Katja Kirsch says:

    Just keeps getting more disgusting everytime she opens her mouth. 18 year olds barely are able to hold a sane thought in their heads. Really? Stupid woman.

  23. Ben Blumberg says:

    If Republicans have any sense whatsoever, which I am beginning to doubt, they should now sponsor an anti-Pelosi bill raising the voter age to 25 years, where it should have been all along.

    • Ric says:

      Agreed, the Republicans and commonsense are not synonymous. Pelosi and her comrades, the Democrats, and yes, the RINOS, would do anything to undermine not only Trumps but the Republic. At sixteen years of age brainwashed by their educators and as out-of-touch with reality as Pelosi. Pelosi would toss anyone under the proverbial bus for power.

    • Donna says:

      I definitely agree, maybe even extend the voting age to 30!!

    • Cody Stegman says:

      Why not what the Repubs really want raise voting age to 35 or when an over 21 has $1 million + in assets ,not counting primary residence. Will insure Repub election till the end..

    • geoffrey barber says:

      Sir, I’m interested. Have you contacted any Republicans in congress to pitch your idea regarding an anti-Pelosi bill? I’m just wondering how they might sell your idea to all the professional people they represent (military personnel, police officers, nurses, doctors, lawyers, business owners, Wall Street workers, accountants, journeymen and journey women in all trades, teachers, etc., etc., etc.) Just wondering if you’ve had a returned phone call from any republican office holder with “any sense whatsoever” wanting to help you out?

  24. Joe Masefield says:

    Nancy Pelosi is a piece of filthy garbage in the cesspool that is now the Democratic Party. She’s copying Hitler in courting the youngsters, which is where their totalitarian slavehood starts, but they’re unaware of that at 16 and think Pelosi and her scumbag Democrats like and respect them.

    • geoffrey barber says:

      Are you serious? Can you honestly point out half a dozen things she has worked on which rise to the level of calling her “a piece of filthy garbage”? Just what do you see as personal attacks on you and your American way of life by Nancy Pelosi? Please be honest and accurate if you decide to respond to these questions. Thank you.

    • KATHY says:


  25. Candyce Clanton says:

    She’s an idiot! Most kids at 18 aren’t prepared to vote & very few of them at 16 would be. But to get worked up about this is wrong because it will not pass the Senate or the President!

  26. Patrice Johnson-Kelly says:

    OK Nancy you have out done yourself. I can remember when I was 16 years old and I am now 64 the last thing on my mind was VOTING. If anything when a teenager graduates from high school they should go to serve our country basic camp if nothing more to learn that you have to work and work hard for what you want and nothing is just given to you because you think you deserve it. The voting age when I was a teenager was LOWERED to 18 then everyone was in an up roar because at 18 you could serve and maybe get killed in the Veit Nam war or any war and handle a machine gun but couldn’t by beer or a drink. Now you want 16 teen year olds to vote? Are you on drugs or drunk?

    • YEAH NANCY, Give me some of the good stuff your smoking, DAMN , must be really good SH_T, Or maybe she has some good ole LSD, cause she must be tripping her F_ _KING HEAD OFF !!!! LET KIDS VOTE AT 16, Hahahahahaha RIGHT? and I’m ELVIS Hahahahah

      • Michael says:

        Pelosi and the open-borders Marxist Democrats have declared war on America and are relentlessly attacking the American president, as well as obstructing border security and national security. Yet, they are being tolerated and their agenda is being pushed by the endless propaganda from the leftist Mainstream Media. Why?? Is everyone just afraid of the leftist Democrats?? Terrified, even? Why??

    • Jane Fogg says:

      She is too old and her mind is slipping she needs to retire now

      • brent a gerber says:

        its called the” 2020″ syndrome. she knows exactly what she needs to do to get more democrat votes. changes the rules in the middle of the game.

      • Gail Hiatt says:

        This is constantly being spotlighted because she can’t keep a thought long enough to finish a sentence without help.

  27. JOHN P CATALANO SR says:

    The 16 yr olds are similar to the democraps, THEY DON’T HAVE A CLUE , they only want to spend money!! The democrats IF THEY CARED ABOUT US CITIZENS, would have given the necessary monies to build the wall, these clowns, no disrespect to the circus clowns, have problems within their districts, but all they are doing is to try to make sure our President doesn’t do anything positive for the American taxpayer, who by the way, ARE PAYING YOUR SALARY FOR OBSTRUCTING AND PASSING MEANINGFUL LEGISLATION! ALL THAT IS ASKED OF YOU IS DO YOUR JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Guenther says:

    I feel a 16 year old has no idea what to vote on. I6 year old youngsters have no interest what happens in the world or politics. The voting age need to remain at 21
    Pelosi and the rest of the demorats want to have broader voting field so they can win.
    I thing the old hag Pelosi need to go and the petition that call for her impeachment needs to be enforced

  29. Keith says:

    A person should HAVE to prove citizenship and show a pay statement to vote. I believe that if you don’t work, you shouldn’t be allowed to vote, this includes college students who are not working. There could be an exemption for stay at home parents, with a working spouse. A person should have to be registered to vote and NO provisional ballots. Proof of citizenship should be provided to register to vote. Mail in ballots will only be counted from registered voters, from the state in which they live. The Democrats abuse all of the above to scam the system, which includes dead people voting. They will stoop to any low to make the election system appear in their favor. There should also be a mandatory test for candidates about the US Constitution. Most Dems would fail that test.

    • Sarah says:

      Exactly!! That’s my opinion as well!

    • Celia says:

      You are so right, I have always had the thought that only those people with a vested interest int the USA should be allowed to vote. That would be people who pay taxes, either from work or owning property., and legal citizens with picture ID. There is no excuse for lack of picture ID no matter what the demo rats sa,y, you need a pic ID to cash a check, get license plates, apply for welfare, social security etc.

  30. Robert Hardesty says:


  31. Dan Gibson says:

    Hey PEWLOSI, don’t you hairbrained democrapic girls EVER run exploratory polls around the country, to measure what Americans “might think” about your biweekly schemes ? Every time I look at a reactionary survey, it reads roughly 9 out of 10 Americans REJECTING your latest cause …. DAMN, you females waste of lot of your and (worse yet) OUR TIME. If this grab-bag of lame proposals is an indication of your platform in 2024 — for you can FORGET 2020 — you are paving the way for yet another LANDSLIDE REPUBLICAN VICTORY …. !

  32. theolddog says:

    “Take Down”, eh.
    You mean “Defeat in a full, free, and fair election”, right.
    Politics ain’t beanbag, snowflake.
    Deal with it.

  33. Floyd Fetrell says:

    The Democrats are a bunch of Rejects that need to be Replaced because they don’t know what they are doing in office first of all they should put up the wall and keep all the immigrants no matter what Country they come fromi mean look what we have in Congress now .I say also we need to Throw Nancy Pelosi out also and in the Republicans office we should get Rid of Paul Ryan

  34. Neil Oberg says:

    Typical Democrats, Pelosi and along with the other Democrats will stoop to new levels to pick up votes. They do not care about integrity of the system. Actually the voting age of 18 and older should be revised so that only those who have served in the military between 18 and 21 years of age should be allowed to vote.

    Neil Oberg
    Milliken, Co. 80543

  35. Cerberus says:

    We see reporters asking basic questions about our constitution, politics (what you’d need to know in becoming a citizen) to COLLEGE kids, and they can’t answer.
    – 16 year olds ? Sheesh…
    Most are looking for a SAFE ZONE just because you have a differing opinion. 😀
    Now it makes sense that Robert O’Rourke skateboarded across a stage…

    • Donna says:

      “Beto” O’Dourke, the fake Mexican whose greatest accomplishment is still being able to ride his skateboard . He’s one to beware of for his terrible thoughts as a teenager, Stephen King/Charles Manson mind!!

  36. Truckman says:

    if anything the voting age should be raised to 21 unless you are in the military because most high school and collage students cannot tell there left from there right much less keep up with whats going on in politics and who is saying what seen to many times when they thought the democrats did something and it was the republicans and vice versa .so no they should not lower the age if you do not allow them to own a gun but you want them to pick our nations leaders now how does that work not mature enough to own a gun but are mature to choose our leaders now some people in congress are a few bubbles off center

  37. meir says:

    I say if they let them vote then there should be a mandatory military service obligation for 4 years whether they like it or not, and that should include the girls as well. then we will see what is going to happen..

  38. Anna McGuire says:

    Anna McGuire Would you allow your 16 year old access to you bank account, make decisions about your trust fund, make vital decisions about foreign affairs, nuclear power, health care or comprehend any of the challenges for what it takes to be Head of State ? Most 16 year old children are too immature to care reasonably for their self much less a country. Most struggle in their school studies, are self-centered, have the attention span of a flea and throw their hands up when bored with a “Whatever!”

  39. Meadowlands says:

    Nancy is nuts. Sixteen yr olds are not interested in government. The damage that is being done to the country by Pelosi et al is sickening

  40. FedUp says:

    Demoncrats have become an OPEN SEWER. They have NO morals, No working for the American people, only interested in how they can keep power, get rich on the back of the people, doing anything & everything for any wacko fringe or illegal. Hate Jews, Hate babies, destroy anything this country stands for. Helping ALL get to Hell as fast as possible. The party of DESTROY, DESTROY & DESTROY.

  41. Christiann says:

    The voting age must be raised to 21! Nancy Pelosi and the demoncrats were stopped by the election of Donald Trump as president from selling America to the Russians and Chinese!! Demoncrats must NEVER be voted into public office!!

  42. Ann says:

    With all the CHILDREN who have been given free passes for walkouts for gun control & now for saving the planet, they feel important. regardless of the fact that if you spoke to most of them, they would not be able to give a educated answer on what truly is happening in our Gov. Just what they can parrot back. It is so obvious what the Dems are doing with wanting to lower the age and to allow illegals to vote all while giving them housing, cash, education, when we cannot even take care of AMERICANS! If this does not show just how they are not for the people…but for their agenda, then heads really are deep in the sand!

  43. Floyd Morgan says:

    No 16 yr old and NO muslims the are illgal and NO illgals should be able to VOTE in the USA

  44. Mary Jo Goode says:

    Nancy is a nasty lying woman

    • Pamela says:

      Mary Jo Goode, you have got that one right. Actually, I think she is he DEVIL within or she is just getting senile. Children behave better than this NASTY intolerable degenerate. She is NOT for the American people, just letting in illegals for their DEMOCRATIC votes and will BANKRUPT OUR COUNTRY. You have to be an American citizen of age that is legally registered to vote. My God!!!! What the hell is wrong with these people??? She needs to be TOTALLY out of government. SHE is suppose to be for AMERICA and its citizens She doesn’t respect our Constitution. Nancy is totally UNBELIEVABLY DEPLORABLE and the people that SUPPORT her and follow in her footsteps in the DEMORAT party is THE SEWAGE PLANT for illegals.

  45. Gregory Sullivan says:

    This another futile attempt to remove Donald Trump from office The people of this country for years and years told Nancy Pelosi and the Dimwitcrat party that they want illegal immigration stopped in which they turned a deaf ear to our concerns and when Trump came along and listened to them, they voted for him. It’s their fault that party lost the 2016 election for not listening to the concerns of the American people

  46. Chuck says:

    The house is being lead by someone with a two year old brain now.

    • THE QUALITY MAN says:

      Nancy is allowed to lie, She is the appointed Calif to Muslims : all Muslims are allowed to lie if the lies are intended to subvert the non-Muslim Governments per the Sharia. Not only lie but to; rape, enslave, torture, Mame by dismembering non-Muslims to convert them, or to kill them if they can ‘t convert them

  47. James L Moore says:

    I’m for voter ID. Just show up at the polling place with proof of citizenship and an income tax return and you’ll be allowed to vote.

  48. Marc Goldstone says:

    The voting age should bre the same as the maximum age to remain on parent’s health insurance which due to Obama Care is 26 years old.

  49. ARJAY says:

    Raise the voting age to 25 or 26 years old, UNLESS they are in the military services!!

    That would get rid of the riffraff!

    ANYBODY in the military services should be able to vote.

    If you are under the age of 25 or 26 and you want to vote, JOIN THE MILITARY SERVICES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Mona says:

    Out if shear desperation once again their stupidity and jealously is on front burners

  51. ARJAY says:

    Raise the voting age to 25 or 26 years old, UNLESS they are in the military services!!

    ANYBODY in the military services should be able to vote.

    If you are under the age of 25 or 26 and you want to vote, JOIN THE MILITARY SERVICES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Rich says:

    I have no idea why Pelosi cares she won’t be around in 2020 anyway.

  53. The Redhawk says:

    IF only Nancy’s BRAIN were as BIG as her MAMMARIES she’d be a GENIUS

  54. Gerry Johnson says:

    “This too will pass” & all she will have left will be alternating between chewing her cud & grinding her teeth. Please dem’s, put her out to pasture.

  55. Robert Anthony says:

    Can you imagine how bad things would be with a leftist congress, senate and president?

  56. James C Green says:

    This woman is insane! Kids don’t have a clue about the proper role of government at that age. The Dems are so afraid of losing power that they want to allow Criminal Invaders (aka Illegal Aliens) and now adolescents to vote. They know these people will believe the lies they make about giving them free stuff. It’s immoral to the max! People like Pelosi, Schumer, Feinstein, Waters, Warren, Sanders, Green… need to be run out of office ASAP! If we don’t fire them, we may lose our once great republic!

    • Elmo D. Barnes says:

      I agree 1000% with you on this. Does that mean you could be drafted at 13 years old. I am 86 years old and joined the navy at 19 years old and had been doing bridge work at 16. This little group should been kicked of office long, long ago.
      Thank God and his wisdom showed me out of the Demo Party with Carter when he left our men in Iran over 400 days because he was stupid.
      I think even tho I am an Independent, Trump is my man. Where was he when Carter and Iran started all this world conflict
      He is the person to keep us out of another one..
      I agree get Pelosi, Schumer, Feinstein, Waters, Warren, Sanders, Green out of office ASAP

      • Maryann Bowman says:

        Elmo: That’s when I changed my party to Republican during Carter’s reign. Terrible president. Trump is my man. I’m with him all the way. GO PRESIDENT TRUMP IN 2020!!

        • Pamela says:

          Maryann Bowman , we changed our party long ago and are registered Independents, but definitely a 100% MAGA TRUMP supporter and will be in 2020 and absolutely NOTHING or ANYBODY will change our minds. Can’t believe that now the RATS want 16-yr old children voting. They don’t even know yet what life or the world is about nor out working a full-time job and supporting themselves yet. My God! That is really being DESPERATE for votes. They don’t even pay taxes yet @ 16-years of age or have to pay for their own healthcare, food, utilities & rent. MY GOD, I HAVE HEARD OF EVERYTHING NOW. You would think that anyone with a so called mind would wonder WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THESE DEMORATS? HAVE THEY TOTALLY LOST THEIR MINDS? Must be smoking to much dope or on drugs. When I look @ Nancy and her glassy eyes, I wonder what the hell she is on while grinding her teeth that is so annoying. She needs to take them out if they bother her that much.

  57. Bob Spencer says:

    one of many examples of how desperate the democrats are to see Trump NOT get a 2nd term…..the Dem’s have no idea of how to read the pulse of voters that clearly indicates that they (Dem’s) are on the wrong side of critical issues….

  58. JSMyers says:

    Time for a mental check-up for the Democrat leadership?

    • Pamela says:

      JSMyers, GREAT comment. It has been a long time coming for the DEMOCRAT mental checkup. I have never heard or seen anything like it and I am 72-years old. Totally unbelievable.

  59. Bmad says:

    ???????????????? that’s all these moron do is cry and these are suppose to be the smartest people grow up and start protecting us American and make MAGA

  60. Barbara G. says:

    16 year olds don’t even know what they want to be when they grow up, what courses to take or whose footsteps they will follow in. 21 should be the voting age, but some 21 year olds act like 6 year olds.

    • Angel says:

      I agree, 16 year olds are not mature enough to make important decisions like who is best for our country, they would vote for what ever they thought would benefit them. Both of my children have college degrees, and at 16 neither one would have had the responsibility to vote properly, or would want to, 16 year olds would vote for who they thought would benefit them, not our country, their not mature enough at that age. Nancy Pelosi is panicky and grasping at straws, God is still in control, if he wants Trump there, he will be there a second term. If he thinks our country needs to be punished, the Democrats will get in, no matter what, there is a God in Heaven and he is in control.

  61. Perry Perno says:

    If you keep killing the babies out of the womb who is going to be left to vote?

  62. Rodney says:

    I am now 67 years young, I had to wait until I was 21 to vote or drink!!!!! While I was in the Military, the voting age was 18, which was voted on in 1971, two years after I joined!!!!!! I still felt I was not mature enough to vote at that age, so I WAITTED!!!!! Most 16 year old are not mature enough to even drive a car, much less vote!!!!! I feel that if a 16 year old wants to be able to vote as the dims, libs and nut cases want them to, let them join the MILITARY, that way the can vote and die for their country??????

  63. towerlady says:

    Why stop at 16? Why not 10–elementary kids are being brainwashed now too. Think of all the extra votes they might get!

    • Ro says:

      Towerlady, I take it your comment was sarcasm. I feel the same & wanted to say. At 16 I was definitely not mature enough to vote. I’m afraid kids today might elect one of the Kardashian or Justin Bieber

  64. Bruce says:

    They should not be allowed to vote until they are adults, 18 years old or more. And if they do lower it age 16, in an attempt to get more votes for Demonrats, it will probably backfire on them and give additional votes to the 2020 election winner, Donald J. TrumpB

  65. Sandra Haddock says:

    Good Lord! 16yr olds can’t even decide what sex they are but they are smart enough to elect those who govern? LOL*

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