Nancy Pelosi is sitting on a ticking time bomb that Democrats are afraid will destroy the Party

Nancy Pelosi’s second go around as Speaker of the House has turned into an unmitigated disaster.

Pelosi is about to cost Democrats everything.

And Nancy Pelosi is sitting on a ticking time bomb that Democrats are afraid will destroy the party.

In 2020, Nancy Pelosi oversaw Democrats losing every single toss up race in the House of Representatives because of the Democrats’ disastrous support for lockdowns and defunding the police.

Republicans came within six seats of reclaiming the majority.

Now Speaker Pelosi looks like she set her Party up for another wipe out by committing a huge blunder.

Swing seat Democrats are terrified Pelosi will force a vote on a version of the $1.75 trillion socialist spending bill that includes amnesty for up to ten million illegal aliens.

“Moderate House Democrats don’t want to take a tough vote on a charged issue such as immigration without assurances it will be taken up and passed by the Senate. Several moderates tell us they will not vote to advance [the Build Back Better Act] without [the bipartisan infrastructure bill] clearing the House first,” Punchbowl News reported.

Two things about this scare Democrats.

First, amnesty for illegal aliens is wildly unpopular in their districts.

Second, the Senate parliamentarian already ruled twice that amnesty violated the “Byrd Rule” and Democrats could not include it in the Senate version of the spending bill.

Swing seat Democrats do not want to jump off a political cliff to take a tough vote for amnesty when they know it will not end up becoming law in the end.

But Nancy Pelosi needs amnesty in the bill to keep socialists on board.

From the first impeachment fiasco where Pelosi’s attempt to remove Donald Trump ended up actually increasing Trump’s poll numbers, to the 2020 debacle for House Democrats, to the chaotic process of trying to patch together Joe Biden’s socialist spending bill, Nancy Pelosi’s demonstrated that her second run as Speaker of the House is a complete clown show.

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