Nancy Pelosi is shaking with rage after Trump destroyed her entire party in just one morning

President Donald Trump is the worst thing that has ever happened to the Democrat Party.

He isn’t afraid to call them out loudly.

And Nancy Pelosi is shaking with rage after Trump destroyed her entire party in just one morning.

The demented Democrat Party was ecstatic over President Trump testing positive for coronavirus.

They were hoping he wouldn’t recover.

But much to their chagrin, he left Walter Reed hospital to continue his duties at the White House as he moves toward a full recovery.

When he left the hospital, he appeared to be in great health, and gave cameras a thumbs up.

Back at the White House he saluted the Marine One helicopter, and gave a statement where he appeared to be in perfect health.

But there was nothing that showed he is improving health-wise than when he took to Twitter just before leaving the hospital.

He went on a “Tweet-storm” calling out the Democrat Party, and showcasing the need for voting for him in November.

In one he warns voters, “If You Want Massive Tax Increase, Vote Democrat.”

He went after Virginia’s blackface Governor, Ralph Northam in another.

Trump also cited stock market highs, and the “strongest ever military” as other reasons to support him.

Needless to say, the Left was furious at this Tweet-storm.

While it was all going on, the term “steroids” began trending, as the Left pushed conspiracy theories that Trump is not actually improving in his condition, but that doctors have pumped him full of steroids to create the impression.

In reality, this was all a signal that Trump is getting back to his normal self.

Trump is known for taking to Twitter for long threads of attacks on the Left.

Twitter is his way of communicating directly with voters, and is why he has become the most accessible President in modern history.

Previously, nothing from the President came out without going through the Fake News Media, where they can add their spin.

Trump has used Twitter to bring his message directly to the people.

And it is a big reason he made it into the White House to begin with.

The Fake News Media will certainly claim that Tweet-storms like this will hurt him on election day, but anybody who supports the President knows better.

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