Nancy Pelosi is panicking after Anthony Fauci made this shocking statement

Nancy Pelosi is desperately trying to keep her job as House Speaker.

The last thing she needs is another problem.

And she’s panicking after Anthony Fauci made this shocking statement.

Democrats used the pandemic as a once in a lifetime political power grab.

But the tide has been slowly turning against the Faucian hysteria over it.

Biden’s so-called “winter of death” for the unvaccinated never materialized.

Deep blue states have begun rolling back most of their restrictions.

The “science” didn’t change for Democrats, but the polling sure did.

Joe Biden’s chief pollster for his 2020 campaign issued a report saying Americans were sick and tired of the pandemic dragging on.

With the midterm elections around the corner the pandemic was becoming a major political problem for Democrats.

Democrats are hoping that Americans forget the two years of misery they imposed on them and the incalculable amount of economic damage they inflicted on the country.

As part of the plan to sweep their botched response to the pandemic under the rug they put Fauci in hiding.

Fauci became a celebrity to the COVID cult with fawning profiles in magazines and regular appearances in the corporate-controlled media.

Then his media appearances suddenly disappeared with the fame-hungry Fauci relegated to local news.

The corporate-controlled media can’t help but hype the next variant as a sign of doom.

With the emergence of the new BA.2 variant Fauci couldn’t wait to get himself back into the spotlight.

Appearing on ABC, Fauci spouted off his usual doom and gloom.

He said, “If we do see a significant surge particularly one that might result in increased hospitalizations. We have prepared to pivot and perhaps reinstitute some of those restrictions.”

“We can’t just say, ‘We’re done. We’re going to move on.’ We’ve got to be able to be flexible because we’re dealing with a dynamic situation,” Fauci continued.

Those “restrictions” could include mask mandates and lockdowns.

Fauci also pushed for a 4th shot as a booster to protect against this potential surge.

As the Biden regime’s key advisor on the pandemic, he’s helping lobby for a new $22.5 billion in pandemic funding.

Appearances by Fauci on national TV talking about bringing about restrictions will have Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer panicking.

Democrats are clinging to razor thin majorities in both houses of Congress.

The pandemic has turned into a major political loser for Democrats.

On top of dealing with the fallout from Biden’s failures, they’ve got to deal with Fauci talking about bringing back extremely unpopular restrictions.

Even the possibility of restrictions coming back could be the end of the line for Pelosi and Schumer.

The last thing they want is for voters to see Fauci’s face on TV.

With Anthony Fauci back in the news Nancy Pelosi will have another massive headache to deal with as she tries to hold on to the Speaker’s Gavel.

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