Nancy Pelosi instantly regretted what she admitted about Joe Biden causing the border crisis

The situation at the southern border is spiraling out of control.

Democrats are scrambling to contain this catastrophe before it destroys their prospects in next year’s midterm election.

And Nancy Pelosi instantly regretted what she admitted about Joe Biden causing the border crisis.

Appearing on MSNBC, Willie Geist asked Nancy Pelosi if Joe Biden’s open borders rhetoric and policies were to blame for the surge of illegal aliens pouring over the border.

Geist pointed out that many of the illegal aliens specifically mentioned that Joe Biden was the reason for them trying to flood the border.

“Do you agree with some of the migrants who say, we are coming because Biden’s policies — or, at least, proposed policies — will make it easier for us to come to America and stay? In other words, we looked at what President Trump and his administration did at the border and said it’s not worth the long trip up, but now it is because Joe Biden will let us in,” Geist asked.

Pelosi stepped in it big time with an answer that confirmed that the Biden administration’s goal with illegal aliens was to flood the border at a time that was more politically convenient for the Democrats.

“It’s not a question of agree with,” Pelosi stated. “What I said was, if they have a well-founded fear of persecution, if they’re asylum seekers, yes, that it is agreeable. Apart from that, if they’re just coming, the message from Joe Biden is stay home for now.”

Pelosi’s message of “stay home for now” is exactly the same talking point coming out of the White House.

And the signal it sends to illegal aliens is not “don’t come.”

Illegal aliens and smuggles hear that the Biden administration intends to open the border at some point and that is why critics contend the rush is starting now.

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