Nancy Pelosi heard the one word that is every Democrat’s worst nightmare

The Midterm election environment grows more toxic by the day.

Now it’s becoming clear how much trouble the Party is in this fall.

And Nancy Pelosi heard the one word that is every Democrat’s worst nightmare.

Republicans only need to flip five seats to win control of the House of Representatives.

Democrats received their starkest warning yet about the depths of their problems when left-wing activist and Meet the Press host Chuck Todd sounded the alarm over a new NBC News poll showing 75 percent of voters thought the country was on the wrong track.

Todd told viewers that this puts Democrats in “shellacking” territory.

“[Y]ou can see where we are,” Todd stated. “So, where are we right now with the new NBC News poll? The wrong track, sitting at 75%. This is obviously in shellacking territory.”

“Shellacking” is the word Barack Obama used to describe the message voters sent in the 2010 Tea Party wave election, where Republicans gained a record 63 seats in the House of Representatives and six seats in the Senate.

Todd also cautioned Democrats that 75 percent of the voters believing America is on the wrong track means any notion that a particular candidate is too conservative to win a General Election goes out the window.

“But when you have 75% wrong track, that’s how you end up with nominees that people in Washington don’t want, OK?” he added. “John Fetterman and Kathy Barnette are what you get when you have 75% wrong track. If this were 55% wrong track, you might get Conor Lamb and David McCormick, for instance. That’s what 75% wrong track means. And by the way, you could see an incumbent lose tonight in a Primary. These are terrible numbers for incumbents whether you’re in a Primary or a General.”

But that wasn’t even the worst of the news for Democrats.

Todd explained that the NBC poll showing Joe Biden’s approval rating sitting at 39 percent meant that even Senate seats in Blue states like Colorado were now in play.

“Now let’s go to the President’s job rating here, and this is also sitting in shellacking territory — 39%,” Todd concluded. “Anything really, he’s got to get to 45%. As I said to you before, 45 or above and Democrats in battleground states have a boxer’s chance. When you’re sitting below 40, it’s not good in many places, and you might even see light Blue states, say Colorado, suddenly come into play.”

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