Nancy Pelosi has one trick up her sleeve that is bad news for Donald Trump

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats will do anything to win in 2020.

Even if that means playing dirty.

And Nancy Pelosi has one unethical trick up her sleeve that is bad news for Donald Trump.

Democrats encourage voter fraud because they know the more low-information voters that show up at the polls, the better the chance they have of winning an election.

They plan to put that strategy into effect in 2020.

The House this week was all set to pass H.R. 1 – a sweeping election reform bill that would cement Democrat dominance in American politics by opening the floodgates to voter fraud.

Not only would the bill allow for automatic and same day registration, but it would also restrict the ability of states to purge noncitizens and individuals registered in multiple states from the voter rolls.

Breitbart reports:

It is also on the agenda of this Democrat-controlled Congress. Right out of the gate, Democrats filed H.R. 1, titled as the For the People Act of 2019. The bill, sponsored by Rep. John Sarbanes (D-MD), includes a number of initiatives Democrats have long advocated.

Among those items included in the nearly 600-page bill are internet, automatic and same-day voter registration, restriction on removing or purging names from voter rolls,

“H.R. 1 is a nothing but a liberal wish list and massive government overreach forcing states into a one-size-fits-all approach to administering elections,” Rep. Mike Rogers (R-AL), the ranking Republican on the House Homeland Security Committee, said to Breitbart News. “This partisan power grab was written behind closed doors by special interests aligned with the Democratic Party.”

Last month, Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill testified before Rogers’ committee, chaired by Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS) about the integrity of the American voting system. Merrill, who has registered 1,211,906 new voters since taking office in 2015 (817,108 electronically), which raised the state’s tally of registered to voters to a total of 3,468, 747, questioned the Democrats’ universal approach.

This bill is a wish list of every Democrat’s dream to rig the election in 2020.


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100 Responses

  1. Navy PO2 says:

    The Demoncrat Party is a left wing hate group populated with anti-Semitic and anti-Christian hate groups. They hate Jews and Christians!

  2. Satan the father of ALL LIES -lies – the fire in hale is burning HOTIER every day!!

    • Patti Davis says:

      Anyone who goes against God’s people will go to hell. So Democrats get ready to go to your new home called hell. It’s so very hot there you can’t have no water you will be torchard for life. You better start changing your ways or have a nice life in hell. God is not happy with y’all & god has the last say. It’s God’s way not your way.

  3. Charles Brace says:

    I read the comments – some very good and to the point while others make me shake. The real problem is how people have swallowed the massage amount of BS and turned it into votes. Just look at the three freshman Congress Women from NY, MN, and MI – nuf said. Let’s get out kids educated about how great this country really and the opportunities it affords.

  4. Lola says:

    Nancy have just ONE trick up her sleeve?! Nah, she has all kinds of aces ready to play and beat Trump at each round. Have you not noticed she outplayed Trump time and again, just as Kim Jong Un and Putin have outplayed demented Donnie?!

  5. Don says:

    If you didn’t put anything in,then how in the world are you qualified to get something out …Please tell me HOW?????

  6. Jim says:

    Before she puts a trick up here sleeve,,,she has to find her sleeve.

  7. K. Milligan says:

    where has common since went? Seems like to me that only the President has any in DC. It’s shameful how the Dems. are just throwing our constitution out the door and even some of the Reps. are doing the same. WE THE PEOPLE SHOULD DEMAND THAT IF YOU CAN’T STAND BY OUR CONSTITUTION, THEN YOU SHOULD BE OUT. LEAVE THIS COUNTRY, GO TO WHERE YOUR BELIEFS ARE EMBRACED. DON’T TRY TO SHOVE IT DOWN OUR THROATS. FOR IT ISN’T THE AMERICAN WAY. “VOTE TRUMP, 2020” MAKE AMERICA GREAT , FOREVER!

  8. Mike says:

    Everyone needs to watch this video!! It details the entire back story of AOC, Omar, & Tlaib! THIS IS SERIOUS & not another “conspiracy theory”. They make no bones about it,post video’s for all to see. “Justice Democrats” is real & the media is just now starting to report on it?? Everyone needs to Google ”Justice Democrats”, NOW!

  9. Nathan Paris says:

    The trick up her dress is, she’ll take it all off and run around The Senate floor making EVERYONE SICK!

  10. John J says:

    We must demand irrefutable photo, voter ID to keep the dead, insane, incarcerated and illegal from electing these pigs

    • Jeannie says:

      I agreed John!! The DemonicRats Party has become very EVIL & follow their GOD-SATAN. Funny how Pelosi & the rest of THE DEMONICRATS cheer & stand up for Islamic insults,no matter what they say or do. Now they invaded Congress (very dangerous). They Trash all CHRISTIANS every chance they can. It’s up to us (all Christians) to let them know ENOUGH IS ENOUGH we are running out of cheeks. This is AMERICA founded on Juedo Christianity, don’t like Our Laws GET OUT time to leave. GOD BLESS AMERICA

  11. Lula B Broome says:

    We can write all day long on pages such as this but what good is it doing? We ALL must the addresses of these democrats that think they are so all-fired important and write them on everything everyday. We do have the right to let them know in BIG numbers how we feel about there policies which are so against the American way!!! Also, write your own Senators and Congressmen constantly. There is hardly a day that goes by that I am not sending my opinion to mine. Also, people that are against Israel and is a Muslim has no place in our government in my opinion. Have we all forgotten about what happened at the Twin Towers?

    • Mary Althea Clayton says:

      You can write them everyday 100 times a day….if you don’t have BIG money to out pay the anti American people in this Country. MONEY is the bottom line. Politicians are not for the interest of the people and the interest and safety of future generations. Freedom and Americans rights WE HAVE FOUGHT AND DIED FOR are irrelevant. Their F–king pockets and money are their bottom line. Sad to say we have been warned. MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL! And EVIL POLITICIANS are in control. They DO NOT stand and vote in the best interest of the Country, the People and everything we have fought and died for….. only MONEY!

  12. James Korenek says:

    Trump doing excellent trying to protect God and our Constitution but Left Dems are trying to ruin country just for power. Go to zHades Dems

  13. Steve says:

    Donald Trump has been the best President of this country for a long time. He is for the people and he has the balls to do the right thing. The Democrats only care about power and money, if the situation does not help them, they don’t care about the general public. Just another Illuminati clause.

  14. Bender says:

    Where is this widespread voter fraud? Besides North Carolina by the rethuglicans.

    • Dr. J.D. says:

      There is none. There have been national and state commissions and investigations and all have come up with is less than 100 possible errors per state. The only massive voter fraud in in North Carolina AND, of course, Georgia with the republican who ran the election disenfranchising several hundred thousand minority voters and still only barely winning.

      • vin says:

        Bollocks, no one was disenfranchised unless you think making exceptions to the law is a legitimate excuse. Oh, and ballot harvesting in California is not legit. So many elections that went the way of the D at the last moment in the previous midterms also spell fraudulence.

  15. Chuck Adkins says:

    The Democrats may pass it in the house, but Trump will veto it if it should get passed by the Senate [which I seriously doubt]. Chuck

  16. Estell says:

    The dems will stop at nothing to overthrow our government and turn us into another Venezuela. When the illegals wake up and realize they are just being used they will hed for her door. She is the one they will be going after.

    • Jenna Puhl says:

      They are so incredibly unhinged these days!! I changed from Democrats to indepent and now I registered as a ful fledged Republican. I grew up in a Catholic school and Church and i think the democrats that i use to love have become so unhinged that they are empty and i cannot comprehend them anylonger. They are not the old party of the 60s and 70s!!! They are hateful, spiteful and hate our God!!!

      • Ray says:

        Amen, I voted democratic until Obama. I don’t like some Republicans that won’t support Trump. You’re right but I think both parties stink. I’m glad we have Trump or we would be living under dictatorship. Most of congress is made up of lawyers And 99% of lawyers are drunks, thieves & don’t know the truth. I don’t ever remember a congress that can’t do nothing together. I’m mad as can be about all the money wasting on all these investigations. We are headed for a big disaster.

  17. marleen davis says:

    Do something helpful for American Pelousy. Just croak.

  18. Brandy says:


  19. guy says:

    The dems party is about to explode, it will be so funny watching them cry.

    • Robby Dunbar says:

      YES TRUMP 2020 ????????????????

    • Jennifer Puhl says:

      They are so crazy!!! Honestly I did not vote at all in 2016 because I couldn’t trust Hillary Clinton since she is so hateful to everyone that didn’t suck her azz!!! I am older and had been going through something with my daughter so i didn’t pay attention at that time . After Trump won I was excited for someone so non political and only for us!!!!

  20. Robby Dunbar says:

    Democrats will do anything to Destroy America…..PERIOD

  21. renato says:

    democrats will do everything whether they will cheat or not and that is the reason why they need the illegal alien to vote for the democrats because the black vote are going to president trump so they need
    to do something to replaced the black vote as simple as that, if the economy still going strong president
    trump will win in 2020. SO PEOPLE, PLEASE VOTE FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP IN 2020 TO MAKE

  22. Nancy pelosi to me is a traitor to America she needs to round up her liberal crowd and leave our country. Anybody that dont believe in God a d country needs to get out.

  23. Ted says:

    The legislative branch touts about their right to oversee the actions of the executive branch. The judicial branch has adopted the unconstitutional practice of legislating from behind the bench. Whom, may I ask, oversees what they do?…

  24. Randall Clark says:

    The demonrats will do anything to side step the constitution, allowing illegals to vote, which is AGAINST THE LAW!!! DO ANY OF YOU STUPID, dumb, friggin demonrats KNOW, that you cannot break the law!! YOU KNOW, THE LAW!! You remember the law, you dumb dinks!!! I PRAY THAT GODS HAND WILL FALL HARD OVER ALL OF YOU!!!

    • Ege Shegava says:

      Poor Nancy is about to hit a muslim Wall at 99 mph in the House

      • Jim says:

        WHEN IS THIS SHOW GOING TO HAPPEN? That will be a site to see and I’ll get the pop-corn ready.. That would make my day!

      • judy says:

        I hope Nancy gets raped and beat up by one of the illegals. Maybe then she might help to keep us safe. Except I don’t think they would want anything to to do with her. She already looks old enough to have died about 6 times already. Why doesn’t she want to keep our counrty safe?

  25. Jerry D Long says:

    Nazi Nancy, what part this bill, HR-1, remotely resembles a bill that is within the boundaries of the Constitution. It’s not a bill that compliments the, aids or in any way provides a more secure, safe environment……..


    • Francine says:

      Correct! Why/How are the DemoRats neing allowed to break our Constitution Laws and get away with it? Why does no one stand up to them?

  26. Sue Rich says:

    You know, no one ever said the Anti-Christ was a man. Kinda makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

  27. Holly Clark says:

    The democrats may pass HR1, but they may very well be block by the Senate or President Trump. Their trying to run our government like a dictatorship with Nancy at the head of the pack, but good will out due the evil that she and her cronies are doing. God Bless President Trump.

  28. Sue Rich says:

    The American people will not allow the Democrats to do this, and we are getting very close to suing the democratic party and, as per: Amendments one and two:
    Amendment I
    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    Amendment II
    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

  29. Larry Gaines says:

    The only trick Pelosi has is Voter Fraud and illegals being registered to vote which is ILLEGAL.

    • Sue says:

      Yes sir! You are 100% right. And did you now, as per the Constitution, we The People have the right to remove the government? It’s true. And I think it’s time.

      • Sher says:

        I agree with you Sue. What happened to NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW. The Demonrats kept saying that to Trump and he hasnt done anything wrong unlike these SNEAKY, LYING, CORRUPTED, IDIOTIC, DEMONRATS. This swamp needs to be drained NOW(it should have been drained two years ago).

  30. I have to agree with what all my fellow Americans are saying, the idiot Dems need to be arrested or at least voted out of office, they are a cancer from the inside out and should be destroyed completely they don’t believe in our president who is doing everything he can to make this country great again

  31. Cowgirl Diva says:

    Fancy Nancy’s ideas will NEVER pass the Senate..!!

  32. SweetOlBob says:

    The democRATS had their bought and paid for, can’t lose, wish come true, candidate DEFEATED a the polls by PRESIDENT TRUMP !
    Now in their blood lust to get even, they are stopping the legislative process of the enire nation and deeding their party to filthy muslims and illegals. Virtually every muslim who has been elected at any level, not just Congress, has been a democRAT. Illegals fill the gap between the number of legal voters in a state and bring the registered total to over 100% by useing names of inactive and dead voters that have not been removed from the rolls.
    They are deliberately ruining the financial life of innocent people by forcing them to obtain expensive legal council to answer “fishing” questions.
    They are not acting as Americans ! They all should be thrown out of the office they hold and jailed or deported.
    This is the most reprehensible behavior by supposed adults I have ever seen.

    • David Rose says:

      Justin Case, If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck … it probably has webbed feet.

    • Goldfish says:

      Nancy Pelosi is not the Speaker of the House. OAC and the Muslims have taken over and she’s scared to death she’ll lose her position if she doesn’t go along with them.. Remember, the Muslims promised to destroy our country from within. We have 2 Muslims plus their big mouth OAC. I can’t figure out how these 3 won their elections. Their constituents were either asleep when they voted or they agree with them. It’s scary. Pray that God will give our President the strength to keep fighting and winning until 2020.

  33. Justin Case says:

    Is there any difference between the Democrats and Communist? I think that they are both the same thing.

    • daddy boy's mama girl says:

      dems hate ALL Americans that are TRUE PATRIOTIC, CONSTITUTIONAL BELIEVING AMERICANS! They have tried to turn this country towards communism for at least 5 decades.. maybe longer!! Their goal now is to MAKE SURE they get all control back! If the government goes back ALL democratic … I fear there will be an uprising of AMERICANS to take their country back??? it is hard to believe there are so many voters out there that hate our country to help those destroying our country! It makes me so very sad that my own father and many friends gave their lives FOR THIS COUNTRY!!! I shudder to think of all those that gave their all for what IS OUR GOVERNMENT NOW!!! the convincing evidence of what is to come is that Soros became the money backing the dems. he has destroyed other countries like he is doing now!! they gave him asylum here because people were out to kill him for his deeds!! so our nice demos opened the door for him here to destroy our nation!! he is the money behind everyone and everything…. who do you think is behind all the caravans?? he is the voice behind every dem!! HIS MONEY TALKS!

  34. Kara says:

    The Devil has taken his place in Nancy’s body and he is ready to make her do his work and she is all too welling. The EVIL she puts out will be her downfall and all the tricks she has at her disposal will not save her from the fires of HELL and she will burn there for all time. Not God or anyone can save her as she has gone to the others side and you don’t get to come back from there. I know GOD and he can find sometimes people do things they can’t come back from and I thank she is to be that person. It is sad that we are such a loving and thankful country for all we have been given and the relationships God has entrusted us with. Please everyone pray for our country to keep President Trump and Vice-President Pence right where they are for 2020. God Bless Us All.

  35. Dolores Adams says:

    The Republicans had better get their “stuff” together and fight like hell to over power these now “no good democrats. After letting these new three Democrats get elected. no telling what they will do. From what I’ve read AOC has already did commit a violation. Even it looks like Nancy Pelosi is afraid oh her. Ive never heard such trash talk. Omar is a anti-semetic. The Jewish people ARE God’s chosen people. This can NOT be tolerated!!!!

  36. CLIFFORD says:


    • OrlandoRican says:

      From your mouth to God’s ears. But this is easier said than done with so many Democrats embedded in their districts. It is much easier to get Senators out.

    • Haz says:

      You can’t vote them out of office as long as we have uneducated, uninformed people who just vote for their party without knowing what they are voting for. Even when told the truth they don’t believe it. We have two women just voted into our Senate who by law could not run. One is not a natural born citizen (an American with two parents who were also born in America) The other ran in a county in which she did not live! You have to live in the county you are running in and she did not! So someone should demand they be removed NOW.

  37. CLIFFORD says:


  38. Patrick Henry says:

    Some one needs to remind pelosi that she is OVER DUE on her BOTOX shots!!!!

  39. the dems will do anything to win……….crooked people….same as 2016 and still lost
    the dems will still the election if we let them get by with it..shame shame…Nancy

    • Dolores Adams says:

      The Republicans had better get their “stuff” together and fight like hell to over power these now “no good democrats. After letting these new three Democrats get elected. no telling what they will do. From what I’ve read AOC has already did commit a violation. Even it looks like Nancy Pelosi is afraid oh her. Ive never heard such trash talk. Omar is a anti-semetic. The Jewish people ARE God’s chosen people. This can NOT be tolerated!!!!

  40. Barbara says:

    Well Pelosi what ever plan you have is going to backfire as usual. I understand that ;your days are numbered because of the traitorous and criminal activity that you have done behind closed doors.

  41. Carlos says:

    So what? It’ll die in the Senate and Trump would certainly veto it if it didn’t.

  42. Evelyn Willis says:

    Nancy should be kicked out of office

  43. andy anderson says:

    i am trying to keep my powder dry……

  44. Anthony Manzo says:

    Nancy not only will you go down in infamy in the American congressional history. But right now your father is hanging his head in SHAME.

  45. Beverly says:

    Nancy – there is NOTHING about you that is good— You are repulsive — Your poor family —

  46. Phyllis says:

    It won’t get passed the Senate And The President Will Veto it!!

    • Ernest White says:

      Phyllis, I like your thoughts on the matter. However, do we really want to put the future of this country on hopes and dreams? History has taught us that in a perfect world you would be right. But with the back door dealings that happen in DC, reality tells us this is just not the case. This issue should be handled by the state legislatures, not the National legislature. This is the worst piece of legislation that the people could have next to gun control! Our state constitutions have amendments is a good many of them that protects the gun rights of its citizens. Now they need to come together again and tell those Dumbacrats that we are not interested in giving them full control of this country. We the people appointed them. We the people need to take back this country and the rights that these Dumbacrats have stripped from us and are still trying to strip from us in order to line their pockets with profit.

  47. Nathan Paris says:

    The only bad news (NANCY) you have for The President and Senate members is the smell you bring to the floor. Make America Great Again. Vote these idiots out of office!

    • Joe Feeney says:

      I knew I smelled something! It’s the Demoncrat’s left wing freak show!

    • Tim says:

      Congress wants to vote on “term limits” for the House and Senate…but NOT the CONGRESS! THAT…is where the true evil DEMONCRAT lives off of “WE THE PEOPLE”. Hillary was quoted as saying that the public isn’t smart enough,to understand politics. I don’t recall the exact words, so I can’t put them in quotation marks.

  48. Rose says:

    If nothing is done to stop this corruption, than the Military shoud be pressed into action to come in and arrest all of Congress and try them for Treason and give them all a nice home on a in a very special resort called GITM! How much more are the American People suppose to put up with?????????

    • Tomas Flores says:

      Send them to Alcatraz and just air drop supplies once every month.

    • Ray Giltner says:


    • Sitala says:

      Amen Rose! The Dems did it to Roger Stone, why can’t we see the government go to the Clinton’s with weapons and arrest them. Then we could get the FBI guys that attempted a cue against our elected president. It would be soooo nice to see all the democrats be filled off to jail. While were at it how about Modonna with the “blow up the white house” comment.

      • Carlos Sanchez says:

        The Dems didn’t do it to Stone without complicity of Jeffy Jug Ears Sessions and the rest of the Deep State. You need to wake up and realize there are anti-American globalists in BOTH parties, neither of which wants to protect us or build the wall. The spineless GOP is merely the other half of what we really have- a Uniparty of disgrace!

    • Vera Morgan says:

      You are right rose,and try them by the tribunal and put their butts in gitmo.while in there make them do hard labor for the people pass them around make them work for the people.I mean find them some of the hardest work.let them get a feel of what,

      The poor tax paying
      American has to do all their lives to just survive,While they sit on their fat butts and figure out things to saddle is paying for that never helps,is in any…way.while filling their pockets..corrupted to the bone.

    • Andy says:

      The president not Nancy. Get it right

  49. Rose says:

    The crooked Democrats will try and put it into things that they know are terribly important to get passed for the Republicans and the President…………….we need to work on Democrats to vote along side the Republican Party for the good of all! And turn against the Muslims and AOC….they need to be gone. Pelosi has lost control of these people who should never have been allowed to run for anything in the government. If Pelosi does’t not come forward for the good of this country …….she should be out too!

  50. Rose says:

    Yes they can stop them if they stand up for the Republican party and the American people. If they do nothing than the Republicans are not only destroying their own party and they would all be out of a job and it would be a massive display to the American people that they do not care or love the country aor the people who trusted them and put them into office. The Democrat party i now a total COMMUNIST PARTY out to destroy this greatest country on this earth. Republicans need to understand , once taken over by Democrats, their loved ones and this country will never be a FREE COUNTRY AGAIN. Show the American people that they lovet his c ountry too, and will always stand up for us! You have as much, if not more, to loose,as the American people do. Wake up and quit rolling over for the corruption of the Democrats. You do not have to love President Trump, but like it or not he is doing a terrific job and he is YOUR PRESIDENT TOO! We are tired of Republicans caving to anything the Democrats want and do. Your dis like of President Trump is childish and you are cutting your own throats by working against him. It is not a hard choice……it is not a choice at all, for honest upright Republicans! STAND UP FOR OUR PRESIDENT………PLEASE!! If you are a Democrat, we will love to have your support too.

  51. Karin says:

    The dems are working hard at destroying our rights given by the Constitution with H.R. 1. And they are putting snippets of the list into nonrelated bills so they can sneak the whole thing in within the year. I have referred my concerns with House Resolution 1 to a number of Representatives and Senators. And hopefully some of them will actually read the whole thing.

    • Rose says:

      If the Democrats keep going against our CONSTITUTION, they are TREATORS working against what they stood up for and vowed to UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION and should be arrested and tried for TREASON. That needs to be pointed out to them and if things do not change follow through with filling charges against them, and Republicans need to carry through with charges!! WE THE PEOPLE ARE GETTING FED UP WITH THE AMOUNT OF CORRUPTION IN THIS COUNTRY……That is why we voted President Trump into this office in the first place!

  52. seems as the dems try every election to steal it……………look at 2016 see what i mean………………
    they have been mad every day after the election……Pulling the hanky panky tricks..

    • reality check says:

      You are full of it, Harold. The Dems have been celebrating the 2018 midterms and planning like crazy for 2020. Have you not noticed how many Democrats are running for president in 2020!?! The stuff about us being upset is made up “fake news” – – and if anything, we are mad about all the crimes Trump and his people have committed.

  53. Timothy Toroian says:


  54. Mike Morrow says:

    The House may pass the bill, but the Senate can block it, if not then Trump could veto the bill.

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