Nancy Pelosi had no idea how badly she just lost this fight with Donald Trump

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats just made a massive mistake.

They thought they could force Donald Trump to abandon the border wall.

However Pelosi and her crew just kicked off the New Year by committing this terrible error.

Pelosi is set to become Speaker of the House on January 3.

She – as well as many in the fake news media – think that gives the Democrats the upper hand in the shutdown fight.

Pelosi planned to immediately ram a government funding bill through the House once the Democrats assumed the majority.

They figured this bill would put the heat on the GOP senate to fold and accept a bill that provided no new money for the wall.

But Trump surprised Pelosi again.

One of the President’s closest allies in Congress said the Pelosi plan was dead on arrival.

The Daily Caller reports:

“House Democrats are putting together a plan to end the partial government shutdown, which does not include any additional funding for President Donald Trump’s border wall.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who vehemently opposed the border wall, calling it “immoral, ineffective and expensive,” and her Democratic colleagues reportedly put together legislation that would reopen the government and allocate $1.3 billion to border security, however, none of that would be allowed to go to a border wall.

The Democrats plan to introduce the legislation on the House floor Thursday, when they regain control, according to Fox News.

Republican North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows, chairman of the House Freedom Caucus, previously said he does not believe Trump will agree to the Democrats’ counteroffer of $1.3 billion that could be used for the border wall, stating he does not think the amount is “reasonable.” The government will remain shut down until a compromise can be worked out among the two parties”

Meadows’ comments make it clear that Trump is in this fight for the long haul and he is in it to win.

He’s not trying to put on a show for his base.

The President believes the country needs a border wall and this is the moment where he can deliver on that promise.


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288 Responses

  1. James says:

    As long as the presidents plans make sense and or his promises make sense, the crooked dems will fight it. I’m a federal employee and I’m not getting paid so dems can come kiss my American ass. Dems aren’t americans

    • Diane L Revard says:

      Good for you. My daughter-in law works for the government and wants the President to do what needs to be done to get the wall. They depend on her money. But feel this is more important.

    • Joy says:

      Wonderful. Our president is working in our best interest. I feel he is doing what we need him to do. The Deplorable Dems are hurting us they could care less. I support Trump. And I thank him for his hard work for our behalfThe Dems would rather spend billions of dollars a year on illegal imigration than build a wall that would be alot cheaper than spending billions a year. Just think of what they could do for communities with the billions of dollars they will be saving

  2. Karen A Hartsell says:

    I believe in President Trump!

    • George says:

      Again, how many redundant agencies are funded by tax payers to do “non-essential” duties in our government, the department of education for example, what a waste of tax dollars, we probably have the worst educational system in the world compared to the amount of money spent. I’m sure if we were to permanently delete all non-essential government employees no one would ever even be affected or would even notice. Keep the government shut down!

    • Heres a woman who in one of her latest speeches did roll call on all the offices of the justice system are you ready the FBI the DOJ and the DNA huh since when did we get DNA as a Justice system in America i think in the back of her mind she was thinking DNC and thats so far from any justice system its scarey and she still repeateatly thinks Bush is still President but yet she will be Speaker of the house the issue is whos going to be Thinker of the house. Allso if you listen to a speech Schummer made while he was in the Obama Administration he was adamant that illegal immigration is illegal and steps must be an absolute top priority to stop illegal immigration. Take the wall around Pelosiis house and put this bunch behind it to keep them in and let the illegals go live with them or just put a wall around California and let them deal with the gangs .convicts and the throw aways from these other places and let them deal with them they want to let them in for extra votes regardless of the threats they are to the security of our people and our Country.The Goverment shut down doesnt affect them they have enough money they have made off the American people to last them and even pay for trips to Hawaii etc off the taxpayers dime.Look up Chuck Schummers speech about immigration durning that Obama Administration you will shake your head in disbelief.

  3. The Redhawk says:

    NOW HEAR THIS , NOW HEAR THIS….Pelosi and Schumer to be arriving at Mental Instability level after PRESIDENT TRUP OVAL OFFICE address to declare National Emergency due to Drugs, Illegal invasion by Gang Members and Child Abuse entering the USA that DEMANDS the WALL and other Border Security be BUILT and IMPLEMENTED at ONCE…..He signs the EXECUTIVE ORDER and the DUMMIECRATS GO NUTS/…. THAT IS ALL

  4. Mike W says:

    Maybe we the people should withhold paying our taxes until we get some adults to run things in D.C.

    • The Redhawk says:

      We The People better DEMAND that CONGRESS be FIRED ……at least the 65% that DOES NOTHING ( all from the D nut job party)

      • The Real M says:

        The Redhawk, Your 65% marked for termination is somewhat low! But, if that’s what we can get, that’s what we can get!

    • Mikey says:

      Excellent. None of us will ever pay taxes again…

    • Mary says:

      Yep…that’s exactly what I’ve been thinking….
      Pelosi’s $1.00 payment to the wall is a disgrace, hurtful and a slap in the face to our border agents, us citizens and our country.. just goes to show ya.
      We need to take a STAND and SUPPORT our leader, President Donald J. Trump for all its worth!!

      • Diane L Revard says:

        My daughter works for the government and says she wants the President to hold fast. Don’t give in. We need the wall.

  5. Kara Wright says:

    The real thing is who is going to be the most injured DEM in the end. The answer is of course Nancy & Chuck and all those that support them in their agenda of obstruction for all thing about the Wall and immigration.

  6. Anthony Manzo says:

    Anthony Manzo
    Nancy , do you and that carpet bragger you work with UNDERSTAND just what your position is. You and he were elected to represent the AMERICAN PEOPLE. Not your own political agenda. We the AMERICAN VOTERS put TRUMP in office to BUILD A WALL, no matter of what material as long as it keep the invading criminalizes OUT. So ignore your EGO and do your job, BUILD THE WALL. From a third generation AMERICAN DEMOCRAT. For ONCE in your LIFE put AMERICA FIRST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUILD THE WALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Joseph says:

      Could not have said it better myself! I agree with your statement 1000%!

    • Larry says:

      This is exactly right! You are there to represent America, all Americans, not just democrats and you would do well to remember that. The country, that is a majority of the states and the electoral college elected Donald Trump to be President. Americans were tired of the crap from the previous administration, the failed foreign relations and the poor economy and the lies perpetuated over Bengahsi, etc. Americans wanted ‘real’ change and still do. American support President Trump and the changes he has brought about and you had better think about that real strongly before you ever think about destroying any part of it!

      • Diane L Revard says:

        He’s keeping all his campaign promises so far. I am so glad that I voted for him. He has made more improvements than any other president. I am with him 100% . Stand firm Mr. President. We are with you when it gets tuff.

    • willowa says:

      Good job Anthony, well said!

    • snooky6677 says:

      Wow Anthony Mazo you hit the nail on the head, the democrats don’t care what we the people think or what we want they are out to get Trump any way they can.

    • The Real M says:

      Anthony Manzo, And here, we thought there were no intelligent Democrats! Anthony, good advice to Pelosi and Schumer! Thank you!

  7. Wayne Pereau says:

    Pelosi is just a out of date overaged woman that just doesn’t want to concede to her vanity. She might be 3rd in line to run the government but she is last in line to the human race. Just go home behind your wall around your home and count your blessings that you are not facing charges of obstruction your own self.

  8. john furlong says:

    Old, reprinted news, today is January 7 TH.

  9. Den Zampieri says:

    Pelosi is a waste of a woman.

  10. ARJAY says:

    Well, ANOTHER of my posts went AWOL!!

  11. Tammy says:

    Mature . Peeps all need to stop spreading the hate. What do you get out of spreading dumb stories that really don’t matter and are old news. Gee , I guess since you are so perfect you know it’s simply not nice ,too call people names.

    • Joseph says:

      But it is OK to call the President a Mother F_ _ _ er. You people amaze me. Tell your newly elected congress woman this!

      • willowa says:

        Right on the money Joseph!

        • Joy says:

          Wonderful. Our president is working in our best interest. I feel he is doing what we need him to do. The Deplorable Dems are hurting us they could care less. I support Trump. And I thank him for his hard work for our behalfThe Dems would rather spend billions of dollars a year on illegal imigration than build a wall that would be alot cheaper than spending billions a year. Just think of what they could do for communities with the billions of dollars they will be saving

  12. Wendell Fountain says:

    Nancy is a mindless minion who actually thinks she has the intellect to best President Trump. That is hilarious! Very few people in this nation can stand toe-to-toe with this awesome president!

    • Robby Dunbar says:

      Liberal’s are so open minded their brains have fallen out and they can’t find them

    • Diane L Revard says:

      You are so right Wendell. He knows what he’s doing. That’s why he’s not going with the national emergency deal. He wants them to vote for the wall. And if they don’t, he’ll wait until they do. We feel its important enough to do without our paycheck. Bill collectors can wait. This can’t. We need that wall now.

  13. Gladys McMilleon says:

    What is wrong with Peolzi? She is so full of herself. Why can’t the Democrats see this
    Not just her, but Schumer as well.

    It is their fault that the government shutdown.

    You can’t blame President Trump’s
    He has to protect the American people.

    • Tammy says:

      He’s a dang liar. Some tax cut. It sucked. Now let’s add tax dollars for some idiotic wall, that wont work. Not one freakin terrorist has been proven entering our country over the southern border. Another lie. The list of lies are endless

      • Laurel says:

        “Some tax cut…it sucked”
        “Idiotic wall that won’t work”
        “No criminals coming across the border”
        Either you need to get your head out of the Kool-Aid punch bowl, or put down the crack pipe, which ever you are using. I’ve been reading and writing comments for years, but yours is by far the most ignorant I’ve ever seen!
        #1. That “tax break…it sucked” put $1000’s back into the pockets of working Americans, and helped hundreds of new businesses open without the Democrats’ red tape. You didn’t get any, cause you don’t work.

        #2. The ” idiotic wall that won’t work” works very well to protect Nancy Pelosi’s house, the Vatican to protect the Pope, and San Diego, where a wall is keeping illegals out as we speak. A wall kept a lot of East Germans from getting into West Germany, The Great Wall also worked well keeping invaders out of China! Prisons use them to keep bad guys in…should I keep going? Or do you get the idea? Walls DO work!

        #3. “No terrorists are coming over the border”?
        In 2018, 369,000 people entered our country illegally across that border. They are here illegally, so they are committing a crime just by being here.
        As for arrests made for other crimes, in years 2016-2017, there were 21,373 arrests, or an average of over 890 a month, made by Border Patrol: 292 of them were convicted sex offenders,
        As for terrorists, 15 are known to have crossed. Others have crossed who are “Special Interest Aliens”, on watch lists. This is an undercount, DHS says, as many terrorists’ profiles are kept in secure databases not available to them. This also does not count the ones who weren’t caught as they crossed, or drug cartel members crossing illegally, who might well be considered terrorists.
        How many illegal criminals, terrorists, MS-13 gang members, or drug smugglers do you want at your door? I don’t want any! I will send them all over to your house when they get here.

        • Debra Swails says:

          Thank you Laurel for putting things straight!

        • Deplorable Lanie says:

          Way to go Laurel! Could not have put it better myself.

        • Nite says:

          Well said……..these are my comments to the person you are referring too. You are totally clueless. Criminals, terrorists, drug dealers and sick people are coming over to get the free benefits and vote for Democrats. If walls don’t work why does every politician have one around their property? The cost of illegal immigrants is 100 times the cost of the wall. It’s you uneducated people that believe all the crap the Democrats tell you.

        • Patricia Overbey says:

          You answered this not case Tammy correctly. She certainly does have her head in the sand maybe her whole body.

        • Shawna says:

          Thank you Laurel! These idiots just repeat what they hear. They don’t have enough sense to change the channel much less have a single thought of their own….Oh well, “You can’t fix STUPID!”

        • Janice E. Prescott says:

          I totally agree, and they should lose their pay until they come to their senses. Holding their pay would make them see the Light really soon. If we didn’t pay our taxes wed be in jail, but they do nothing for the money we pay them, and get away with it. ENOUGH !!!!!!!! A huge Hooray to Laurel for her great statements. Thnx

        • Diane L Revard says:

          Good for you. One of the best posts yet. Well spoken. I think most liberals are on the couch smoking whatever watching Oprah. They don’t have a grip on reality. They believe CNN and all the fake news. They are not in reality.

      • Nite says:

        You are totally clueless. Criminals, terrorists, drug dealers and sick people are coming over to get the free benefits and vote for Democrats. If walls don’t work why does every politician have one around their property? The cost of illegal immigrants is 100 times the cost of the wall. It’s you uneducated people that believe all the crap the Democrats tell you.

      • Robert L Hoffman says:


      • MARCO D says:


      • Milton K. LaDue says:

        Lets see how this works out on the scales of time: on one side we have a 6-16 billion dollar wall. One time fee. One the other side we have 125 (or so) billion dollars a YEAR to house/feed/provide free phones & lawyers/etc. I hope even you can see the outcome of the scales over time. Build the damn wall!!!

      • Wendy Mantooth says:

        could you get more under informed and ignorant Tammy?

      • Robby Dunbar says:

        Tammy go look for your brain it has fallen out That’s how open minded you are………PERIOD

      • frank says:

        pi** on you

      • Shawna says:

        Where do you live Tammy?

      • Joseph says:

        You really need to find a better place to get your information. Do some research, tax cuts went to every working man and woman in this country. Maybe you did not get a tax cut because you don’t work. With the newly employed we actually come out with more tax revenue than before the tax cut. Something the mainstream media will not report because it goes against their Globalist narrative. But you are OK with them sending 6.4 billion to South America to create jobs, and 5 billion to Mexico to help their economy. But you don’t think we should build a wall for boarder security! And yes we have capture some 2,632 terrorist trying to cross our southern boarder
        2016 Texas reported 439 cases of people from these countries — including Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Pakistan and Syria
        2015 Five Pakistanis and one Afghan were caught by Border Patrol agents near the Arizona border in November 2015.
        2014 The report also said authorities had reported 143 “land border crossing encounters with watch-listed individuals in southwest border states between November 2013 and July 2014.”
        I don’t know about you but even one is to many. If something happens to your family you would be concerned, or maybe you would not care, but I sure would!

  14. Jenny says:

    NOT ALL are liberal democrats. They work for the government because thats a job to them to pay their bills. I have family that doesnt like not having secure boarders but work a federal job and may loose their home and everything else due to this shut down. Very unfair to these families that are being used in this fight. I want secure boarders, so do they but to punish these workers is criminal and unfair. Take away house and senate salaries and then something will get done. Dont punish the working families

    • Felipe Gomez Jr. says:

      Then bkaneyhe Demonrat’s! They have no legs to stand on! They are shutting down the Government by not doing their fiduciary duty to America and it’s citizen’s. Not to mention. What they swore to the Constitution.

      • Tammy says:

        Bs. The govt didnt need to be shut down. The pres is the owner of the shutdown bc he could care less about America or the peeps. He cares about his own ass,and money money money money. Greedy bastard will answer for all his lies one day. . Will he have a speech written for him when he stands before God? Wonder if he has ever heard of the good samaritan? Hell, has he heard , do unto others… all you have to do to see his true character is check out his charity. Check out his donations compared to other comparable charities. He is all about the dollar. How much he can get. It doesnt matter who he hurts as long as it’s good for his pocket

      • Debra Swails says:

        You have it right.

    • Felipe Gomez Jr. says:

      Then bkaneyhe Demonrat’s! They have no legs to stand on! They are shutting down the Government by not doing their fiduciary duty to America and it’s citizen’s. Not to mention. What they swore to the Constitution. No money! No wall!

    • Laurel says:

      That is a major overstatement! The NSA, for example, hasn’t missed 1 paycheck yet! Their scheduled payday is NEXT Friday! How many people have “lost their homes and everything else” in 16 days? However, I do agree the Congress should have their pay held until this is over, rather than working families. I know how devastating it is if your paycheck is delayed for even a couple of days! I do know. I worked for the State.

    • Milton K. LaDue says:

      Lets see how this works out on the scales of time: on one side we have a 6-16 billion dollar wall. One time fee. One the other side we have 125 (or so) billion dollars a YEAR to house/feed/provide free phones & lawyers/etc. I hope even you can see the outcome of the scales over time. Build the damn wall!!!

  15. bagster53 says:

    pelosi and shummer are just putting on a show for the left wing nutz , if you ain’t getting paid , tweet them and tell them to fund the wall , they won’t listen to you anyways , but then you know who is responcible for the shut down , they waste more then 5 billion dollars every month taking care of the illegals , the wall will pay for it’s self in a month

  16. Barbara says:

    To the lib tards. This wall is for all Americans it is not a Trump wall it is the American border wall . That will help keep out terrorist and who wish us danger. like the drugs out of our people who will then seek help for their addictions. Drugs don’t help anyone. We have terrorist in our country and don’t bother to deny it–you know I speak the truth. I don’t want them around any of our families to get harmed in anyway. We don’t need wife better or child abusers. Not all these people who want ot come in want jobs. Some one to join up with their fellow terrorist. and I don’t think none of us want that. Right now we know most are in Minn and Wis. — want to hold them to that area. We can all agree we don’t need MS13 in our mist. they are scary enough with all those tatoo’s. Use some common sense people. See past what people are trying to brainwash you with. You have a brain use it.!!

  17. Sam Oliva says:

    The government employees not working are liberal democRAT bureaucrats. The longer the shutdown lasts the more D.C. democRATS are hurt – too bad.

    • Tammy says:

      All you guys do is call Democrats awful names. That’s not productive. Why not prove your point with facts about the situation instead of making it personal. Everyone is getting hurt. Everyone but our president.

      • Brat says:

        President Trump is not getting hurt because he doesn’t take his salary
        He donates his salary to various groups

      • Karen says:

        What do you consider mother fu%^er? I’d say Demotard or DemocRats is pretty mild next to that.
        You don’t want a wall, border security, or a president who fights for all instead of just His chosen few, why don’t you leave this wonderful country that you seem to hate so much? Im sure Libya has way more to offer someone of your standards.
        Bye Felicia!!

      • Robby Dunbar says:

        Democrats are Destroying America

      • Shawna says:

        HELLO!?!? Did you not read your post before you hit the send button?? You need professional help!!?

  18. Tom Curry says:

    The Democrats are cutting their own throats with this not fully funding the wall and for not passing Trump’s immigration policies and laws, for you can bet come the 2020 elections the Democrats are going to lose the Congress again and by a great many seats and even in the Senate they will lose even more seats!!!! Pelosi and Schumer tell us it is immoral to have a wall, and I say it is immoral to not have a wall and a fixed immigration policy and laws!!! You can bet that these Democrats are going to fight it for it would kill there cash cow of votes and all the money that they are collecting from the cartels!!! For all the crime and murder and terrorists and gangs that have gotten into our county is outrageous and if Americans can’t looked at all the facts they would see just why we need the wall and our immigration policies and laws fixed!!! Crime and murder has doubled if not tripled in our country in the past 10 to 15 years an it is immoral that these Democrats have no interest in protecting our citizens and are police!!! For a country without borders and strict immigration laws and policies is not a country that will stand for very long and this is being proven to be so very right just look at Britain, Germany, France, and Venezuela, Sweden, and Italy and the Netherlands!!! For all these countries are falling apart with crime, murder, and terrorist attacks!!!

  19. Guenther says:

    I watched Pelosi’s swearing in ceremony she appeared as a fibral old lady she could not remember names and the proses of the ceremony. I wonder how the Democrats think that she is a candidate for the speaker . She don’t have the brain to over take the President. I hope she gives up and goes away. Just look at the picture in this article there are nothing but a bunch of old ugly witches. The only she wants to be the speaker is to add to her 120 millions

    • Jayne Dough says:

      Guenther: Pelosi is in it for the power. At this point I think she thinks the government will fall apart without her; that’s how important she thinks she is. Narcissistic, egocentric big mouth.

    • Cath says:

      Folks, Pelosi is actually a puppet of people like George Soros…she DOESN’T have a brain of her own but she is an aggressive witch that now can be led by the nose for a buck…How else can she “go on vacation” to Hawaii & stay in a $10,000 a night suite? They earn big in government but not THAT big! Just like the Clintons’ they used the pay for play scenario to their advantage – legal or not…then Pelosi thinks she will get President Trump out, then the VP so SHE gets to be POTUS – however…she doesn’t realize that Clinton will help her until she becomes POTUS then suddenly Pelosi has an “accident” in the woods around DC…

    • Tammy says:

      Have you seen the president give a speech in which he appears a bit intoxicated? Or a med episode? Just Google trump slurring words during speech and see what comes up.

  20. Arge says:

    Nancy Pelosi’s father Thomas D’Alesandro Jr. allegedly was a “constant companion” of notorious mobster Benjamin “Benny Trotta” Magliano and other underworld figures during his political years in Baltimore, MD. D’Alesandro was a Congressman for five terms from 1938 to 1947, and Baltimore mayor for three terms from 1947 to 1959. Magliano was identified by the FBI as one of Baltimore’s “top hoodlums,”
    The apple doesn’t fall from the tree

  21. Peggy Trombino says:


    • Laura Weaver -Perez says:

      I agree it is in the wind. I pray every day Patriots especially those from Revaluationary soliders as their ancestors take a stand against all of this crap in DC. We need to take back our country by Convention of the States. We need to be party free. Wen someone runs for public office we need to vet the hell out of them before they go to the primaries. If they don’t defend our Constitution & country then they can’t serve. If they get in anyway & they refuse to do these duties we have the right to remove them & their right to vote as a private citizen. Facing possible striping of citezenship.

    • Tammy says:

      All you guys do is call Democrats awful names. That’s not productive. Why not prove your point with facts about the situation instead of making it personal. Everyone is getting hurt. Everyone but our president.

  22. George says:

    Maybe these non-essential personnel are not even nessessarily important to running our country, think of how much money we could save if we eliminated them from our budget. Keep it up Mr. President!

    • Cath says:

      So George, next time you want a copy of something, to place a phone call to reach someone, to send a letter to your congressman…remember those “unnecessary” people in government…you may not like paying for researched information, typing a letter or anything else, if we eliminate the “unnecessary” like you say…it will cost WAY more to have the Executives do the grunt work which, BTW, EVERY office needs…even the family operated businesses…

    • Tammy says:

      U r awful. People are suffering.

  23. Artsr says:

    BUT BUT BUT Her Daughter said she could Bite your head off and you wouldn’t even no it till it was to late and she is the Smartest woman in the World next to Hillary. I also heard she was/is Equal too the President..Hmm IS THIS ALL TRUE?//

    • Valli Neal-davis says:

      Nancy Pelosi can’t complete a sentence she is not mentally fit to be speaker of the house she would get lost and her daughter is as crazy as her mother.

      • Bandit says:

        Nasty pislousi does suffer from alzheimer’s and her/its daughter is not much better, the lot of them are nothing but crooks and thieves.

        • Tammy says:

          Mature . Peeps all need to stop spreading the hate. What do you get out of spreading dumb stories that really don’t matter and are old news. Gee , I guess since you are so perfect you know it’s simply not nice ,too call people names.

    • JOHN GARDNER says:


    • Noe says:

      Of course it is true. Sincerely Timothy Leary

  24. Randall M says:

    Pelosi cannot win a battle of the wits against Trump.
    Reps Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows started a new website for the wall. Go to and sign the petition. Let the Dem’s know how the people feel!

  25. lisalles says:

    Any politician, democrat OR republican, who does not want to fortify our national security should be investigated for treason and corruption. They are either anti american or on the payroll of the cartels.

  26. BOBBIE says:


    • Sylvia Crockett says:

      Why not. To see how they feel.

    • Mysty says:

      Pelosi and the rest of the dems live in walled compounds with TONS of security. Beside boots on her grounds she also has mega electronic security. Someone ought to go start tearing HER walls down! She is terrified of someone getting to her. She has 24/7/365 maxi-security. And she does not go out in public in her hometown San Francisco…she can’t stand to see what her own actions have caused. She takes no responsibility for the broken people because she couldn’t care less for anyone but herself. You can bet she trashes schumer and waters and every other politician in both parties because she only uses them to get what she wants.

      • Tammy says:

        Clown. Get your facts straight. You spread fake news without truth. Go recheck the facts. Check out the Obama mansion, what wall is President Trump speaking of? The Vatican was built when? I guess the present Pope had a big day in putting up that wall.

    • Jackalyn Morrison says:

      You are absolutely right!! They are afraid to do that but yet they don’t want to build the wall !! We need that wall like yesterday

  27. Daniel Mount says:

    Nancy Pelosi, haven’t you seen all of the homeless filling up all of the streets in your home State of California in AL. This only happens when a greedy and evil Democrat is running a State.

    • Mary Koch says:

      I agree Homeland security and ice says walls work and we need more. It’s not just President Trump. He is listening to his staff and advisors

  28. GySgt Lew says:

    We need to secure our border. There have been many words spoken
    about the funding fight to do this, but consider these: “The bill before
    us would certainly do some good. It would authorize some badly
    needed funding for better fences and better security along our borders
    that should help stem some of the tide of illegal immigration in this
    No, that statement wasn’t made by a Republican. It was a speech
    given by then-Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois in 2006, when 26 Senate
    Democrats – including Obama and Sens. Hillary Clinton and Chuck
    Schumer of New York – voted for The Secure Fence Act, which allocated
    $50 billion over 25 years for 700 miles of fencing along the border.
    That’s right. Barack Obama and Chuck Schumer voted for 10 times more
    funding than President Trump is requesting now to secure our border.
    What has changed Democrats’ recognition that our southern border needs
    to be secured? Two words: President Trump.

  29. Den Zampieri says:

    Pelosi is a complete idiot and hypocrite. She wanted a wall with Obuma ,but not now with Trump.. most Dumbocrats need to jump into an active volcano so that merica can become GREAT Again.

    • frances says:

      does she have a wall around her property

      • Marie says:

        You better believe she does!!

      • Marilyn says:

        The house that Obuma rented in DC did not have proper security. He had a ten foot wall built all around it. What a hypocrite. Remember they can use ICE to blackmail there imigrants to vote for them. Obuma was reportedly bringing bus loads to vote for him. If you talk to a 100 people in a room I guarantee about 30-40% voted for him the rest voted for a Republican (2nd run), how did he win? Same thing happened in this election.

      • Valli Neal-davis says:

        Pelosi is a hypocrite she wants security for her and her family but doesn’t give a rat’s ass about us Americans safety.

    • Bandit says:

      Do you really want to give an active volcano an upset stomach, it might erupt hahahaha. Nasty pislousi and bamba boy are both idiots and hypocrites and both deserve to get put between the poles and given 300 lashes each.

  30. Steel Magnolia* says:

    Republican North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows, chairman of the House Freedom Caucus, IS Highly Respected & Powerful. > 0ne of
    closest Allies in Congress to POTUS. V. Important. GIVE SUPPORT
    & ‘Center Positive Thoughts’ 0n & To Mark Meadows, he ‘gets thru’ To POTUS.

  31. Rickster says:

    Trumps pretty smart and more than. Capable of out smarting Pelosi and Schumer! They think there gonna throw a bunch of new legislation at him with no money for the wall!! He dont have to sign anything! It will be a stand off!! Lots of goverment programs can be shut down to save money for the wall! Like EPA, global warming crap!ect.ect.ect. and studying sex habits of snow mice they waste money on! Wall is needed ten times worse! Pelosi and
    Schumer just like to fight Trump cause there paid by George Soros! Along with a few hundred dumbocraps! He vowed to spend all his money to stop Trump! Take out Soros and youd do the world a big favor!!

    • Tom says:

      They dems site all the people who won’t get a paycheck during the shutdown…what about all the people who lost their jobs under that lame brain Obama. He did nothing to fix unemployment, the dems want people dependent on them. It took Trump less than a year to drive the unemployment down.

  32. anthony earnest perugini says:

    build the wall

  33. al says:

    well folks it is time to give the demorats the same thing that they gave trump lets investgate shummer an nosie polise an an find out about the deal Nancy made so her husband was the only one allowed to sell closed postoffice buildings she is one crooked bitch

    • Rickster says:

      Youd have to get a new program like the FBI! The worthless one we have wouldnt investigate and democrap in congress!! Would be nice to see the corrupt dems go to Gitmo!! And tried for treason!! We all know the Clintons/Obama/ Soros/ Schumer/Pelosi/ and a bunch more are as guilty as they come! Be nice to have a real investigation against all those traitors! I’d put them all in a big cell with 10 ISIS punks with swords!

  34. Anthony Manzo says:

    Hmmm, let me see if you own property and fence it to keep people out you are immoral. I have a 5 foot fence around my property, Barack Husein Obama has a 10 foot wall around his MULTI, MULTI, MULTI MILLION DOLLAR MANSION and property, Pelosi lives in a Multi, Multi , Multi Million Dollar Mansion in a Gated compound with a wall around it with her compatriots Dianne and Maxine. So i would assume I am in good company except I am AMERICAN, they are FASCISTS, SO SAD. so Nancy why not let all Americans join us and be immoral ? BUILD THE WALL AND SAVE AMERICA AND LIVES.

  35. Jason Casteel says:

    I, as an honorably discharged veteran, (USMC), am sick and freaking tired of the complete lack of respect for the office of the President, and the President himself. I don’t give a rats if they like him or not. He is the freaking President and they are not.

    The media, how they can sit there, day after day and just trash talk the President, well, it is just damn disgraceful.

    Now for those bags, Pelosi and Schumer. They keep saying, “all the experts”. Who are these “experts” anyway? I have heard from law enforcement, border security, and other people who work and live on the border. Those people I consider the experts, and they all think a wall is needed. So Nancy, Chuck, WHO are YOUR experts? Ocadio Cortez? Beto O’Rourke? Wen Chu, Diane’s spy/chauffeur? WHO?

    Just a quick shout out to our favorite poster, Betty. Betty, you are nothing more than an ignorant C U Next Tuesday.

    Now I am finished.

    • Rickster says:

      We are with you Jason!!!!!! And we thank you everyday for your sacrifice and time spent fighting for this country! It’s a dam shame what all the Congress democraps are doing to fight this great president!! All the corruption coming from Top FBI officials! All the fake accusations! Fake Russian crap created by CIA, ,fake news! Hopefully Trump will drain the swamp and get them one by one! He need backing from al of us!! Thanks again for your service!!

    • Ken says:

      Well said, Mr. Casteel. People these days don’t know what respect is. Thanks for your comment and your service.

    • Jim Webb says:

      Semper Fi. I could not have said it better

  36. Sue says:

    Democrats will do anything, even at the cost of our country’s safety, to insure they will have enough vote, legal or not, to retain their seats in office. What a sorry bunch of people.

  37. ProudRepublicanPatriot says:

    The Democrats have never a President as unconventional as Trump-many hard lessons are coming their way in the next 2 years. Trump will not back down from his agenda.

    • BEverly says:

      Thank. Goodness there are real people out there. The Dems have become destroyers of our country, constitution, Our rights, guns, even plans of how to take away our rights to own land. We’d have to pay rent for our property. The Dems are quickly turning into the Gestopo police. They are frightening people in their own houses. And if you have a certain gun, they will take it away. If U don’t give it up you can be put in prison for a length of time. They want to change our Constitution, take away our Bill of Rights and quickly becoming a police state and country. WE HAVE TO WIN>. WE HAVE TO GET OUT THEIR AND STAND UP FOR OUR RIGHTS. OR lose them the left antics soldiers.

  38. Nguyen says:

    To all no brain Democrats are there any countries in the world except illegal emigrant come to their country ? Is your house have doors and fence around? Take them out. If you can’t do, don’t stupid say waste money to build the wall. Do you know how much taxpayers have to pay for illegal emigrant? Go to google find out and compare which one cost more and make your decision. If you can’t do shut up your mouth.

  39. roger vandewater says:

    This is not a Trump wall. It is a wall that most American’s have been asking for a long time, and I for one voted for wall to help keep our citizens save from drugs and illegals crossing our open boarders. Our agents need all the help that they can get.

  40. 4Pip says:

    As someone else said this money needed to build the wall doesn’t belong to the Communists,they just act like it does. If they refuse what we the people demand,they need to have their pay cut off,no checks for them till the needed wall funds come out first. Pelosi is a disgusting creature,she puts on an act of being so moral and superior that it’s a reminder of the Pharisees in the Bible. Jesus said they looked good on the outside but were rotten at the core.

  41. James says:

    I am willing to talk with the land-owners at the Rio Grande. I am willing to defend their land with my guns and ammo. Just leave me a note as if you want my work. Those that live south of the border and attempt to cross onto private property Will Be Shot!

    • keith691 says:

      Can you use a sharpshooter, confined to a wheelchair? My legs might not work and I’m on dialysis 3 days a week, but HIT anything my eyes are good and I can hit anything in range.

  42. john furlong says:

    Pelosi needs to get back to her AA meetings, fast!

  43. Kara Wright says:

    It’s time to stand for our security and allow nothing less than the $5B amount and send the DEMS a final message that no more meetings so thoses without pay will hold the DEMS responsible for this is what they do best cause great hurt and will even go so far as to ruin those not receiving their pay. Only the DEMS would do this to innocent people. They will sacrifice the ones who can’t fight for themselves. They are an evil group and show no human nature for the suffering they cause.

    • Diane M says:

      I agree Kara The Dems are only thinking about future voters and not us Americans. A bunch of crooks and liars they are

  44. Steven W. says:

    The Wall
    I’ve been disabled because of an illegal.
    He was laughing at me waiting for an ambulance, I had severe cuts and bleeding on face and elsewhere.
    California was the state Santa Ana the city. Boost my job with the Postal Service.
    I got nothing, no law suit he was illegal. Was told they could only deport him.
    I’m a Vietnam Vet. Came home without a scratch and then to be ruined by an illegal.
    Please build the wall, protect us from harm.
    I was even forced to take a bankruptcy and move to my home state.
    Lost my wife and infant child.
    I hate our laws that protect illegals

    • becky says:

      stephen we hear you!!! there are a lot of us behind you/we just cannot give up on this challenge/ Come all “True Americans” please join us and lets help Stephen and ourselves before it is too late. We can do this never, never,never, give up and if we don’t trump wont either he will stand with us yea!!!

    • Elizabeth Laird says:

      Let’s do this. Let’s make Ca. compensate victims of illegals with a fund! .are we Patriots going to stop this insanity. We have to tackle voter fraud, demand IDS, term limits and start censuring this awful threatening by people like Schumer and Waters. Let’s educate our kids! All mine voted Republican! Our heart is with you.

      • connie says:

        Elizabeth…great idea. The victims should be compensated. They get to sue us for anything and everything. An illegal hit and totaled my friends antique Jaq. She (the illegal) ran a red light, but sued anyway. The insurance paid her $10K to go away! My friend got nothing! Sad.

    • Connie says:

      So sad to hear your story. Thank your for your service. My brother served in Nam as well. Not fun. Hope we get the wall! I wish you the best!!

  45. Rick says:

    Why do democrats/liberals want open borders, illegals in this country, and eliminate ICE ?? You don’t need a PHD to come up with the answer………VOTES…..They dont care about the American people they just want POWER….

  46. PELOSI has no concept She is an Instrument of Satan, most likely will not realize it until she’s in Torment with him, PELOSI, you better ask God to send someone to explain to you What eternity is, and How to CONFESS and TRUELY REPENT of all your Sins Before you Die.

  47. Rick says:

    It’s not about the wall it’s all about Trump winning..

  48. I wonder if they know where that money is comming from?? That is taxpayer money,and most want it to be used for the border wall. they act like it’s theirs to use as the choose, anyway they want!!!

    • sylvy says:

      Most people know it is a waste of money to build a stupid wall.

      • SANDRA Baudoin says:

        We want the wall built.

      • Rick says:

        Its nice to see you speak for everyone.
        If you lived close to the border you would think differently..

      • Wendell Fountain says:

        Speak for yourself, delusional democrat dummy!

      • Marilynn Reeves says:

        Works ever where else . Only dumb-SS Democrats would call it a waste.

      • Don says:

        That would be those who don’t want the wall, tinkerbell. Obozo wanted the wall earlier in his career, as well as many other Dumbascraps who now say no, and built a 10 footer around his mansion because he doesn’t believe they work now??? Get a grip.

      • Ed says:

        Yes that is why they have them protecting gated communities where most of the Senators & House Reps live. Not a bad idea to check out stuff before you prove you are a simple tool of the DEMOGRAPHIC. party. You have to learn to think for yourself & not believe something because some one told you. In modern days teachers have a very terrible habit of being wrong too as they are true believers of the Democratic agenda.

      • Cara says:

        It works! You probably don’t!

      • Linda says:

        Bull Crap. Maybe you would change your mind if one of those illegals hurt or killed you, your child or family. What is stupid is you even saying the wall is stupid and a waste of money.

      • Betty says:

        Esp. the people who are not the Republican Asshole Kissers Of That Oval Office LYING LUNATIC with his Sick Minded Stupidy!

        • Sunshine says:

          Betty, why are you on a conservative site? Take your stupidity to a site where you belong! It’s not here on this one! You are not welcome here! C ya!

        • Susan Sheppard says:

          Tis better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to speak and be proven one.

          Educate yoursel dear and your tune will change.

          So you say its good that obama, pelosi, schumer, etc live in walled off spaces to protect themselves from the very people they refuse to protect the american public (you know the little people like us).from.

          Please. Please think about what you are advocating.
          There is nothing, and i do mean nothing for you in the democrats plan
          Except more pain. And suffering and less money for you and your love ones.

        • Freddie says:

          Betty,Betty,Betty,just settle down,the men in the white coats,are already on their way with your meds,they also have a nice,comfortable,padded room for you,in a very private location and you can stay there as long you need to,until you get better!

      • D.A.N. says:

        Most people know that paying a Democrat Congresscritter is a waste of money. The wall at least would do something worthwhile. While the Democrat just steals your money.

      • Just ‘when’ did you conduct this intensive survey of ‘most people’??? I didn’t get invited to participate for some reason!

      • James Day says:

        As you say “Stupid Walls”, have protected and fortified the homes and cities in which many groups of people lived out their lives without interference and the threat of premature death from others who wish to take over their dwelling places. The only wall throughout history that I can think of that didn’t perpetually serve its purpose was the one built around the city of Jericho. It is one of the oldest cities in all civilization, and its wall surrounding the city was completely destroyed by the Israelites led by Joshua by following the instructions of his God. All that was required was for the people of God to walk around the outside of the city wall and God Himself destroyed the wall entirely. It’s amazing what God can do in our lives if we just listen to His instructions and follow what He asks of us.

      • Big louie says:


      • Rickster says:

        Alright slimy! It’s worth every penny to keep out that trash! Maybe they can live with you! Kill your kids and rape your wife or give you some sickness and ruin your town!! Theres no beifit to have any of them here! Its not a right! To come here! Only reason there here because of democraps paid them to come to cause chaos! Stop them now or there will be more!! No wall it will get worse and good old boys will start pulling triggers! Dont be a Pelosi puppet!

      • 32eagle says:

        it is inhumane to USA citizens to not build one that keeps illegal invaders out

      • Upsidedown says:

        And Your Most People? Or just a Liberial Progressive Social COMMUNIST? Like the so call DEMOCRAT PARTY? Comrade!

      • mark says:

        sylvy, did you know the lock on your door is useless? So. why do you lock it?

      • Jackalyn Morrison says:

        Ooh really I for one believe it is necessary and we need it now!! If you had a family member that was murdered or a friend think you would change your mind!!

  49. Steve says:

    Pelosi , schumer & ALL the rest of the dems & rinos are soros-paid anti-America , NWO criminals that belong in GITMO with the rest of obama & clinton’s terrorists .

    • Jeanni says:

      The democrats are childish and don’t care how anything they do will affect the people and hurt us. All they want is power, money and control over this country. Do as I say while I live my life in luxury and you the people can suffer because we don’t care and the democrat base are to stupid to see what is going on.

      • Don says:

        Absolutely. Nothing but two year old tantrum throwers who want their way of absolute control like the NWO pukes in Europe who care nothing for their own greed.

        • Cara says:

          Strange that Obama, Clintons and Schumer ALL wanted a wall a few years ago. (it’s on video on the internet) What changed? We have a REPUBLICAN president that they HATE. They’d rather see this country fail that allow Trump to succeed. We are losing money by NOT having the wall. 5.7 billion sounds like a lot but considering the entire budget it is less that 0.1% That’s peanuts. Less than “crumbs” to Pelosi and Schumer.

    • BADGERWOMAN says:

      Agree with you 100%

  50. cathylovesyou says:

    Nancy Pelosi is an immoral person, causing the immigration problem to escalate to this point ,she had help from Obama the real tyrant in this. Schumer we know where he stands, goes with the wind never for the people as do most Democrats The President took an oath to protect the people and the country, Dems are stopping him from doing his job, are they traitors? The only reason for the childish behavior of spiteful Nancy is Trump. Hope Dems (Ha) see she is wrong for Speaker she didn’t do anything good last time and it will get worse now as she has nothing to lose, she’s going to jail with Harry Reid after her two year term we hope. PC is getting bad now we cannot use the word retarded they changed it to Millenials

  51. RTC says:


    • Pat says:

      The Democrats don’t want the wall because they need as many illegals as possible crossing our borders between now and 2020 to help them take back the Oval Office. The wall would prevent that.

  52. Linda Gibson says:

    God help our President Trump to succeed in all his endeavors. He is trying to fulfill his campaign promises
    and the evil ones have mocked and defiled him in everything he has tried to do for our country. Communism is evil and we the people will never approve of evil ways. We Patriots stand with our President not those haters like Pelosi and Schumer. Build that Wall!!!

  53. CLIFF says:

    why are most of the rich,have walls around their homes?
    is it to protect themselves,from the crime in AMERICA OR IS IT FROM THE ILLEGALS.?

  54. reality check says:

    Both sides just posturing at this point . . . but it sure seems like Trump is not winning anything except his favorability is at an all-time low. Pelosi is not in charge of government, but FINALLY we see some one who will stand up and not be fired by telling the emperor “no!” and counterbalancing his worst tendencies.

    • DSC says:

      He is the President of the United States of America. He has the right to control who comes into this Country. And Nancy is just another piece of Washington crap that gets rich off lobbyists and tax payers dollars.

    • Rich says:

      We need a wall and the obstruction by the left communist party will never get any support from me and then I will be the obstructionist.

  55. Mark says:

    Question? Isn’t it called the House of Representatives? Arent the members of the House of Representatives supposed to REPRESENT the people? If you represent someone aren’t you supposed to do what the people ask of you rather than what you want to do yourself? Wasn’t Pelosi and Schumer all for the wall and border security before President Trump took office?then why are the Democrats doing what they want to do rather than what the people want them to do? If we elected them into office and we should be able to fire them.

    • Gary says:

      I have the same questions. I am guessing that it is a lying, immoral Demorat thing that they are afflicted with. Oh, and no cure. Swamp creatures, ALL.

    • Ladd says:

      Since ther Act of 1781 was passed, all of the “Representatives” and “Senators” have been corporate officers of THE UNITED STATES, the European-owned corporation that pretends to be our government that sits in DC. They are NOT representation of our States, as is the Constitutional requirement, are adherents to European interests instead. ZERO representation for 237 years so far. What can you expect from such criminals and traitors? LONG since the time they should be drawn and quartered for their treachery. That IS a capital offense, ESPECIALLY when the charade began, only 5 years after we had won free from English tyranny.

    • CLIFF says:


    • Rich says:

      The year think that we are supposed to be working for them.

  56. Rhonda says:

    We need to build the wall to keep the United States safe from ILLEGAL ALIENS. If the immigrants want to come to our country, then they need to follow the LAW and become LEGAL to stay here. I would love to see CHUCK SHUMER and NANCY POLOSI be a BODER PATROL AGENT and fight everyday with the millions of illegal immigrants coming over here.

  57. Its time to veto all vote buying legislation, such as free this or that.
    The Dems. haven’t started to discuss anything, its there way or not at all, do give them what they want NOTHING
    The wall will not stop what is happening, but will slow down migrants and drugs.
    Time to enforce UN requirements, no documents, no travel, no entry into the USA for any reason.

    • DSC says:

      Screw the UN. Taking our money and giving it to terrorist countries. Getting rich off our tax dollars. They need to go. But you are right about documentation. They also need to quarantine these people and have shot records.

  58. Derrell Breaux says:

    Well I hear the time is at hand to start the arrest wish they would hurry the hell up lol we could be that lucky!!! Lol put them under GITMO not in it # MAGA # KAG

  59. Harry says:

    Pelosi better realize she is not the President or a Queen, she doesn’t open the government up. erratic, shaking mindless ,idiot

  60. Rob says:

    Nancy Pelosi is so predictable it’s putrid! That nasty gash is NWO all the way! If the Criminal DNC is not dealt indictments then WE THE PEOPLE must consider civil-War! The Obama Administration has committed felonious crimes and even treason and that Kenyan still struts around like George Jefferson! It’s time to shock the world! We can win our Country back by fighting, otherwise, get ready for Shariah-Law!

  61. These shutdowns should ALWAYS include Senators, Congressmen, AND their staffs – ALL of them!

    • …They are certainly not “essential: to the running of the country…

      • Ladd says:

        I have seen pictures of them IN SESSION with over half of the stations having laptops open before them, playing Solitaire. They are NOT WORKING even when they ARE at their miserable failure of a “job”.

    • Ladd says:

      YES. They are not ONLY “not essential”, but are the ones who refused to do their required Constitutional DUTY of completing a budget to keep the government running in a timely manner, with a hard deadline set in the Constitution. They are the ENTIRE CAUSE of the shutdown, due to a total failure to meet the most minor obligations that they swore an OATH to fulfill.

  62. Breaker 19 says:

    The Democrats are against the wall because Trump promised us he would built it. If he was against the wall, they would be for it. They are against anything, and I do mean anything, that President Trump tries to do. It doesn’t matter if it would be the best thing for the American people and the country, if President Trump want it, they are against it. It shows that they could care less about the American people or this country. I have never understood why they have such a hatred for President Trump.

  63. Grace Alexander says:

    To Those Who Do NOT Want a WALL: How many of you leave your doors and windows OPEN continuously?

  64. Brian Bowes says:

    Leave the GOV shut down they are non essential employee’s let them go find a real job where they actually have to work 40 plus hours a week because they only actually work 20 to 25 hours the rest of the time they are in the break room or at the water cooler Bull Shi**ing BUILD THE WALL MAGA and everyone of them that votes against the Border Wall Security funding should be impeached by there constituents for not upholding there oath to office.

    • Ladd says:

      That would be done, if there were any justice in the government charade that DC IS!

    • Ladd says:

      YES. They are not ONLY “not essential”, but are the ones who refused to do their required Constitutional DUTY of completing a budget to keep the government running in a timely manner, with a hard deadline set in the Constitution. They are the ENTIRE CAUSE of the shutdown, due to a total failure to meet the most minor obligations that they swore an OATH to fulfill.

  65. Linda says:

    We obviously need to go higher up – Pray for God’s intervention.

  66. An American says:

    They all need to be punished for their crimes of high treason. We the people are done with the corruption being done in our country by the evil demoncrats. Lock them all up for life without parole. That is what needs to be done here. They are a waste of taxpayers money giving our money to other countries that needs to stop now. I don’t pay taxes so other countries can thrive off of my tax money. Give our taxes to are veterans who need it and deserve it. America stand strong and be ready to defend our country from foreign and domestic meaning this corrupt government we the people can stop them in their tracks enough is enough. We all had enough of this sh#t time to take back the government they are to work for us they are not doing that time to fire them all and start over with smaller government and limits to what power they have.

    • KATHY says:


  67. jeanette says:

    I am still hoping Pelosi doesn’t get to become speaker of the house. Am hoping she gets a Hillary surprise. Does our stupid Americans know who becomes president if anything happens to Trump or Pence. Speaker of the House. Now I ask you would anyone in there right mind want this loony tune in the white house. Americans better smarten up real soon because this country is becoming a communist country.

    • Randall Clark says:

      You are not wrong, Jeanette!! People really do need to smarten up!! Democrats DO NOT NEED to be in total power!! But, I tell you now, prayers to the ultimate leader, GOD, will make things happen!! Just remember, GOD is in total control!! The Democratic evil way will be unveiled SOON!!

      • truthistruth says:

        Then, according to your logic, GOD brought us the blue wave tsunami at midterms, one of the largest reversals in American history (vote wise) and is now upset with the evil and crimes of Trump (not to mention his infidelities), and is unveiling the evil of Trump and his supporters. Thank GOD, because Trump Tower is the modern day Sodom and Gomorrah.

        • Celia says:

          Hogwash. The tower you should be thinking on is the Tower of Babel. Remember that one? God turned people away from eliminating all differences between them (think United Nations), and elevating themselves in power (think politicians and one world order), etc. that should be today lesson. God uses whom he will to accomplish the job needing doing, vent those who are not his faithful if it pleases him.

  68. Lavancha Sheldon says:

    The president is trying to do exactly what we elected him to do. Build the wall and tell democrats to quit being crybabies because they lost the election. We the people deserve to be protected just like they are being protected.

    • Emma says:

      They (politicians have walls to protect their homes from outsiders.
      When they tear down those walls, maybe we talk???!! Lol

  69. Grace Alexander says:

    Thank God for President Trump who really does care about . the safety of the American people.

    • ruth retzke says:

      I totally agree with your statement. It INFURIATES me whenever I am hearing or reading of ignorant folks referring to this border protection as, “Trump’s Wall”! It must be erected to keep safe American sovereignty and American citizens.
      OUR BORDER WALL must be cocstructed to keep invaders out. In the meanwhilst, WE MUST be doing our due diligence to enact immigration reforms and put TEETH INTO THE LAWS WE HAVE NOW ON OUR BOOKS.

  70. Pure Patriot says:

    Progressive Demoncrat liberals are a disease, there is a cure. Just aim n squeeze


  71. Robert F Ahrens says:

    Dems are nothing but evil, perverted hacks. And people still elect these POS. Sad

  72. Robert Smith says:

    Screw them new world order democrats communists/Nazis! This veteran hasn’t got a thing to lose so if they want a war they want tell them to bring it!

  73. sharon watts says:

    we have donated to go fund me — use it!!

  74. joe says:

    run that idiot trump right to where he belongs BEHIND BARS!!!!!!!!!!

    • Murphy says:

      Why? He has done nothing but good for America!! And he needs to beak a law for you to impeach him!! You lost and hilly will never be president!!!

    • Brat says:

      Not until obomma and Killary are behind bars

    • Freddie Cory says:

      Remember, Donald Trump was at the bottom of the totem pole of 17 possible candidates? Obviously, God cared more about America than the Democrats and God moved Donald Trump up to # 1 and put Donald Trump in office! Are you against God?

    • Robert Smith says:

      Just as soon as they hang obama for Benghazi and Hillary and giving money to Iran and making the navy surrender! No I won’t forget! And the apology tour. And he is still behind the scenes with his organizing for action organization .. Obama needs to be locked up he is still causing damage to USA more than he ever done as President..

      • He once said: “If you really want to CHANGE America, something like that, then you have to do it AWAY/OUTSIDE of Washington…So, it should NOT be a surprise to anyone that he KEEPS SCREWING America from BEHIND the SCENE, is still THERE just 2 miles from the White House…..NO coincidence….AND also, he said he will speak up/out when HE “thinks” our DULY elected President would handle something WRONG….Now, WHO do you think he IS that he can “watch” over Trump….He is NOBODY, has NO right whatsoever to “watch” anybody or anything….What he should “watch” though is his BACK as somebody may just LOSES his mind and puts some BULLETS into him, of which he is actually VERY DESERVING…..!!!!!

    • Jchum says:

      Oh let’s see you hate our President Trump. Don’t think you’re an American. We the American people want him to stay in office we hired him! Educate yourself Joe.

    • Bubs says:

      You are soooooo out of touch with the American people. Do you really want to live in a communist country. Wake up…..can’t you see what the DemonRats are doing. They got the vote by cheating, lying & taking the immigrants over the people so that they can vote DemonRats in office. How do you know Trump has done anything wrong.,.,,you believe the fake news?? Get a reality check!!

    • Time to end your freebees, and put you to work. The constitution say we are all equal, but it doesn’t say I have to support others to be equal. Second this budget is trillion dollars, so lets cut the wall and all freebees for all, including foreign countries. could save 25% of the budget.

    • KATHY says:


    • Leon says:

      Joe…..How about Hillary (Lying) Clinton for her illegal dissemination of classifed information over non secure circuits. You and all DIM-o-crats seem to be willing to ignore her for allowing this to happne, not to mention the fact that she lied to the American people about Bengazhi and our people that were killed there, but she gets a FREE run on that. The DIM-o-craptic party sure has DOUBLE STANDARDS when it comes to their people. How about being TRUTHFUL and STOP BEING HATEFUL, that Hillary lost and Donald Trump won. As Obama said, “Elections have consequences. We won, you lost” So get over it!

  75. James Barton says:

    Wrong border-wall
    Why would any President award contracts for building a border-wall without knowing all the facts about the border-wall technology.
    Some of the border-wall prototypes that were presented to President Trump are harmful to the environment and structurally deficient. The material deficiency in current prototypes does not address (1) geometric see-through technology, (2) self-repairing technology and (3) environmental issues. The see-through border wall prototypes currently available permit easy passage of many prohibited products and other paraphernalia, and will be expensive to repair when breached. These walls will trap water during rainy periods harming many animals unlike my self-repairing wall. I have a model which corrects and addresses these border wall issues which is available to show President Trump, along with U.S. Customs and Border Protection Procurement Directorate(s). The above have refused to see these advancements for over one year.

    • Joe Maxwell says:

      I have a solution for the border wall that will cost the government no money and will move products and people at 200 mph. A platform would down the guideway every few minutes and clear anyone trying to cross the guideway. The platforms would be moving on both guideways. It would be deadly to try to cross the system.

    • Leon says:

      Take you ideas to Nancy Pelosi, I am sure she would be thrilled to death to find another piece of wall that she ADAMANLTY opposes. If it isn’t two pieces of string and a lawn mower, she does not want to talk about it. She would rather have 40 – 50 million NEW illegal aliens in the nation, TO HELL with what the American people want. FUND AND BUILD THE WALL! ALSO,

  76. Margaret Daly says:

    Close the border if we have to ! Can’t you approach all Senators today? Try to push through what house passed . I ve been writing Doug Jones my Senator as have many constituents. Approach him.

  77. Karen says:



    LET’S SEND “ALL OF THEM ” to those Third world countries THEY LOVE SO MUCH !!

    I don’t like to DENIGRATE anyone like this HOWEVER. it is EXACTLY WHAT THEY DO TO “OUR PRESIDENT ”
    Maybe they NEED TO GROW UP…FAST…

  78. Jane Jackson says:

    Build a Wall. I stand with Trump. MAGA

    • reality check says:

      I have asked numerous posters to this website, and not gotten a response . . . . please tell me WHEN America STOPPED being great for the need to be made great again? Seems even the GOP has been saying since before WWII we are the greatest country on earth.

      • Celia says:

        I do not want to get into this argument, so briefly I will say that we know is far less than great while Obama definitely weakened us greatly. I worked overseas for a while and while there so much fun was made of Clinton it was ridiculous. American news told us how the Clintons were thought of by th Europeans, well that was BS. Even in a parade in Germany there was a giant paper mache (sp) float that was Clinton with his arms wrapped around a woman, while groping her breasts. So how is that being great? I do not want to join in this discussion as I other things to keep me busy today, just thought I would insert that much before I go my merry way.

      • Ladd says:

        Hobbled by the creation of DC as the HQ for the European corporation named THE UNITED STATES, America did phenomenally well, but imagine what it could do WITHOUT DC? We would re-define GREAT.

  79. Dan Gibson says:

    PRESIDENT TRUMP’s border wall is intended to help ALL AMERICANS and our quality of life — and IT WILL. To bad the sleazy democrats are too busy with their stopgap “beat Donald Trump” agenda to realize they are AMERICANS TOO. …. DUH ??

    • Melinda Garcia says:

      It’s not Trump’s wall. It’s Our wall. And it’s what we pit him in office to do. These democrats are fighting Us.

  80. Russ H says:

    To hell with the Democrats, Just build the wall.

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