Nancy Pelosi got hit with the one demand that is the biggest threat to her power

This is the moment Nancy Pelosi dreaded.

The Left’s main agenda item now faces uncertain prospects.

And now Nancy Pelosi got hit with the one demand that is the biggest threat to her power.

Joe Biden created a political crisis by threatening to veto a bipartisan infrastructure bill if the Senate did not also pass a multi-trillion-dollar Green New Deal and socialist welfare state bill Bernie Sanders was drafting.

Republicans realized Democrats played them by using their votes to pass a bipartisan bill to create cover for Democrat Senators Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin to vote for Sanders’ bill using the budget reconciliation package.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell fired off a letter to Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi demanding they also “delink” the two bills.

McConnell wrote:

“The President has appropriately delinked a potential bipartisan infrastructure bill from the massive, unrelated tax-and-spend plans that Democrats want to pursue on a partisan basis. Now I am calling on President Biden to engage Leader Schumer and Speaker Pelosi and make sure they follow his lead.

“Unless Leader Schumer and Speaker Pelosi walk-back their threats that they will refuse to send the president a bipartisan infrastructure bill unless they also separately pass trillions of dollars for unrelated tax hikes, wasteful spending, and Green New Deal socialism, then President Biden’s walk-back of his veto threat would be a hollow gesture.

“Republicans have been negotiating in bipartisan good faith to meet the real infrastructure needs of our nation. The President cannot let congressional Democrats hold a bipartisan bill hostage over a separate and partisan process.”

Pelosi and Schumer need to link the two bills because socialists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sanders believe if the Senate passes the bipartisan bill it will lessen the urgency for Manchin and Sinema to support Sanders’ welfare state and Green New Deal bill.

But if the two bills remain linked it’s difficult to see ten Republicans supporting the infrastructure bill if McConnell opposes the legislation.

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