Nancy Pelosi got called out for an awful plan that could send America into a downward spiral

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is under fire.

Pelosi has spent weeks scheming to politicize the coronavirus outbreak for the benefit of Democrats but now the tables have been turned.

And Nancy Pelosi got called out for a dangerous plan that could send America further into a downward spiral.

During the coronavirus pandemic, Governors across the country are threatening citizens with arrest for leaving their home.

But many Americans are wondering why Nancy Pelosi won’t allow Congress to vote remotely.

Congressman Thomas Massie called out Pelosi and other leaders for wanting to pass $250 billion in additional funding for small business relief on her own with no vote.

Massie would like a recorded vote, but Pelosi is now delaying the process because Congress is on recess until April 20.

“But with the new discussion of this next bill, once again, they are recommending that just let Nancy Pelosi pass it on her own, that we can all stay home,” Massie told Fox News host Neil Cavuto.

Massie said Pelosi was trying end run the Constitution and set herself up as a dictator.

“I’m saying that’s not going to fly, it doesn’t fly with the Constitution, doesn’t fly with accountability to the taxpayers,” Massie added.

Members of Congress understandably do not want to travel right now.

147 Congressman are over the age of 65 which puts them in an at risk group for the coronavirus.

Pelosi is leveraging that fear to demand bills be passed by unanimous consent with no vote or debate by refusing to allow remove voting.

“What the government needs to do is allow people to go back to work. I’m against the bill, but the main thing that I’m against is letting Nancy Pelosi do it in the House on her own without members being accountable. The Constitution requires at least half of them vote on this. So, let’s enable remote voting,” Massie concluded.

Like other “emergency” powers seized by governments during this pandemic, Massie other Americans wonder if Pelosi is exploiting this crisis to accumulate more power for herself.

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