Nancy Pelosi’s dreams of impeachment were crushed after what Trump’s lawyer said

With the Senate impeachment trial in full swing, Nancy Pelosi’s future relies on the outcome.

If she loses this fight, her career will truly never be the same.

And Pelosi’s dreams of impeachment were crushed after what Trump’s lawyer said.

President Trump has a team of elite lawyers ready to defend him against the radical Democrats in their attempt to impeach him.

Among them is Alan Dershowitz, who has defended Trump against impeachment from day one, despite he himself being a Democrat who supported Hillary Clinton in 2016.

It is unlikely that Dershowitz will ever vote for President Trump, due to their disagreements on policy, but he is more than happy to defend him against impeachment.

Dershowitz used to be a regular fixture on CNN to defend Trump, until the network’s President, Jeff Zucker, banned him from ever appearing again.

But he is still allowed on Fox News. And during a recent appearance he destroyed the Democrat impeachment efforts using historic legal precedent.

“I’ve been spending the last few days with dusty books going back to the 18th and 19th centuries … reading the debates over the Constitution and reading the trial of Andrew Johnson and I’ve come to the firm conclusion that the two elements of impeachment directed against President Trump are unconstitutional,” Dershowitz said.

“The framers would have rejected abuse of power, would’ve rejected obstruction of Congress,” he added.

After making this claim he took direct aim at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, calling her out for her claim that even if Trump is acquitted in the Senate, that he will forever he considered impeached, stating that “impeachment is forever.”

“Nancy Pelosi doesn’t understand what impeachment is,” Dershowitz said. “What she has said that even if the president is acquitted, the impeachment stands. No.”

He then went on to give an example that crushes her ridiculous claim.

“That’s like saying if a person is indicted and the jury acquits 12-0 in 5 minutes, he still indicted,” he said, adding that if he is acquitted, “impeachment disappears.”

Nancy Pelosi continues to prove just how little she knows about the process she is championing.

But with her base of support being so rabid in their anti-Trump beliefs, she won’t lose a lot of support.

Where she and the rest of the Democrats will really hurt is with those voters on the fence in the 2020 election.

Seeing such a partisan witch hunt against Trump will only help him in growing support.

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