Nancy Pelosi doesn’t want anyone to see this humiliating video

Nancy Pelosi has another scandal on her hands.

This one hits close to home.

And Nancy Pelosi doesn’t want anyone to see this humiliating video.

Nancy Pelosi claims she is a faithful Catholic.

Many dispute that assertion due to Pelosi’s support for abortion up until the moment of birth.

Despite that, radical left-wing Pope Francis hosted Pelosi for a coveted audience at the Vatican.

Traditional Catholics look skeptically upon Pope Francis because he’s sent signals that he supports homosexual marriage and the fact that Francis puts open borders and fighting “climate change” at the top of his agenda.

Pope Francis hosted Pelosi at the same time that U.S. Catholic bishops debated denying communion to pro-abortion politicians like Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden.

This debate followed Pelosi to the Vatican as Catholics who believe in the Church’s teaching heckled Pelosi while she attended mass in Rome.

At times, Nancy Pelosi tries to make her supposed Catholic beliefs central to her political identity.

Many Americans scoffed when Pelosi claimed she prayed for President Trump on a daily basis.

The controversy over Pelosi’s support for abortion running contrary to Catholic teaching followed Pelosi overseas.

Now it remains to be seen if U.S. Bishops will deny Pelosi communion.

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