Nancy Pelosi couldn’t believe her ears when Mexico made an announcement proving her career is over

Nancy Pelosi is having a difficult year.

Despite finally controlling the House, the Senate and White House are still under Republican control.

And things just got even worse after Mexico made an announcement proving her career is over.

The main battle of the Trump presidency is being fought at the southern border.

Democrats are demanding that more illegal aliens come in, while President Trump is holding the sane approach of closing the border and allowing legal migration.

And as it turns out, Mexico agrees with President Trump.

Mexico just announced it will be deploying 15,000 military and national guard troops to assist U.S. Border Patrol.

Breitbart reports:

Mexico announced the deployment of 15,000 military and national guard troops to the country’s northern border with the U.S.

“In the northern part of the country, we have deployed a total of almost 15,000 troops composed of national guard elements and military units,” Mexican Secretary of Defense Luis Cresencio Sandoval told reporters during a briefing on Monday. The defense secretary said his country has also deployed 2,000 guardsmen to their southern border, UPI reported.

Breitbart News reported earlier this month that Mexico announced plans to deploy up to 6,500 National Guard troops to its southern border and an additional 2,500 troops to the U.S. border.

The move comes in response to nearly 400,000 Central American and other migrants who entered the nation in the last three months on journeys to the U.S. Mexico City also discussed plans to deport approximately 2,500 migrants per day.

This decision comes on the heels of President Trump’s tariff threat against Mexico.

He told Mexico that if they don’t begin taking steps to stop the flow of illegal aliens coming to the U.S. that he will impose a 5% tariff on Mexican goods.

Despite Democrats, and even many Republicans, laughing at the President, Mexico wasn’t and quickly agreed to take action.

This is just yet another step Mexico is taking, and it truly is the worst news Nancy Pelosi could hear.


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82 Responses

  1. Victoria Worrel says:

    Well folks, fyi this is not a “patriot” site. Just got my comment banned because “you have already said that.”

    • Roy Zitzman says:

      Just like the leftist sites shut down the right, only common sense it would be done to the left, BooHoo

  2. Victoria Worrel Brake says:

    Well folks, fyi this is not a “patriot” site. Just got my comment banned because “you have already said that.”

  3. Kathleen says:

    I firmly believe the boarders must be closed the wall must be built then legal immigration can commence.
    the Dems need to get of their high horses and start working with the president and working for the safety of we the people who employ them, we can get rid of each and every one of them if need be.

    • Myron Smith says:

      Agree Dems and Pelosi are not working to close the Border of Illegals!

    • Vickie says:

      Exactly. However, it’s not “their high horses” they’ve been running on .. it is far more sinister — revengeful hate.

    • Jo says:

      After all the problems these Dems have caused they should be on their way out now. We need to start at the top, (those already out) #44, Clinton, Biden, and others, then we need to start on those in office. Pelosi, Waters, Schift, Cummings, Nadler, Schumer, to name a few need to be voted out next election if they’re time is up. These scumbags have made a home for themselves in congress and have gotten rich on t heir, so called, salary, by doing favors for every lobbyist that comes by and leaves them money or name of person to get more money. Most of these people are completely corrupt and have non business in any public office.

    • Thomas G. says:

      Let’s hope the VOTERS are beginning to see the mentally un-stable plans the corrupt Democrats are trying to implement by breaking or changing the written laws to serve their insane plans!! Who the HELL is actually in charge, it seems the Dems are writing their own tickets!! This does NEED to be investigated and charge them with crimes of treason and obstruction!!

  4. Gary Connolly says:

    Nancy Pelosi needs to be investigated for the money she got while being in Government! Nancy and her cronies are too eager to keep the border open. Perhaps we should look at all of them!

  5. derf says:

    TRUMP 2020

  6. ed ritter says:

    shut down all fed fundings until US communities help protect our country, and go after businesses that hire illegals without permits or green cards. This is our country people and our good nature is being played to the MAX . I know , i’ve traveled back and forth from US and MEX and have seen a lot and lost a lot . Dont let them who disrespect our country’s laws laugh at us while the bleed us dry . Don’t buy their business of any kind ,and investigate our politicians for their actions or lack of.

  7. libra says:

    Nanny loves illegals–they vote for her demomarxists all of the time. Did you just not love Beto breaking out into Spanish as he is wooing the illegal invaders to vote for him as Pres. How good is it to be an American citizen and to become slaves supporting the illegal invasions of criminals from the Southern border?

  8. Gayle Hopper says:

    You know, its hard to believe that half of the American people would sell our country out by voting for a Democrat. People, People, People, the Democrat party is not the party that we had back in the 40s 50s 60s 70s or even the late 80s. It has been changing and has now become radical.

    • Benjamin Michel Sr says:

      YES it is and they are not for the working people any more they are for there self and to he!! with every one else I am a retired coal miner disable and voted for the Dem,s for years I voted for Bill C the both time he ran but he did NOT do us any good so I then changed to the REP party and have voted for them the rest of the time Bush Jr did not do any thing his second year and BHO did every thing to turn the USA in to a third world country NOW TRUMP is doing every thing to get it back BUT the Dem,s are giving him he!! and some of hes own party is agents him BUT we need to put him in 2020 so he can do his job of getting the USA a strong country we all can say THANK TRUMP



  10. Bill says:

    I am not sure anymore if Nancy Pelosi is a woman or underwent the sex change operation that so many do now-a-days. All my sources are saying Nancy 5 years ago was Ned Pelosi, who today Nancy claims was her brother that died young, but it is becoming more suspicious as time passes that Nancy simply had her tally-whacker chopped off with a butcher’s meat cleaver, once the chop happened they say, “it” fell off the damn table onto the freaken floor and laid there a quivered for a minute or two before coming to a complete rest, once it realized it was forever dead! What a shocking loss, Ned must have been shocked into silence, because they claim he or now she couldn’t speak for 3 days! Who knew, by damn I can’t confirm or deny this story is the final truth, but it certainly looks ZACKLEY to be the final reality doesn’t it, i.e., a dead freaken tally-whacker, all shriveled up with a mushroom head at the end. Damn the bad luck.

  11. Alaska Woman says:

    Lies. lies and more lies.
    Trump has told well over 10,000 since taking office.
    Here we see false attacks being made on Democrats.

    • Gregory Sullivan says:

      Alaska Woman:
      Prove it you two bit c***
      Yuck Fou you lousy cheap flimsy excuse for a woman if you are one.

      • Melinda says:

        Stop talking like that. Do you really want to sound like one of them? We don’t need to resort to nasty, over-the-top insults like they do.

      • Colleen La Rose says:

        Good morning Gregory..
        I read something someone posted to some other ignorant biatch on another blog, & I LOVED it, you have my permission to use it (since I stole it, I’ll share it????)…he told this creature ” I COULD HAVE BEEN YOUR FATHER FOR A QUARTER BUT THE DOG BEAT ME OVER THE FENCE ”
        I loved that, it made me chuckle

    • Jo Deplor says:


      • Bill says:

        Da bitch ain’t nothing but a fat, big old Ho, with lipstick, that farts all day long, and loves to smell them. Damn her, once I rooted da old bitch while we were doing 69 she farted in my face, I kicked her out of bed, beat da crap out of her and stole all her damn money and booze. Serves da old P.O.S. right, don’ t ya think?

        • Melinda says:

          That’s just disgusting. Seriously, you sound like one of them now. We don’t want that kind of talk among our Conservative ranks. Palosi has lost her mind. Don’t lose yours.

    • Gregory Sullivan says:

      Alaska Woman:
      The Democrook party’s mascot is the donkey, makes me wonder if you Don’t have one in your backkyard as you can suck donkey dick.

      • Melinda says:

        You are just as disgusting as they are.

        • Betty J Case says:

          I agree that we shouldn’t use the terrible language as we sound just like them

        • Colleen La Rose says:

          Once again my apologies for butting in on a post not meant for me, however Gregory is a stand up guy. If he is using language you find offensive then get over it. The creature he is responding to is a sniveling ignorant biatch who’s only purpose for coming on these blogs is to spread hatred & lies. People have tried to reason with her, but to no avail. She/he/it just resorts to insults & BS. So ya speaking in such a manner to that creature is acceptable in my eyes. & really I think he is too kind. I myself have a bit more provocative things i’d like to say to the creature, but I refuse to give it my attention !

    • david says:

      Alaska bot isn’t a real person, every post that it has put out is democratic propaganda script

    • ILCon says:

      careful, AW, your TDS is showing! He doesnt need to lie to expose the mental asylum that is the DNP. Nothing but a bunch of whining incompetent buffoons that wont do their jobs!

    • Bob the Builderf says:

      You like all the other commies like to say Trump tells all these lies, but you can’t give an example of even one.

    • Bryce Thompson says:

      Please stupid retard, tell me 1 lie Trump told??, maybe you should consider doing what the woman down in Florida did, she stabbed herself three times in the stomach because she couldn’t live in Trumps world, and all you dumb democrats should do this, boy what a world we would have.

    • Joan Barton says:

      I have seen Nancy Pelosi from a mighty lot of years ago when she went into politics. She has ALWAYS been Nancy Pelosi. Except for sticking up for here, I can’t think of any other fence that I could make on her behalf.
      Alaska Woman has just told a gigantic whopper about President Trump.

    • Roy Zitzman says:

      Are you Nuts, open your eyes, the Democrats have been taking for so long no one sees it, if you need help to understand what has been going on just ask, that’s the problem Democrats have been telling so many lies that you believe them, get a real life and see what’s going on around you.

  12. ron says:

    I’d love to see her and a lot more of these traitors deported. All except Omar & AOC These BITCHES need to be sent home or to whoever would claim them in a pine box

  13. Greg says:

    No harm meant, but I will take some pleasure in witnessing Nancy Pelosi choke on every hateful, vitriolic word that has issued forth from her useless mouth for the last two years. I will also relish seeing her fade into utter obscurity when she is finally rendered IRRELEVANT when the Dems are handed their walking papers for their dereliction of duty.

  14. CLIFF says:


    • True Citizen says:

      Bingo!! I will dance in my yard if Mexico finally starts deporting the invaders from Mexico!! It’s about time! Next we need to purge ALL traitors from out police pool – ANY lieing criminal who betrayed the voters by violating their oaths of office to support foreign invading criminals should be publicly executed so the next person who wants the job knows the price of betraying American citizens!!

    • Joan Barton says:

      Mexico is doing a lot better. They have taken a lot of action that has done a lot of cleaning the situation up.

  15. Pat says:

    Lack of respect and foul language on these websites is a turn-off and does not improve or get anything done. Foul language comes from the mouths and brains of those with little or no respect for others and they would do well to rethink their comments before spewing out their garbage.
    What is happening along our borders has been going on for many years but has gotten a lot worse over the last few years because no one has been willing to step up and take responsibility for stopping it. Now that we have someone willing to do something about the mess on the borders….the Democrats, with their infantile and obsessive hate towards this president, are crying, complaining and throwing temper tantrums and refusing to live up to their oaths of office and do their job. They are running like the cowards they are. It is very plain to see where the fault lies in this mess…and it’s not this White House!! The Democrats would rather see the overwhelming numbers of illegal foreigners suffering and dying along our borders and blame this president for it than to step up and act like responsible adults!! Who is responsible for the father and his daughter’s drowning and all other issues and deaths on the borders and across the country…..the DEMOCRATS!!! Anyone who votes for these irresponsible, whining, excuse-making, do-nothing Democrats in 2020 will be willing accomplices to these crimes and just as guilty!!! Wake up Americans!!! It’s time to act like real Americans now…..or suffer the devastating consequences later!!!

    • Rachel says:

      Well said Pat

    • Melinda says:

      Thank you. Finally someone with a brain. You are absolutely right on all points. And I am disgusted by gutter talk on here as well. I would like to think that Deplorable are not deplorables for wallowing in the sewer like those on the other side. But rather because we refuse to swallow their coolaid. That kind of talk only confirms what they say about us, that we are all trailer trash. And I refuse to associate myself with people who wallow in the gutter.

  16. Rob says:

    Sounds to me like Mexico is ‘paying for the wall’ although not in the manner expected. Anyone know the cost per day of deploying this number of troops and guardsmen away from base. Can’t be cheap.

  17. Justin Case says:

    Nan is only playing with half a deck. Time for her to retire to the winery.

    • Truckman says:

      she’s too far gone to be around a winery she just needs to go home with a case of wine and sit around and drink

  18. Sam says:

    All this because we now have a president who will actually do something to make things happen. A far cry from the last administration & their failure of a leader. Now they’re using that photo of the father & baby found dead as a way to make us feel guilty & make Trump look bad once again. It’s sad for sure but laws are laws & if you can’t come in legally then don’t!!!

    • True Citizen says:

      Why should any law abiding American Citizen feel guilty because some idiot CHOSE to break laws and ignore common sense to the point it cost both his and a child’s life? I do not, I will not, and nobody is EVER going to convince me that I should, feel guilty over someone else’s stupid decisions because they refuse to come here LEGALLY! Their excuse for their illegal actions is that they would be denied coming here. Guess what?! We HAVE requirements and restrictions for REASONS….like OUR SAFETY, and the BETTERMENT of OUR COUNTRY! POS need not bother! We don’t want you, we have plenty all ready without importing more!

  19. james barry says:


    • Jerry Peck says:

      With YOU WATCHING CNN I can see where YOU FEEL FAKE NEWS. BUT DUMMY GROW UP and open your eyes if they aren’t full of SH!T because you have had your head up your ASS. This is REAL NEWS and a REAL PROBLEM.

    • Terry Mc says:

      Liberal communist democrap time for you and unpatriotic party to move to Russia, North Korea or China. Those country need more idiots to rule over.

  20. George says:

    Pissloser’s what a sack of DeoRatic Sheet…..Follow the dots ………………..
    Paul Pissloser owns a $17 million investment in H. J. Heinz’s company, which in turn owns ~75% of Del Monte Corp’s stock. Del Monte is the parent company of Starkist & starkist Tuna owns one of the two packing plants on American Samoa. Combined both plants employ over 60% of the population paying less than $3.75 a hour in wages.

  21. Bob Holt says:

    Trump is doing an excellent job is spite of the INSANE POSITION of the DumbocRATS !!!!!!

  22. Pam says:

    Of course Mexico is Agains Pelosi because if they DON’T do what tRUMP says he will block trade…funds…etc…

  23. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Mexico loves that gringo money as they need it to keep their failing economy afloat. They realise this and caved to Trump’s demands.

  24. Jason says:

    The bag needs to be fired and all her illegal monies she has stolen needs to be confiscated and returned to the America Tax Payer and take SS of the General fund and no more illegals on SS or anyone who has not paid into it. enough of these Thieves and Traitors is enough.

  25. D Sunkle says:


    • Mike Otrok says:

      WHaT iS A disrace?,, ,, ,, ?What democrats are demanding illegal immigrants be let in ? Show video. eat hamberder! YAY

      • Buckwheat says:

        It’s just a typo. Use your brain.

        • vinnie says:

          Yeah ,Like Hamberder

        • Bill E. Bob says:

          Little cuckboy Mike’s whole life is a typo!

        • Linda M. says:

          Buckwheat:Please notice how this ” Mike Otrok” leaves comments to others.He is either that Eric twit, or Scott27.Always making fun at others because of their typo. errors. And him, them, or whatever IT is, being a Democrat certainly doesn’t give them any room to make fun of anyone…They should be apologizing to us for their ignorance……

      • mark says:

        lol , get the cock out your mouth faggot dem you spend to much time sucking cock and cant see reality lol your a brain dead cock sucker fagot whos to busy sucking cock to know what reality is.. lol snow flakes need t get tons of panties to soil in 2020

      • Mike Hunt says:

        Your resident jackass, Casio-Cortex says the border is a concentration camp, just like Dachau, Auschwitz-Birkenau or…..

        “The Constitution does not say that a person can shout…yell ‘wolf’ in a crowded theater. If you are endangering people, then you don’t have a constitutional right to do that,” Pelosi said”

        “A day after House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) was drilled by Meet The Press host Chuck Todd on whether her party’s leadership was out of touch with the current political climate the nearly three-decade veteran of Congress mistakenly referred to President Donald Trump as “President Bush.”
        “While its only been a couple of weeks since the inauguration, we’ve seen nothing that I can work with President Bush on,” said Pelosi during a Monday press conference.”….LMAO!!!!


        “Recently defeated Democratic vice presidential candidate Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) used his twitter account to express the intense emotions he felt over the non-existent shooting. The ardent gun control supporter remarked, “Deeply saddened by the senseless act of gun violence at Ohio State this morning. Praying for the entire Buckeye Community.” Some one tell Timmy that his voter used a car and a knife!!!!……Ya can’t beat the intelligence of libTURDS!

      • Beware says:

        You’re one to talk you uneducated wetback illegal alien!!

      • Bob says:

        Well, Gavin Newsom, CA Governor and Nancy Pelosi’s nephew for one. Sanctuary cities/states for two in that they are noncooperative in solving the problem.

      • david allen says:

        What do you think is meant by OPEN BORDERS

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