Nancy Pelosi broke down in tears when she saw these jaw-dropping impeachment poll numbers

Democrats couldn’t believe their eyes.

The carefully planned out impeachment witch hunt began to crumble.

And Nancy Pelosi broke down in tears when she saw these jaw-dropping impeachment poll numbers.

Democrats and the Fake News Media boasted that impeachment would be a political winner for the Democrats based on polls showing support for impeachment rising.

But as Adam Schiff’s Stalinist show trial proceeded, the public turned against the Democrats.

A brand new Morning Consult poll found support for impeachment plunging as more Americans took in the gossip Adam Schiff dressed up as evidence produced in his un-American kangaroo court.

Morning Consult’s Eli Yokley wrote:

“The latest Morning Consult/Politico poll found that 47 percent of voters favor the House voting to impeach Trump, down 4 percentage points from the share that backed it in an Oct. 11-13 poll. At the same time, 43 percent of voters oppose the House impeaching Trump, statistically in line with figures from the four other polls conducted on the issue since House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) announced her support for the impeachment inquiry in late September.”

Monmouth University produced another poll that is bad news from the Left.

Monmouth found that 73 percent of Americans have little or no trust at all in the process.

In a release accompanying the poll, Monmouth University pollster Patrick Murray wrote, “While there is growing public support for an inquiry, the public is not very confident with the process to date. Just 24% say they have a lot of trust in how the House impeachment inquiry has been conducted so far, 29% have a little trust, and 44% have no trust at all.”

The Fake News Media egged on the Democrats to take up impeachment.

So-called journalists are worried Democrats couldn’t defeat Trump at the ballot box next year and instead push for a desperate coup attempt to overthrow President Trump.


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139 Responses

  1. Jerry says:

    Poor little Nancy if you cannot take the heat little baby get out of the kitchen you creep
    Watching your butt boy Schiff reminds me of watching fat butt boy Nader both nothing but stupid racist deplorable racist communist democrats. Destroy

  2. Ken Love says:

    Treason should be publicly punished with a recyclable item – a noose. It’s cheap and it gets the job done. I don’t care if the person is white, black, red, purple or polka dot, Republican, Democrat, independent or what.

    • DEM777 says:

      Ken Love, it want be to long when the Guillotine will be use in public but it will be for True Christians and Jews and anyone that will not take the Mark of the Beast.

      We are in the End Times but not in the Great Tribulation.

  3. james crapse says:

    Many comments state that peloshi can’t handle her situation with the demoncratic party, then how would she be capable of handling the position of presidency? AOC and her pathetic followers in the house (4) can control the entire house, where would peloshi be in dealing with foreign governments? Same as Obama, give us away, defame us (America) to other countries (Friend and Foe) just as he did while occupying the office of the Presidency. I understand why some comments are vulgar, but don’t you folks realize you are lowering yourselves down the bar with peloshi and gang. I don’t accept a person who says they are praying for folks, then go out and vote to kill the unborn and born (BABY KILLERS). THINK WHAT THEY WOULD DO TO US IF THEY GET THE OPPORTUNITY. THEY ARE ATTEMPTING TO DO IT TO THE PRESIDENT,BUT IF WE STAND BY HIM, WE WILL WIN,AMERICAN CITIZENS AREN’T STUPID. WE KNOW WHAT IS GOOD FOR US AND OUR COUNTRY. VOTE TRUMP!!!!!!

    • Steff says:

      I am with you 100%. Stand up patriots for OUR president, our country, our families and friends, but most of all for our God. Get on your knees and ask for His guidance, and be prepared to face our enemies if need be.

    • Beverly says:

      YEAH!JAMES, 1ST-NANCY PELOSI IS INCAPABLE TO BE PRESIDENT. SHE DOESNT KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON,SHE AB-LIBS.SHE LEFT THE AMERICAN PUBLIC YEARS AGO WHEN the Dem party tilted so far left and knocked Humpty Dumpty off his fence. She is a liar, always talking GOD!She certainly doesnt follow her Catholic religion. She must have a priest on call, so \she can go and confess her sins. ANd then she goes back out and repeats the same mistake. 2nd SOmeone needs to do a mental examination of Adam Schiff who has succumbed to his hatred for Trump. How many times does Schiff have to be knocked down? He needs to be removed from office for inability to do his job.

    • Beverly says:

      YEAH!JAMES, 1ST-NANCY PELOSI IS INCAPABLE TO BE PRESIDENT. SHE DOESNT KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON,SHE AB-LIBS.SHE LEFT THE AMERICAN PUBLIC YEARS AGO WHEN the Dem party tilted so far left and knocked Humpty Dumpty off his fence. She is a liar, always talking GOD!She certainly doesnt follow her Catholic religion. She must have a priest on call, so \she can go and confess her sins. ANd then she goes back out and repeats the same mistake. 2nd SOmeone needs to do a mental examination of Adam Schiff who has succumbed to his hatred for Trump. How many times does Schiff have to be knocked down? He needs to be removed from office for inability to do his job. No I havent just said that. Stop screwing around. U dont like what I write so you do this to shut me down.

  4. David says:

    Hang it up useless Democrats

  5. Ed says:

    I wish conservatives would go after Pelosi, Schiff, nadler etc like they are attacking our president

    • Randy Humphries says:

      It would be sweet if the senate called all of them before the senate judiciary committee! Can’t do it in the house as Piglosi calls the shots. In the senate, see how many have the balls to lie to the senate, you know they will. But I doubt that will happen, the republicans are too lenient to push the issue and us voters really don’t have any say even though we are supposedly their bosses.

      • Steff says:

        I think maybe this time we are getting their attention. In the future we must be involved in selecting candidates for government and not let others do it for us. This will enable us to pick people who will stand for us like Trump and not just smooth talker elitists.

  6. Harry Katz says:

    If President Trump were the Nazi Pelosi claims him to be, then Nancy would be crying real tears as her toenails were being ripped out during interrogation to get to the bottom of the coup. The hangings by piano wire would be carried out utilizing elevator shafts in Trump Tower.

    • On thing is shore ,the liar democrats do everything to destroy America and the American People. Think America and stop the liar chitter , democrats , Look around you and you well see what going on .They don’t care you or you children’s ,they care them selfs , In 3 years non of them did nothing ,they put the huge money in they pocket and they lay to us to impeach only on men the President ho work . I think the best will be ,if starting whit the liar SCHIFF everyone goes to JAIL !!!!!! All the TIEFS .

  7. Glen Hutchcraft says:

    President Trump is my president, he will win 2020 and then either his son Donald would be a great pick for President after what I seen him do to those nasty leftist on the view, he chewed them up and spit them out good show Donald Jr you the man bro!!!!

  8. Deplorable Lanie says:

    Nanny Pelosi’s tears have nothing whatsoever to do with her “party”. They have to do with the fact that she will very soon be handing over the Speaker’s Gavel and she does not want to give up the power she thinks she has because of it. But she has very little actual power. IF she did, and she cared about her party, she would have stopped the whole impeachment madhouse before it got started. Because THAT is the only thing that would have saved her party and her gavel. Allowing this madness to go forward unchecked, will only result in destruction for the Democrats. In the House, the Senate and the White House!

    • al gabor says:

      laine in responce to your message i agree 100 percent i also think mrs.pelosi shouhd get some botox shots yikes she is homly looking

      • Will Triebel says:

        al, she has already had so many shots the Botox and vodka have soaked through and rotted her brain. What she needs is a ride to the old Communists’ nursing home. Take Bernout along at the same time.

    • Kent says:

      There’s a Straight jacket with pisslosers name on it..

    • Will says:

      What was that song ::: IT`S MY PARTY AND I`LL CRY IF I WANT TO

      DNC should make that their theme song for 2020…
      Good luck suck brains

    • Tracy Lynn Velasquez says:

      Nan-Nan-probably-“now realizes’, she should have ‘retired’, prior to this last election, but she was too-‘hungry’-to retire, coz, she wanted-so much-to leave ‘her legacy’, as the longest running “Speaker of the House”! Pitiful, isn’t it? Coz, ‘Now’, she will always be remembered, as attempting to destroy, not only the Republicans, but the entire ‘Election Process’!

    • Mary says:

      The reason she doesn’t want to give up the power is because if something happens to Trump and Pence she becomes President. That is what she wants most.

      • ann says:

        God help is all if this selfish self centered cheap liar would eve achieve this goal. She has no conscious, soul she takes our tax payer money to serve self HOW ABOUT FIXING POOP OFF STREETS OF CALIFORNIA

    • AL says:

      Lanie,I also agree with you. peloonie is on her way out.She never should have been speaker to begin with. Her disdain and absolute rudeness towards Americans and our PRESIDENT has and IS going to be her downfall. Not just counting this impeachment crap. The democratic party is in self destruct mode,except she is too stupid to realize it. That party has NOT DONE one item for the AMERICAN PEOPLE since PRESIDENT TRUMPS ELECTION,and has been an absolute waste of time and taxpayers money. After three years you would think that those corrupt fools would have learned their lesson.

  9. Kara Wright says:

    Nancy is not crying for what is happening to her party. She is just hoping she gets to keep her gavel. She, Chuck and Maxine, and all the others maybe get to see what loss is all about. It is time for things to change and I just bet it might be a whole lot better for all of us.

    • Rani says:

      Kara – I’m with you. Hopefully things will change because the American people are not stupid as Pelosi, Schumer and Waters think we are. It’s going to blow up in their faces no matter who the chosen final candidate for them is going to be.

  10. Dale Garland says:

    Does Patriot Pulse depend on sensationalistic headlines that REAK of “fake news” just to get people to read their articles? The headline reads that Nancy Pelosi “broke down in tears” but then does NOT mention it further in the article or provide proof with pictures or videos.
    Frankly, as a conservative, I’m SICK of conservative websites that call the “mainstream” media fake news and then turn right around and acts like fake news themselves. Come on Patriot Pulse. Don’t be like the real fake news liberals.

    • Steff says:

      I agree, because I am sick of reading an article title then opening it to find a nothing burger. Write an appropriate title without all the BS you are using.

  11. Dr. J. D. says:

    What a bunch hypocrites – – -when I presented the data from a week ago, got nothing but responses about how fraudulent they were. Now, this article quotes these same polls as accurate because it indicates a drop in support for impeachment (and removal). This is an example of a poll where the breakdown is more important than the general headline given – – are you talking impeachment or impeachment and removal?

    Overall the numbers are increasing for support for impeachment. Despite the continuing B.S. excuses made by Trump that change almost daily, the more information that comes out, PLUS HIS PROVEN MISUSE OF HIS FOUNDATION (which he used for personal gifts and campaign help) are going to show a president who is not worthy of trust and his office. His witnesses are consistent in supporting all the allegations of both soliciting a foreign power’s interference in our elections plus using military aid to Ukraine as a means to. BRIBE/EXTORT political favors for Trump.

    • Ghost says:

      Now, now Doc don’t get your shorts in a knot.. And ask yourself Why isn’t Hillary in prison, or slick Willie?

      • Maryln says:

        As long as they’re Democrats want to keep separate the whistleblower and have kangaroo court behind closed doors I will never vote for a Democrat they aren’t to be trusted

      • DorothyP says:

        Or Obama for the treacherous acts he committed in his attempt to destroy this country. I guess it’s because the Doc is a hard-lined Demon-crat that believes his party of traitors can’t do anything wrong. God Bless President Trump KAGA 2020.

    • CHENZ says:


    • Edmund Hickey says:

      Doc, I would have thought by your title that you might be an intelligent man. But you calling out Trump’s “BS excuses” as Trump’s, means my thoughts are in error. What you describe are exactly what Hillary Clinton ans husband Bubba did. The Clinton Foundation did all those things you allege Trump’s did. You have been listening and watching heavily biased, anti-Trump networks who have, it seems, easily convinced you that Trump is a monster. You believe the lies, exaggerations, twisting of facts or creating new ones to fit their narratives. The full Ukrainian phone call text was published and Trump was well within his rights to question the SON of a politician running for office as he would be if any citizen participated in criminal activities in any country, It is Trump’s JOB to do that. Pro-Quid Pro is NOT a crime. People and politicians do it all the time; imposing sanctions on a country unless they change their behavior, parents telling kids to behave or get spanked, withholding foreign aid if certain conditions aren’t met, etc., etc. Trump did not do this and it was not in his phone call. He asked an unfettered favor to investigate wrongdoing by a U.S. citizen in a foreign country, aided and abetted by a parent. Just because Biden the eldest is running for office does not make him immune to investigation just as Trump being president doesn’t make him immune from being investigated. It was Biden, caught on tape, boasting of withholding aid to Ukraine, Pro Quid Pro, to fire a prosecutor that was investigating his son or the aid package would be withheld. That should be investigated, not Trump, who did no such thing.

      • Dorothy Paul says:

        Edmund – You got that right!

        • Beverly says:

          YEAH!JAMES, 1ST-NANCY PELOSI IS INCAPABLE TO BE PRESIDENT. SHE DOESNT KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON,SHE AB-LIBS.SHE LEFT THE AMERICAN PUBLIC YEARS AGO WHEN the Dem party tilted so far left and knocked Humpty Dumpty off his fence. She is a liar, always talking GOD!She certainly doesnt follow her Catholic religion. She must have a priest on call, so \she can go and confess her sins. ANd then she goes back out and repeats the same mistake. 2nd SOmeone needs to do a mental examination of Adam Schiff who has succumbed to his hatred for Trump. How many times does Schiff have to be knocked down? He needs to be removed from office for inability to do his job. No I havent just said that. Stop screwing around. U dont like what I write so you do this to shut me down. So now you wont leet me talk?I have 1st amendment rights and U are denying me my rights.

      • JTT says:

        Wrong. Withholding aid for political investigations was not the policy the US congress had approved. Trumps obstruction is evident in refusing to allow witnesses and documentation to be released. If he was innocent he would allow witnesses and documentation. Same goes with his Taxes. I know this is a right wing forum. I have been threatened by white nationalists when posting on FB. Please do not insult or threaten me. Stop thuggish behavior. I think that’s the thing that disturbs me most.

        • DEM777 says:

          JIT, sorry you are not telling the truth.

          You seem to be listening to FAKE NEWS MEDIA. That is a real problem.

          Are you listening to the Impeaching Hearing? I am and the truth about the Liberal Democrats lies is something.

          I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Take Care.

    • ANTHONY DOLE says:

      Take a pill and quit sniveling. No one wants to hear it any more.

      • Will says:

        Yeah no one wants to hear it when the true version comes out ,, look the other way,, say it an`t so ,, never happened ,, move on nothing to see hear ,, pretty typical ,, wouldn`t you say

    • AL says:

      Sorry there doc…bur you talk about UNTRUSTWORTHY..then you talk about obozo the fraud. That corrupt fool was the worst president that never should have been.

    • Henry Massey says:

      What about Hillary’s e-mails, what about Biden’s son and his connection with Ukraine do you think that’s hogwash. this impeachment mess is nothing more than the swamp fighting back for their own survival because should the Trump administration conduct a bona fide investigation into Ukraine and others as well the swamp will yell, “he is using the office of POTUS to get revenge. I am 72 years old and I have seen garbage before but this isn’t as good as garbage, as the old folk use to say, “it isn’t fit to slop the hogs with.” I’ve been a democrat since I first registered when I was twenty one years old and it use to be a pretty good party, but it’s getting to where it is embarrassing to say I’m a democrat.

    • Randy Humphries says:

      You’re obviously watching the MSM, CNN or MSLSD! Trump and the republicans can’t bring in any witnesses to support him, Adam Sch1t for brains and comrades made up new rules that give him total say on who gets to testify and who doesn’t! Did you see how arrogant he was on Friday? Blocked anyone that tried to bring the truth to light. Wouldn’t let the ranking member give time to a female congresswoman to ask question. Absolutely NO due process, a total Stalinistic , bias hearing, so one sided it’s pathetic!

  12. renato says:


    • Ghost says:

      Well Put Renato !!

    • Randy Humphries says:

      I don’t think Pence has the audacity to fight like Trump. Everyone says it’s time for a woman president, Ivanca would be a thought, or Don Jr. I just don’t think Pence has the intestinal fortitude (guts) to make the same stance as Trump. Most of the pundents say no one else could have taken the flack that Trump has taken. God help us if the demonrats EVER retake control of the house, senate and white house!

  13. Randy Smithr says:

    Eduardo, your not very smart are you. If you took your pea brain and looked at the whole picture, it becomes very easy to see that what went down in last weeks elections does not exactly mean demos are gaining ground. I challenge you to have a real look dumb ass.

  14. Thelma Davis says:

    We are for Trump

  15. william smith says:

    Where are the polls your headline calls out – you are just another swamp creation

  16. Robert says:

    What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive what goes around comes around
    The Democrats will find out what happens when you try to interfere with the
    Lords work. If you think last summer was hot just wait till these Democrats go to Hell

  17. Toxic says:

    I’m so sick of the DemoRats/Leftists and their lying, underhanded crap.

    • Rani says:

      Heaven help the us and the United States if one of those sneaky, lying DemoRats get in. We have a great President in Donald Trump and hopefully he will be re-elected. I’ve noticed that none of the fake news or the media ever mention the fact that President Trump does not take a salary for serving as President of the United States. No President has ever done that to my knowledge. This is a man who is truly trying to save the United States and do the best he can for the people of this country.

      • Henry Massey says:

        I think JFK donated his salary to charity. Yeah hopefully Trump will be reelected and the Leftist will lose and there will be a Republican House/Senate that’s filibuster proof. Also, I’ma democrat but man am I sick of them.

        • Steff says:

          Why do you call yourself a democrat if you don’t believe in those who are running the party in addition to those in government shredding the constitution? What redeeming qualities are there that keep you from exiting from it? Really doesn’t make much sense to me. #WALKAWAY.

      • Randy Humphries says:

        If you want to know what the demonrats are up to, just look at what they try to blame republicans of!

  18. EYESONYOU says:

    Nancy Pelosi broke down in tears when she saw these jaw-dropping impeachment poll numbers


  19. Edward Osler says:

    It’s heart-warming to see that the majority of Americans are finally waking up and coming to their collective senses. A large percentage of Americans are finally seeing that Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of their merry band of nay-sayers are nothing more than liars, thieves and scam artists. Also, Americans are finally listening to the likes of Sean Hannity and Mark Levin who point out almost daily that President Trump has been doing his job – and doing it well – since his first day in office. That he has been working FOR America; that he is making America great again. And that the Left – the Radical Left – have been doing nothing for the American people other than detract from the TRUTH and perpetuate a false narrative. The Democrats have not been doing what we elected them for. They have been scamming us – especially their Fake News. Congrats America. Welcome Back to the loving arms of President Trump

    • ih8reps says:

      And the wins in Kentucky and Virgina the other day was just that people waking up to the BS of Cheeto man please try again you’re so funny I need more stupid comments to laugh at today.

      • Pat says:

        Look in your mirror, ih8reps. That should be the biggest laugh you’ll get for the day.

      • Chenz says:

        No they are the weak minded ,who believe. What the. media. And Left
        Sqaud tell them, how about YOU?

      • Randy Humphries says:

        You, sir are a fool to think that Ky and Va are any kind of an indication of anything. Kentucky had 1 demonrat elected in the entire race, the governor, only because the incumbent was useless and the dem elected was the son of a former, well liked governor and was the AG prior to his run and Virginia has been found to have a lot of issues with their ballots, fraud. But that’s the thinking you get from watching the demonrat propaganda arm called the mainstream media. Along with CNN and MSLSD. All get their talking points from Media Matters, A George Soros funded media center. Why can’t you demonrats realize that EVERY demonrat city is in radical turmoil, Chicgo, L.A., DC, NYC, San Francisco, Baltimore, Philly and so many more. Soros funded campaigns to elect anti law enforcement DAs and AGs. Y’all need to wake the f**k up!

  20. Peggy says:

    I can’t believe anyone is dumb enough to believe a poll! Did people not listen in 2016! TRUMP TRAIN 2020

  21. tinker68 says:

    I doubt we’ll know the real cost of this impeachment process until the votes in the senate take place. I remember how the midterms were going and it was said the democrats would not take back the house. The democrats took back the house in a big way. I trust nothing about what the polls and media put out and will wait for the actual outcomes. Way less disappointment than buying in to these worthless polls and media pundits.

  22. Thanks to the democRATS I see a civil war coming VERY soon. All you democRATS and the followers better leave America fast. You WILL NOT make it when war breaks out…

    • ih8reps says:

      Go home
      Please tell me how it’s going to go down, where is it going to start like what town, city or state, who’s you’re leader you know the big boss man, how about logistics, communications, supply line, war map, how many tanks you have, how about hand grenades, you have uniforms, swastika tattoos, you have hair or are you bald as in skin heads, I have so many questions I need answers help me out here I’m dying to know. I might want to join, NOT!

      • Amen says:

        Most of the geezers who post on this site are over 70, and while they may have guns, are they going to stand up to facing the national guard troops for provoking at using violence and being domestic terrorists? I think NOT!! All talk.

        • Pat says:

          You’re referring to ANTIFA, aren’t you, Amen?

        • I pray for you. Because you know what’s coming. Sshh!!! You hear them marching???

        • Will Triebel says:

          There is your fatal flaw, amen. You seem to assume that the military, which is overwhelmingly Conservative, and take their oath to protect America and the people very seriously, will blindly obey illegal orders and turn on the very nation and people they’re sworn to protect. That is, at best, the delusions of a sociopath, who will fall right along with all the other domestic enemies of the nation.
          And, the smugness and ignorance of youth aside, we both know that beta males like you will never work up the courage to challenge one of us ‘old geezers’ without the rest of your cowardly masked mob in tow. So why don’t you take your insignificant sniveling else where?
          Oh, that’s right, you poor babies are here for the attention, aren’t you? If it wasn’t for the negative attention you’re getting by being an azz, you would be mumbling to yourself in the corner getting no attention at all.

          • Will says:

            Will T ,,, was sitting here thinking as to how to respond that crack pot ,, and here you have gone and done it for me thanks ,,, they just don`t understand

          • Randy Humphries says:

            Considering most of us “old Geezers” are combat veterans and know a thing or two about conflict are very well prepared for whatever comes down the pike! There’s no safe space to protect your azz from the flying lead should it come to that. I fought for this country before and am more than happy to do it again!

      • Pat says:

        Plans don’t matter. You’d be shaking in your boots and looking for a big rock to crawl under.

  23. Maggie says:

    Since Pelosi, Schumer, and Schitt created all this fake news that started on the eve of our dear President Trump’s win, they have done nothing to really accomplish anything worthwhile except practice destructive skills to take out our President. GOD had to select our President because no other prson could have endured the trauma and drama of these demon-rats and live under such duress. These back stabbers will meet their ends with hell and fire. Look at the money they stole from our country with their fake indescressions. We must continue to pray that our Lord continues to bless our President so he can bring peace and good life to our country.
    Let’s all continue to pray for him and his family.
    As far as REDMAN is concerned, he is a degenerate without brains or class. He is probably some drunk that sits in his hole and thinks with his vulgarities and stupitidy that he is someone important. If we saw him, we would rightly know that he is an insignificant , worthless human being with no heart. How pathetic!

  24. Raffa says:

    Day of atonement is close by.

  25. Karol Hancock says:

    Why would WE THE PEOPLE want to impeach a president like President Trump who has REALLY accomplished so much for the whole country and our military and Vets? NO NO a thousand times NO we do not want President Trump impeached for a stupid evil corrupt demonrat to possibly take his place. President Trump honestly does care about We The People and America, and WE honestly care about him. I pray daily for our Almighty God, our Creator to bless and protect our President Trump, his family, We The People and our great country.

    • Maryg says:

      Amen. I agreed. No,No impeachment of our President Donald J Trump. We the American people and supporters we will continue to pray that all Democrat’s will be touched by God and that open their their eyes and the goodness and loved by our Heavenly Father. Amen…Amen

      • Will says:

        He{ GOD } may have to send down a bolt of lightning
        upon them to first wake them BOOOM

      • Dorothy Paul says:

        Have you forgotten? The Demonrats don’t believe in GOD. They denounced HIM three times at their 2008 Convention and swore allegiance to the Moon god. And their leaders are the infamous Nancy Pelosi along with that bug-eyed rat Adam Schitt. May they both get what they deserve for their treachery against both GOD and the United States. I know it’s difficult for both of them to understand that GOD CHOSE Donald J. Trump to be our President “for a time such as this.” And since “for a time such as this” still exists, hopefully HE won’t abandon us and now.

  26. hart isaacs says:

    Poor Ms. Pelosi. She shows signs of advanced senile dementia. Because of this she should be asked to retire before she does any more damage to our beautiful country.

  27. Chenz says:

    Every time I hear impeachment or collusion , I think of that black and white photo of Lincoln’s conspirators being hung at the ole capital prison .WHY DO I KEEP THINKING OF THAT PHOTO? HMMMM!

  28. David Smith says:

    N. Pelosi is a total disgrace as leader of the Democratic Congressional group.
    They clearly are a “Do Nothing Congress.”
    They follow BO’s losing legacy of “leading from behind.”
    Vote all these frauds out of office.
    Plus her district of San Francisco is also a totla disater.

  29. John R Massey says:

    Nancy should be ashamed of herself. She should have known first hand that the whole thing would fail.

  30. thomas says:

    nancy idtiot pelosi is the biggest retarded moron in politics time to rid her

    • Paul says:

      Absolutely. We need, And WILL clean up the House : Rock on President Trump. OUR BEST EVER GOD LOVING PRESIDENT. GOD BLESS ❤️

  31. Rep. (Reptilian) Adam Schiff: Spare us your animalistic aims and influences!

  32. Thaddeus McKeown says:

    The More Digging They Do All They Find Is Another Elitest Demoncrap Is Found Braking The Law And The Head Witch Hunter Adam Schiff Is The Biggest Criminal There Most People Want To Arrest Every Demonceap Involve In This Farce

  33. T. Bell says:

    PHUK NASTY PISSalocie !

  34. William W Hadden says:

    It takes 3 democrats to replace a light bulb 1 to hold the bulb and 2 to turn the ladder. Webster for dumbass is democrats

    • Will Triebel says:

      I thought it took one to declare the light bulb changed, while the others sat in the dark agreeing that the light was good.

  35. CHRIS HINES says:

    We all know Polls favor the people who put them out and these polls are by Pelosis side and these numbers are really much worse for them. 73% do not want this which in a real poll means around 92%. Pelosi knew this would happen but was given no choice. This shows she was right.

    • Rich says:

      Absolutely correct. They intentionally poll voters in areas that favor Democrats. And their sample size is ridiculous usually 600-1000 people sometimes less. If they took that same poll in my area it would 99% of voters against impeachment but they couldn’t stomach that.

      • Breaker 19 says:

        You are absolutely right. That is one reason polls are almost always wrong. Never believe polls or politicians they both can be manipulated to get the results you want. ,
        If you want something to favor one party, find an area that is predominately more people there the favor that party. Simple.

    • The Real M says:

      CHRIS HINES, You read all these crooked biased leftwing liberal polls like a first grade reader!
      If we conservatives were not so savvy to the hit job being done by the MSM, the liberal polls, and the criminal Demacrat party leadership, we would all be hiding in our closet crying that all is lost!
      Thanks be to God, the truth of what is happening has been revealed to us! The facts are coming in a flood on a daily basis and I am absolutely disgusted, there are no limits the Democrats will not sink to dispose of DJT! I really had no idea how dangerous they are but, I know now!

  36. Richard M Morris says:

    Democrats know they cant beat Trump. Thats why they keep trying to sway public opinion but it will backfire. Watch and see people

    • Kate says:

      I believe it will backfire! The demonrats are an evil party, those of who are pushing impeachment and dividing the people. Our country is suffering division from all sides. I have never seen these kind of actions in the Republican partys side in all my life. There has never been this fighting, riots, lies and neglect of the people. Republicans are calmer and more sophisticated than what Schifty and Peloozi are. They have sunk to a political low standard in which our country has probably never seen. They will be looked down on and disrespected, untrustworthy from all Americans everywhere. SHAME ON THEM! This is not how you treat your American President, nor your country!

  37. Will Penny says:

    The Old Wicked Witch Of The West Nancy and her Old Broom , are going to Crash n Burn . That old broom iis worn out just as bad as she is , Nancy it’s time to hang it up and save face , if that’s even possible at this point , with all the lies and false accusations made by you and your henchmen . Hell’s Gate is waiting for you and your followers arrival , for the many Sins against God n Country !!

  38. Guess says:

    Dammit, T.Bell. are you so hard up you want to phuck Nancy? I take a look at her and then I look at my hand, and then I can truly say just how beautiful my hand really is

  39. Steff says:

    Pelosi has no one but herself to blame. Hopefully she gets indicted as part of the Deep State. She is a participant of the Ukraine play for pay, a person who partners with the Mexican Cartel, Arizona Mafia, and participates with Soros’ organizations.

  40. Will Triebel says:

    It is, really, kind of insulting to call them Demo-rats. Rats are actually capable of learning.

  41. Mb says:

    Ms Pelosi…you used to be very good but now you just crapped yourself up now and useless for your position
    Thought you were smarter than that
    Guess it serves the Democrats correctly for their loud mouth abuses, leftist ideology…the Democrat Party itself just went to H-LL
    Plus 40+ yrs ,finally switched parties
    Your fault…it will be a very long time before coming back to THAT POLITICAL Party!!!!!!

    • Will says:

      Did you ever see a DRUNK`S mental health improve as long as they were still on the bottle ??? Ol Nancy ,, pickled her self ,,, and really don`t care what happens ,, she knows she is about dead anyway,, they go fast at that age ,,, with that abuse

  42. Rex says:

    Demm 777 you are absolutely right no such god “with emphasis on the little g”. There is only One God “the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and father of Christ”. He alone is God. Do you hear that Redman?

  43. Garry says:

    All the dems are a bunch of liars and cheats, they want absolute power and control.
    They want a failing socialized/commie police state where none of the constitution’s amendments apply or even exist.
    I pray they’re all exposed and charged for their crimes.
    I pray the IG report is a huge success in doing just that.
    They are chipping away at our rights every chance they get under the guise it’s for the greater good which is PROVEN TOTAL BS.
    When will the Supreme Court hear and overturn all the unconstitutional laws passed in democratically controlled cities and states!
    They crush the 2nd amendment and end up with all the highest crime rates.
    I live in Commiefornia and I’m about done and ready to leave and move back to the USA!

  44. The RedMan says:

    Their bodies were warm to the touch, and the woman was moist and receptive. They exchanged bodily fluids in the bathhouse with little bleeding. Their fluids intermingled to produce half breeds that sprung forth. Peace be upon them, and praise be to Allah for all His good works Amen!

    • DEM777 says:

      You are one sick person. The RedMan you can laugh all you want but you will be crying and moaning.

      I do not care if you believe me or not but there is a God in heaven and he is keeping an account of your actions, words and deeds and it is sure not allah.

      Allah is dead and buried and turned to dust. He is not in heaven.

      • Gregory Sullivan says:

        “Allah” is the devil in disguised as God. Why is “him” wanting to destroy Israel which whom he created if he is our creator?. Allah is not God but an invention of Satan by deceiving millions of people into thinking that he is.

      • The Real M says:

        DEM777, The RedMan is a stupid troll here to agitate, disrupt, and send conservatives into a rage! It is a successful troll that we should all IRNORE! RedMan will stay as long as people reply!

        • Will Penny says:

          Real M , I believe the Redman is playing out 3 or 4 different characters here on this site . A mentally insane person , be it a she or a he , or a It . But there not stupid by no means , now a crazy individual , absolutely their that and more . The many faces of the wannabe Redman !!

    • A$$holes for Fauxcahontas says:

      Mohammed = pedophile & murderer
      Allah = devil

    • REALIST says:

      You have to get that looked at .
      Sounds like you have a STD.

      Just saying….

    • Mike says:

      You’re one dumb ass once again. You know what you can do with your allah

    • Nicholas WILTGEN says:

      No such thing as ” allah ” no CAPS needed

    • Will says:

      SUCK IT pig boy!!!!! whats your address ,,, I`ll send you a pork sandwich

  45. DEM777 says:

    I did not see Nancy Pelosi, break down in tears. Never heard that on the news. Wish that I saw that.

  46. T.Bell says:

    PHUK NASTY PISSalocie !

    • Guess says:

      Dammit, T.Bell. are you so hard up you want to phuck Nancy? I take a look at her and then I look at my hand, and then I can truly say just how beautiful my hand really is

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