Nancy Pelosi attacked Trump over meeting Kim Jong Un and it just blew up in her face

Nancy Pelosi could not help herself.

President Trump held a historic summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and Pelosi leapt at the chance to savage Trump.

But Pelosi spoke too soon and her attack just blew up in her face.

The Democrat House Minority Leader fired off a statement blasting Trump for supposedly giving away the store to North Korea.

She wrote:

Nuclear nonproliferation is a pillar of America’s national security. We respect any serious and real diplomatic efforts to achieve that goal on the Korean peninsula. Apparently, the President just handed Kim Jong-un concessions in exchange for vague promises that do not approach a clear and comprehensive pathway to denuclearization and non-proliferation.

In his haste to reach an agreement, President Trump elevated North Korea to the level of the United States while preserving the regime’s status quo. The millions of families currently living in fear of nuclear weapons in the region deserve strong and smart leadership built-in diplomacy and engagement with our regional partners and allies.

The president’s marginalization of the State Department and his habitual disparaging of our allies as demonstrated at the G7 Forum hinders a lasting, stable pathway to peace.

That is nonsense.

President Trump secured the release of American hostages, the return of missing POWs as well as North Korea agreeing to destroy a missile test site.

Pelosi’s attack – which makes it clear she is rooting for failure in the North Korean peace process – looks even worse in light of her slobbering praise over Obama’s disastrous Iran deal.

She called the agreement – which allowed Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon once the deal’s sunset provisions expired – a “diplomatic masterpiece.”

Polls show the American people overwhelmingly support Trump talking to Kin Jong Un.

Democrats will pay a price this fall for secretly hoping Trump fails at his efforts to win a peaceful settlement to the North Korean nuclear standoff.


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198 Responses

  1. Richard Daugherty says:

    Nancy has so much ordinance blowing up in her wrinkled old face I’m surprised she still has a face.

  2. Sue says:

    I cannot believe how ignorant Pelosi is! And when she opens her mouth, all doubts are erased! I also can’t believe how she ever made it into the House of Rep, let alone speaker for the Dems….I wonder how many bribes did she have to pay?

    • Roxy says:

      Pelosi and Schumer have to go. Both of them are trying to ruin this country. They’re only worried about filling their own pockets with the people’s tax money. That’s why they wanted Crooked Hillary. They’re all made from the same mold.

      • Dee says:

        From what I’ve heard of the released IG report, Clinton may not get what she deserves and that is to go to jail. These people that would rather have our president fail than to have America succeed are incredibly very stupid.

    • The Redhawk says:

      That IDIOT got to stop inhaling BREAD CRUMBS ……although something has got to FILL her empty head…

  3. Edward says:

    Nancy is a Bitch and not even a grade A one.

    • The Redhawk says:

      Sadly after all these years Nancy the IDIOT still does not know what she does not Know….

      • Pete Moss says:

        She hasn’t changed since she posed in a bathing suit in front of a grease rack. The photo was titled , “MISS LUBE RACK 1955”. The only difference then, and know, is “Wrinkles”.

        • Paula Bois Brady says:

          She’s obviously had some body work. Her face is stretched so tight she’s lost blood circulation to her brain. Her face often looks uneven, combined with her blubbering. It could be she may be having TIA’s. How about a competency exam. Include the ability to discern facts and truth.

  4. N says:

    Get off the corrupted to the core NAZI Demoncrat Communist slave plantation party and on the Trump train to success!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Larry OBrien says:

    When dumber things are said, you can rest assured that Nancy “P” will say them. It really doesn’t matter though — she won’t remember what she said the next day :^)

  6. Al says:

    That’s what happens when the SYPHILIS goes to the brain!!!

    • Irene says:

      Your’re right Al. What’s more, I truly believe that Nancy P’s brains are definitely gone and cavity in brain has left her with nothing but sh…
      My cat is definitely 100% more intelligent that she is. She should be sent to a safe home for idiots and never let het out……….

  7. Al says:

    Something looks like it blew up in her face a long time ago. Perhaps a

  8. Bill Senior says:

    NANCY PELOSI … IS A DANGER TO THE USA ……..PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    DUMB THE IDIOT BRAINLESS CHILD …………………..PELOSI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Michael Hughes says:

    While “l’il rocket man” did gain prestige points by being deemed sufficiently important to have a meeting with the “leader of the free world”(?), he paid his admission by freeing the hostages and blowing up a nuclear test site (that was rumored to be collapsing on its own), he gained only the promise not to hold the next scheduled “war games” held by South Korea and the USA on his doorstep. Should the North Koreans misbehave, those “war games” could be easily reinstated.

    In other words, Trump gave up NOTHING, despite the pomposity of Pelosi implying otherwise. Whether further steps toward peace happen is an unknown. Ask Trump was fond of saying: “We’ll see what happens.”

  10. Need something else to blow up in Pelosi’s face. Like 100 kg of bat guano.

  11. Daniel Mount says:

    This very stupid and very evil Nancy Pelosi should just quit and step down because Pelosi, and all of these evil Democrats just can’t win against a very Great and smart Businessman and President like Donald J. Trump. These Democrats lost the Election for President because God who is all good and so very smart knew that Donald J. Trump is a good and great man and that Hillary Clinton was very evil and that she belongs in Hell Not in the White House. God knows all things.

  12. Thomas says:

    Thisis a senile old communist that wants to have a ruling party in Washington at any cost. She is a multi millionaire that made millions while Obama was in office by payoffs through her husband. She got Bush to give her a plane for her friends and family to fly around the country on at taxpayers expense.

  13. The democrat party began the second half of the Twentieth Century as the party of Andrew Jackson and Harry Truman. By the end of the century it was the party of Michael Jackson and Truman Capote. In less than a generation it has thrown over all the traces and is actively working to collapse the United States, impose a one-party communist dictatorship and subsume our country under a world government controlled by Nazi kapo Soros. These people are nothing short of traitors, and need to be kept out of power by any means necessary.

  14. Mike H says:

    So the Democrats automatically think if you show up at the Border With kids . You automatically get a free pass. Why do you think so many try to do it. Sorry that’s not the way the legal system.Works. First off stay in your own country. Parents and kids. Problem solved …

    • Michael O'Connor says:

      Why can’t you people do something about these damn democrats? They are destroying our country. Pelosi, shumer, Obama, Mueller et all.

      • Tom says:

        I have great hopes this fall will show a great defeat for the sorry democrats. They continue to hate America so much that they are willing to let America as we know and love die a terrible, painful, agonizing death. Hopefully that will be what happens to these idiots calling themselves democrats. Not too long ago some people were declaring the republicans dead on arrival; now that same statement being applied to the demonic, diabolical democrats. Maybe the “D” beside Pelosi’s name will represent “DEFEATED.”

  15. Barbara Cook says:

    I don’t know of any real good Democrat in office that has done anything right or good for every America.

    We need to vote everyone of them out of office this mid-terms. We need some new blood in office to serve the American people.

    I am so proud of President Trump and his whole administration and I am so proud of Vice President Pence and his whole administration working with President trump.

  16. Dee says:

    Is there just ONE honest and decent person in the Democratic Party?

  17. GySgt Lew says:

    Nancy Pelosi is a good example of the top ASSHOLES in the Democratic Party. Every time she opens her mouth – Sh*t come out, she aught to RETIRE now. No body listens to her – she is a embarrassment to the USA………

  18. John Lozinski says:

    Nancy Pelosi and a Rock had an intelligence competition
    The rock won! From this we can no longer use “Dumb as a Rock”when referring to Nancy Pelosi

  19. Lonnie Stump says:

    Someone please kill her NOW.!!!!!

    • Rob says:

      No law abiding gun owner would waste a bullet on that ugly hag, it takes a wheel barrel of makeup to get her out the door to the limousine!

  20. Keep talking Nancy. Next to PRESIDENT TRUMP you are the best campaigner we deplorables have. KEEP AMERICA GREAT . TRUMP 2020

  21. harry g hansen says:

    You send me emails every day & to vote in your poll i have to sign in every time. BS change it or i’m gone. Harry

  22. Dee says:

    Nancy Pelosi needs to have her head examined.

  23. Dee says:

    All these democrats, libs and others are out to get our president because they didn’t know how to get things done or they just didn’t want to make things better.

    • Beachbum13 says:

      Wrong to think “they just didn’t want to make things better”…… “they” are out to get our president because he is a liar and a con man who is making us a very ugly nation. I’m not saying some things aren’t getting better…..because certainly some are, however some things are FAR worse. The human rights violations are abominable relative to immigration, we should all be embarrassed about traumatized children. Who are we as a nation anymore if this becomes acceptable treatment. Do onto others as you would have done to you…..THINK ABOUT IT all you Christians. Is this what you call better?

      • Albert Witte says:

        Hey dummie, we didn’t bring these kids here and didn’t ask these people to come here. So, whatever happens to them is on their own shoulders. Legal immigrants are welcome, illegals are not! GO HOME!!!

        • Don King says:

          Ignore this numbnuts. He admits to being nothing more than some beachbum with a particular hard-on for Christians.

          • Beachbum13 says:

            I am an independently wealthy female, and love the beach, so sue me for the nick name. I consider myself a Christian, and see a lot of UN-Christian opinions here and like to point it out. Sessions just changed the definition of “legal” so even those seeking asylum are jailed and their kids taken away. Maybe someone will look in the mirror and recognize that brutality on the current level is just plain evil.

      • David says:

        Christians must be saved! Americans must be legal! You are safe IDIOTS can still be IDIOTS!

      • breaker 19 says:

        It’s amazing how you can blame Trump for separating the kids from their parents. When an American breaks the law they are put in jail, not with their children, if they have children DSS takes care of the child, That seems to be all right with you., but not with illegals. The only problem with DSS taken care of the children, the illegal total children are many more than DSS can handle. If they tried to take care of all the illegal children, they wouldn’t have time to take care of the American children. Which should be their #1 priority. Some of the illegals send their children by themselves. The are already separated from their parents before they even reach the USA, This is not a human rights problem. It is people coming to this country ILLEGALLY. If you come here legally, and don’t break the law, you will not be separated from your children. Period.

      • Roxy says:

        I wish you dumb libs who only know how to spew evil and hate would crawl back under the rock you crawled out of. America will never be the communist country you want it to be.
        True Americans will fight you till the end.

    • Rob says:

      The Democrats ok’d the rigged election by HRC, and BHO, when Donna Brazile, shed- light, on what happened the DNC went silent!

  24. Joyce says:

    Nanny Goat Polosi needs to step down. We are sick of her and droopy eyed
    Schumer. Too bad the DemoRATS never have solutions or ideas, just find fault With everything. They just can’t accept the fact that some one they don’t like
    Is doing a fantastic job. Wonder how many of us would still be around if crooked Hillary had won! Heaven forbid. She would steal us all blind!!!

    • Bob Knapp says:

      Yet Bay Area Dems continue to re-elect her to represent them in the House and House Dems keep re-electing her to be their leader. Why?

      • Rob says:

        They are a criminal organization and Nancy has dirt on every DNC criminal dating back to the drunk Kennedy that killed a woman riding with him when he hit a bridge!
        Ted Kennedy was drunk, a woman in the car with him was killed in the wreck! Any normal tax-paying citizen would still be in prison if it were them! This is the DNC, and we are to blame! When you fail to stand against wrong, it eventually turns right!

      • Pete Moss says:

        Because that’s what they do in the land of “Fruits and Nuts”.

  25. Nancy needs to shut up and go home and stay there. I do really think that she has Alzheimers and she drinks too much, they don’t mix. My step-mother used to do that and it got real weird. A pharmacist in the DC area delivers prescriptions to the capitol building and he said that someone was taking Alz. meds.

  26. How can people listen let alone vote for this old blow-hard. Time for Pelosi to be put out to pasture. It’s long time past for the glue factory.

  27. N says:

    You libtards want the demoncrat Nazi communist party to run the country!You libtards should move out of the USA and go to Russia or somewhere else and live with your own kind!ASAP! President Trump and America’s patriots will help you get there!

  28. Walter Lee says:

    Does Nancy live in the same world as the rest of us? she has lost her grip on reality.

  29. Texas Belle says:

    Trump said from the beginning that the negotiations would be a process, not a one-time deal, but of course all the nay-sayers are blaming him for not working miracles immediately. Pelosi and her entourage are apparently still hoping for a nuclear showdown with the “rocket man”. They can’t have it both ways; first they say Trump shouldn’t talk like he did about Kim; then they say he was too kind. Which is it?

  30. Grampa says:

    I look at the plethora of statements that pose Mrs. Pelosi in a light unflattering! I see her supporters I compare to the day. they at sunrise have the hope given by the light that gives them their forward movement. she has well past her twilight. her efforts to put on the happy face when standing knee deep in corruption and lies her party stands for. Ask yourself what is it she stands for. when the answer becomes that it depends upon who she stands in front of. I understand the issue of age and the lost words that come with it. I understand that power corrupts and is addictive and someone’s fight to keep it Age complicates us at every level. She is clearly past her prime. I respectfully request she step aside and let the younger generation take up the burden of government Grampa

  31. Don Edwards says:

    For the Democrats to suffer for secretly hoping the deal fails, wouldn’t they have to at least look like they’re trying to be secretive about that hope?

    • Smartbiscuits says:

      Just saw footage of President Obama thinking of talking to North Korea and the Republicans were very negative in their reactions towards him. But when trump does it they are singing a different song.

      • Don King says:

        Of course. When Trump does the talking, something gets done. Whenever Obama spoke to anyone, we simply lost ground on the world stage. Obama never negotiated, he simply gave away our money and we got nothing in return. In fact, in Iran, we went backwards.

      • Marlene says:

        Smartbiscuits, no one wanted Obambam to give away our country to NK. Obama never negotiated any thing he just gave our enemies money and that includes NK.

      • Rob says:

        That’s because Obama is, was, and always will be a fraud! The Obama Presidency was brainstormed in the home of domestic terrorists Bill Ayers, and Bernadine Dorn! They were bombing federal buildings in the 60’s!
        Obama’s mother was a radical-communist, cult member and spawned her son in the jungle of Kenya, he was raised in Indonesia where he was schooled in Islam! She worked for Timothy Geitners father!
        Obama made the 1970’s SLA member, Eric Holder, his A.G. Holder was a member of the ( Symbionese Liberation Army ) that kidnapped Patricia Hearst, and committed armed bank robberies! Along with fellow domestic terrorist James Kilgore!
        This entire coup attempt has been orchestrated by domestic terrorists and with the full blessing of the DNC! Every one of them should be thrown in prison for Treason! With the aid of the Rothschild Bank, and the Vatican, to push for the “One World Government”

      • Donald Lee says:

        Obama would simply apologized for some imagined injustice committed by America and asked how much money they wanted.

  32. Ric says:

    Shumer, Pelosi, Warren Feinstein(sp?) and many others are all train wrecks waiting to happen. Had Obama gone over to North Korea for the same intentions as President Trump, Obama would have been praised beyond belief, gotten another Nobel Peace Prize (even if it failed) and the Democratic world would have felt warm and cozy. The truth is that Trump does not wear those same “rose colored glasses” as the Democratic party. There is a huge chance of this whole deal going south. Then again, had Obama not peed himself at the sound of the name, Kim Jong Un, he might have done this, too…

  33. Nanny Pelosi is an embarrassment to all Americans. But she is a great gift to the Republican Party! As long as liberals keep electing her, she will continue to be a source of distress for them. President Trump has done an amazing job of negotiating with North Korea, and all the Dems are jealous because they know their apologizer in chief did absolutely nothing to further peace with anyone.

    • Smartbiscuits says:

      The only embarrassment is Trump to the majority of voters who did not vote for him. The minority of voters are the only ones that are not embarrassed over Trump.

      • Marlene says:

        Actully there were over 3 million fraudulent votes in California alone. The majority of American citizens voted for Trump. The election was supposed to be rigged in Hillary’s favor. Probably why she didn’t campaign in any poor states. She campaigned only to the rich democrats. The rallies should have given her a hint. Trump’s rallies overflowed the .space while Hillary’s barely broke a few hundred

      • Rob says:

        Trump has done more for this Country in the short time that he’s been in office than that skinny hood-rat, Obama’s did in 8 years! Had HRC won, that would have been Obama’s third term! If you people can’t add all this up, and see that the DNC sold out the citizens and the Country to anarchists then you are just stupid!
        Right now domestic terrorist Bill Ayers is rewriting our children’s curriculum, our history is being rewritten by a 60’s punk, hippy rich kid, that didn’t go to prison after blowing up federal buildings! Who do you think put him in the position to rewrite our kids curriculum? Obama!
        The fix was in, all they had to do, was get HRC elected, so they could finish the job! Why do you think the FBI, and CIA, and even the NSA, was involved? This was a huge, undertaking, then Trump!
        Trump is the wrench in the gears of the Government Overthrow by the “Weather-Underground!”

    • Joseph Lang says:

      Well Said!!!

  34. Bob Knapp says:

    Yet, in spite of all her goof-ups, Bay Area Dems continue to re-elect her to represent them in the House and House Dems keep re-electing her their leader.

    • Shecky says:

      Have you ever had a coherent conversation with any of those nutbags in her district? It would be the first if you did.
      We conservatives here in Kern County are hoping for the San Andreas to do its best to dump the coast into the Pacific. It would be a win win for us….not only get rid of San Franfreako and Lost Angeles, but put the beach within view. Only problem is the pollution dumping all that toxic waste into the ocean.

      • Rob says:

        Well all the fleeing, Californians are polluting our clean states all over the country! Would you talk to them, and ask them to stay?

  35. ALAN says:

    This is because Trump threatened to send Pelosi to North Korea!

  36. When are you folks going to learn that we are not a democracy? We are a REPUBLIC. We live by the rule of law, not by mobocracy. Democracy may be defined as a lynch mob – the majority of the mob want to hang the perpetrator and their’s only one dissenting vote – the perpetrator. The sheriff rides up and tells the lynch mob that they can’t hang this guy without a trial by a jury of his peers. They would then have to convict him by a unanimous vote. Big difference between a democracy and a republic.

  37. Thomas says:

    She only cares about the demorat communist party not the US. Ask her about the millions her husband received from Obama and that plane G.W. gave her for friends and family to fly around on at taxpayer expense.

  38. Susan Dix says:

    Nutty Nan hates everyone and everything. She can barely form a sentence.
    All liberals can do is attack our POTUS and I for one, am beyond weary of it all.
    This woman is way past senile, and makes a complete fool of herself every time she
    opens her mouth. She really needs to get into a home for the elderly with 24/7 care.

  39. Dr Rose Sharon says:

    I think Nancy Pelosi has holes in her brains, she talks without thinking

  40. Stevus says:

    Pelosi is the village idiot on steroids.
    Need to say no more.????????

  41. Don B says:

    Senile is only excuse she has for her stupid remarks about everything.

  42. Art Ross says:

    Pelosi and her Dem pals are worthless “manuer” heads …….. to say the least … at this rate we all hope another DEm is ever elected again… they are so worthless it is Pathetic .. I expect to see some join the Republicans and face reality and get something done !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Michael O'Connor says:

      OK Repubs, get out and vote in the midterms and in the 2020 and send all these dumb ass, America hating dems home. We certainly don’t need them and put pressure on your Republican Reps, House or Senate, both state and federal level to vote the way they got elected, by what their constituients tell them. This is important, the dems have proven that they are only in congress to get rich. Remove them now.

  43. Richard Lee king says:

    Plosey is an idoet and needs to be removed frof her position in congress

  44. Joe Jacobs says:

    there is a movement here in ca to split us into 3 states. this is the ultimate gerrymander because all that will come from this is 3 liberal californias and most likely 3 pelosies

  45. Bob says:

    Should the Democrats saw President Trump walking on water, they would jump up and scream? “SEE HE CAN’T SWIM!” They need to stop being obstructionist, and start representing the people, because the blue wave is heading for a red tidal wave. I sincerely wish and pray that the Pelosi, and her team are all on the beach watching President Trump walk on water.

  46. Mo says:

    The only Blue wave I see coming is the one the washes more Demoncraps out of the House & Senate. Hope Nazi keeps running her mouth and showing the American People just how dangerous the Demoncraps are to our way of life. I fail to understand why People like Nazi Pelosi, Maxine Waters and Chuck Schummeer continue to be elected when they seem to care more about ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINALS than they do about the American Citizens they supposedly represent and trying to undermine a Duly Elected President who is the Choice of the People of this Great Nation.

  47. Kara Wright says:

    Nancy is insane and if she get votes those who vote for her are insane. The woman belongs out of DC and now thanks to Trump it might finally happen. I just so think the same for Chuck and Maxine. It really is time to drain the swamp completely. It seems the DNC have been a help with this by all the criminal activities they are doing. There is always a day when a higher power takes charge. He gave us a gift in President Trump but we still need to help also.

    • Cheryl says:

      I absolutely agree with you, Kara. There was divine intervention in this last presidential race and I feel that God is guiding this man. Pelosi needs to go but she is an asset to the Republican party because of the inane and insane remarks she makes. I don’t understand how anyone can not see that the woman is completely off her rocker.

    • William Keyes says:

      Yes we must vote all demonrats out of office, they are a great danger to our country, because they don’t care about our country and its people.

  48. ahemtonto says:

    Nancy who? Said what? Who cares what the seriously deranged Mexifornia politico spews forth? It is unfortunate any media source even dares to give her a forum to rattle on incoherently.

  49. John Campbell says:

    Commenting as a foreign observer I have to say that Nancy Pelosi is making a mockery of American foreign policies with her asinine comments on President Trump. Her tongue and her brain are seriously out of synch!

  50. Johne Simpson says:

    Well now all we need is miss Maxine to spout her impeach45 speech and all the libtards intelligence will be out.
    On a real note…I believe President Trump promised a bit more than what he told us he agreed to.i guess have to wait and pray it pans out the way he romised..
    That’s democracy in the works

  51. Bob Higginbotham says:

    Pelosi must have been thinking about Clinton when he gave away the store to Kim Jong Il, along with several million dollars, and got a spit in the face for it. The delusional space cadet should the reigning democrat forever. She is great for the republicans!

    • Martin says:

      You forgot to mention that Clinton gave away the farm to China.

      • Bill says:

        Yeah, and what did the American people get in return for this act of treason: cheap, dangerous substandard merchandise and foodstuffs unfit for human consumption. Anyone recall the poisoned baby formula and poisoned dog jerky treats, not to mention the millions of disgusting ‘illegal ‘collies’ overwhelming California with their disgusting manners and lifestyles,

    • christine says:

      I agree. Pelosi out and spewing inanities definitely is God’s gift for the GOP in 2018 and 2020.

  52. Harry Cauley says:

    Pelosi needs to be institutionalized. she along with Schumer are crazy. Some times they sound sane but then they erupt into insanity.

  53. al says:

    the Italian Maxine Waters

    • Bill says:

      Gee Al, please don’t insult us Italians. Mad maxene waters is about as Italian as a doorknob and a doorknob has more going for it

  54. DEBI JOHNSON says:


    • Richard Knoch says:

      Nancy “Wackosi” and Mad Max (Waters) will be on Republican advertising constantly this Fall so if anyone missed their stupid rants . . . . . they’ll be played constantly in the Primaries .

      The lead is constantly changing in the “Wackosi” and Mad Max horse race . Looks like “Wackosi” has just taken the lead by a nose 🙂

      Mad Max has been quiet for the past few days . . . . could it be the DNC is slowly coming to its senses? Probably NOT . . . with a Communist and Radical Muslim as their leaders.

    • William Keyes says:

      Vote in November, straight Republican, the future of our country depends on it.

  55. Henry says:

    Its not the democratic party anymore. That died with LBJ.
    its now the communist party, with the dem name.

  56. Barbara Cook says:

    Pelosi and all of the other crooked Democrats believe they shouldn’t stand by the same rules when it comes to whomever wins the election. They can’t stand for someone other than their nominee to be in the White House, and then they can control that person.

    Since President Trump isn’t their choice, then they think they shouldn’t respect him, because they can’t control him the way they did with former President Obama. Everyone of the Democrats do not like things being changed in the White House, or any of the branches of the Government. Democrats wanted everything to stay the same as it was with Obama.

    That’s why I am glad that Hilliary Clinton didn’t win the election, because she would have kept on doing everything just Obama was doing. She didn’t want any changes either in the White House or in any of the other branches of Government.

    The Democrats and Clinton didn’t want to see Americans getting any improvements in their living and for the working family members to be able to improve their living. Democrats and Clinton wanted America to stay stagnated, they wanted people to stay on Government assistance, and they didn’t want to see improvements in working wages.

  57. Sending this witch back to congress shows just how stupid the people of California are . She’s a multi millionaire, the same thing all these liberals hate.

    • Dee says:

      I am beginning to believe Nancy Pelosi has lost her marbles.

      • Bandit says:

        Well she does suffer from dementia and a few other types of mental illness so yeah that one has totally lost her mind

      • William Keyes says:

        I believe she never had a full set to begin with.

      • Robert Sylvester says:

        Nancy Pelosi is no longer capable of any significant – logical – or comprehensive thought – it is well past time for someone to put her out of her misery – like taking her ” out back – like behind the woodshed ” and relieve her from her increasingly diminishing capacity to contribute to anything as significant as the government of the United States ! Amen !

    • Elmo says:

      AMEN!! Democrats in Congress have gotten rich off the taxpayers. They have no respect for the working class and most of them are as dumb as a box of rocks.

  58. el Dorko says:

    Pelosi is no longer credible or relevant in any way. She is little more than an imbecillic political ornament repeatedly sent back to WashDC by her Idiocracy constituents of San Francisco, my hometown (which ain’t what it used to be).

  59. I just think that it is time for her to retire from politics for good. Her brain can’t keep up with the changes anymore.

  60. CrustyOldGeezer says:

    Dear Ms Pelosi,

    Will YOU accept the choice of the voters and the election results?

    YOU required then Candidate Trump to acquiesce to that demand.

    Do you not abide by your own requirements?

  61. Tom McMullen says:

    By now it’s very clear to me that Ms Pelosi’s speech writer is a very clever conservative Republican. He also knows that Ms Pelosi will read ANYTHING
    he puts in front of her.

  62. Bill says:

    Look at that picture, and the three sitting behind her. Have you ever seen more hate and discontent? Guess they just haven’t gotten over the presidential election yet…

  63. Lazer says:

    Nutty Nancy is at it again. Irrelevant bantar, nonsensical conclusions, demented Globalist ideologies. As usual, no real substance…just rambling hypocrisy of the “Resist Trump” mantra.

  64. CaptTurbo says:

    Keep it up nutty Nancy. We need your help in the mid-terms.

  65. Lazer says:

    Nutty Nancy is at it again. Irrelevant bantar, nonsensical conclusions, demented Globalist ideologies. As usual, no real substance…just rambling hypocrisy of the Resist Trump” mantra.9 Amen.

  66. Lazer says:

    Nutty Nancy is at it again. Irrelevant bantar, nonsensical conclusions, demented Globalist ideologies. As usual, no real substance…just rambling hypocrisy of the Resist Trump” mantra.

  67. Barbara Cook says:

    Pelosi and Charles Schumer are really two peas in a pot together.

    Pelosi and Hilliary Clinton need to be married to each other with all of their health issues. Charles Schumer needs to be included in there with Pelosi and Clinton.

  68. Joe says:

    Nancy is a sensational tool for media. Im tired of hearing about her. I can not find one person who agrees with her logic. Doesnt add up. She appears to be a made up figure head.

  69. Don King says:

    Her botox treatments may have slowed down her facial wrinkles forming a little, but they also shrank her already too small brain.

  70. Marcia says:

    Nancy Pelosi should keep her mouth shut and stop embarrassing herself.

    • Shelba J. Holmes says:

      If she had any intelligence at all she would certainly be embarrassed by her lack of capacity but she thinks she is just the clererest person around and nobody has the guts to tell her otherwise because she is rich and powerful. Tells you a great deal about the DEMOCRATS THAT THEY WOULD ALLOW SUCH AN AIRHEAD TO GET TO THE TOP OF POWER IN THAT PARTY. CHUCH SHUMER IS NOT A LOT BETTER. pPATHETIC.

  71. Mike H says:

    Idiot / Dumb ass…..

  72. Wills says:

    Mrs Pelosi should donate her brain to science. It would be the first opportunity to study one that has not been used by the original owner.

  73. Barbara Cook says:

    Nancy Pelosi and all of the Deep State Democrats are hoping that President Trump fails with everything that he is working towards to make America Great Again for all of the Americans.

    Pelosi and all of the over stayed Democrats needs to be replaced this mid-terms and then again in the election in 2020. The Democrats that are in office now, have been there way too long, and they need to vacate these offices for new blood to come and serve in the Congress.

    New blood Representatives needs to be able to have a chance to serve in Congress.

    So, PLEASE, get rid of the long over stayed Democrats in office.

    • KEN says:

      As an independent, there are few on the Repub side that need to go as well. But overall, I totally agree with your statement….these peoples time has come and gone…they are clueless…a firm believer in term limits to prevent this from happening in the future. We don’t need a political elite class that think they are above all else

    • stevo says:

      no i think are chance of winning in November is to keep bullosi and chuckles in office so we can trounce them again.did anyone ever look deep into her beady eyes?looks like Charlie manson’s sister

    • Jeff Beard says:

      Pathetic Pelosi, Corrupt Hillary and Wacko Schumer should all be in a dementia facility.

  74. Lance Lucius says:

    If there ever was a total incompetent moron, Nancy Pissloosely is it. A box of rocks has more intelligence, and is a better conversationalist. Her ability to be on the wrong side of everything is amazing. Not since Neville Chamberlin has there been such an idiot. I do not believe there is a functioning brain cell in her head.

  75. GRIZZ MANN says:

    All good Democrats have a home in the world of make believe. Everything is possible.

    • Dee says:

      Can’t say that there is any good democrats. They have done nothing to help this new president.
      Look at the last so-called president. He tried all he could do was to ruin our country.

    • Lance Lucius says:

      Fantasy Island of idiots, the entire left or demoncrat party, and hollywierd live there. The entire world laughs when any dem speaks. I am astounded that each statement is more idiotic than the last.

    • Steve says:

      It would have to be a world of make believe because I didn’t think good democrats existed any longer! ????

  76. SFENGR says:

    Pelosi is senile and shows it every time she opens her pie-hole. Enough said!

  77. David says:

    Pelosi is a blubbering idiot!

  78. Mike says:

    Nancy Polosi… the gift that just keeps on giving!!
    Democrats and republicans don’t hate President Trump because he’s a republican, they hate him because he’s an outsider who was elected by their constituents. The same people who are tired of their lies and manipulation.
    I thank God for President Trump. Pray for him daily.

  79. She continues to make a total fool of herself, over and over again, no wonder her own weak minded party wants her gone! The only reason why she’s there is her money and not her mouth, but she’s good for a laugh !

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