Nancy Pelosi attacked Brett Kavanaugh. This is how it backfired in epic fashion

Nancy Pelosi hoped to harness the pro-abortion Left’s anger over the Supreme Court potentially overturning Roe v. Wade.

But Pelosi got some bad news.

That’s because Nancy Pelosi attacked Brett Kavanaugh. And this is how it backfired in epic fashion.

A recent NBC poll showed Republicans holding a 17-point lead over Democrats on the question of which Party’s voters were more enthusiastic about the 2022 Midterms.

That portended disaster for Democrats.

Democrats then latched on to a leak of a draft Supreme Court opinion showing five Justices prepared to strike down Roe as their last chance to mobilize their voters for the Midterms.

When lunatic leftists began protesting Supreme Court Justices outside their homes, despite the fact these protests violated state and federal laws, Pelosi and the Democrats sought to harness that anger.

Pelosi released a statement calling the pro-abortion fanatics anger “righteous,”while also saying she supported the protests at the homes of the Supreme Court Justices.

“While we have seen and heard extraordinary anguish in our communities, we have been moved by how so many have channeled their righteous anger into meaningful action: planning to march and mobilize to make their voices heard,” Pelosi declared.

But Pelosi’s gambit backfired on multiple fronts.

In response to Pelosi’s call to action, pro-abortion protestors gathered outside her house in San Francisco to complain about Democrats not doing enough to support abortion-on-demand.
“We are here because the Democratic Party and the Democrats as a whole have been complicit in this whole thing,” one protester shouted.

“We are here because this draft decision is what it is, it’s only a draft, and we will protest here, in front of the leadership of the Democratic Party, and in the streets from coast to coast, unceasingly, because we work to keep abortion legal – legal and accessible, not rare,” the protester added.

Another pro-abortion supporter pinned the blame for Democrats not passing a law to codify abortion-on-demand on Hillary Clinton.

“Hillary Clinton, who started the whole thing like abortion should be legal, but rare, as if abortion is a tragedy,” the protester ranted. “We are here to say abortion is a basic right, a basic human right, and without this right, women are basically enslaved. And we will not stand for it.”

Another blamed Pelosi for not taking action when Democrats held a filibuster-proof majority under Barack Obama in 2009.

“Speaker Pelosi, this will be your legacy, 35 years of your reign of terror,” the man shouted. “You had a supermajority under [former President] Obama under which this should have been your top priority. Why did you keep this on the table? Because this is your most effective fundraising tool. That’s why.”

This protest showed why the Democrats’ plan to put abortion at the center of the Midterm campaign will backfire.

At the end of the day, if the Supreme Court does strike down Roe v. Wade, it will leave conservatives in the position of scoring a long-sought win while Democrats will be powerless to do anything, which will only depress their base’s vote even further this November.

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