Nancy Mace got called one name on Fox News that will make your head spin

Photo by Office of Nancy Mace via Wikimedia, public domain

RINO South Carolina Congresswoman Nancy Mace is one of the most disliked elected officials in all of Washington, D.C.

Mace managed to alienate every faction of the Republican Party.

And now Nancy Mace got called one name on Fox News that will make your head spin.

Fox News host Never Trump host Neil Cavuto’s show should have been friendly ground for a RINO like Mace.

Instead, it turned into another massive public embarrassment.

Conservatives were already finished with Mace after Mace spent the entire aftermath of the 2022 Midterm elections smearing Pro-Lifers as extremists and claiming unless Republicans accepted abortion-on-demand up until birth the party would never win elections again.

Mace then ticked off the establishment by voting to oust Kevin McCarthy.

Cavuto asked Mace about a Washington Post article where one of her Republican colleagues sent around a video entitled “How to talk to a narcissist” in reference to Mace.

“And I know, maybe, given your rising fame in only two terms, now seeking a third, you have certainly gotten a lot of people’s attention. There was a time that you liked Kevin McCarthy, then you didn’t, that you liked and supported Steve Scalise, and then you didn’t. Right now, you say you’re with Mike Johnson. That’s great. But they don’t trust you. In fact, there’s this Washington Post story that says, how do you talk to a narcissist? A lot of people feel that you’re a narcissist. It’s all about Nancy Mace. What do you say?” Cavuto responded.

Mace responded by playing the victim card.

“Politics sure is an ugly business, isn’t it, Neil? And when you are on the rise, people are going to attack you, no matter what. And I didn’t read the Washington Post article. I, quite frankly, don’t care what the Washington Post thinks about me. I care about what my constituents and my state and the people across this country that I’m trying to support. I care what they think,” Mace began.

“I don’t serve Washington. I don’t serve the Washington Post. I serve the people of South Carolina. And that’s where we’re going to keep it,” Mace added.

But Mace may not be too happy with what the people of her district have to say.

Mace barely survived a Primary challenger by a pro-Trump opponent.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and his allied groups poured money into her race to drag her across the finish line.

This time that money won’t be available to her and conservatives are even more up in arms over Mace’s constant sucking up to the media on the issue of abortion.

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