Mueller and Pelosi were just accused of treason for something awful they did

Robert Mueller and Nancy Pelosi are counting on each other.

Together, they are hoping to take down President Trump by exposing some grand Russian conspiracy theory.

But that could be cut short after they were both accused of treason for something awful they did.

Robert Mueller’s Russia collusion investigation has been going on for nearly two years.

And the gist of it is that Democrats believe President Trump is a Russian agent who got into power because Russia meddled in the elections.

But there are no real facts to back that claim in any way, and that is beginning to cause major problems for both Mueller and the Democrats pushing his theory.

Journalist Glenn Greenwald, who is well known to be critical of Trump, points out that if Mueller has any evidence of Russia collusion and hasn’t shown it, he’s nearly committing treason by withholding it.

And as for Pelosi, he points out that if she truly believes Trump is a Russian agent, and hasn’t done anything yet, she is either allowing it to happen, or Russia has something on her.

As reported by Real Clear Politics:

“Glenn Greenwald said if special counsel had any evidence of Trump-Russia collusion and hasn’t shown it yet he would almost be guilty of treason. Greenwald said if Pelosi actually believes that Trump is serving the interests of Russia and takes her time to remove him from office you would wonder if Putin had something on Pelosi too.

“If Robert Mueller had any evidence of that and hasn’t shown it to us he would almost be guilty of treason,” Greenwald said Monday. “If Nancy Pelosi really believes that Donald Trump is serving the interest of Russia and decides, oh, we’re going to take our time in removing him from control over the nuclear arsenal and the executive branch and the military, until we feel like we are ready to do it. You would wonder, does Putin have something on Pelosi too.”

“Why would you leave in place somebody controlled by the Kremlin for two years if you really believed it, if you really have that evidence for it?” Greenwald asked.”

Greenwald hits the nail on the head for the issue.

If Trump was actually controlled by Russia, the bigger scandal would be the fact that so many people, like Mueller, held onto the evidence while a Russian asset continued to hold the nuclear codes.

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