MSNBC raised one warning about the polls that Joe Biden did not want to hear

Democrats look at Joe Biden’s lead in the polls and see it as insurmountable.

They could be making a politically fatal mistake.

And now MSNBC raised one warning about the polls that Joe Biden did not want to hear.

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough warned his left-wing audience that polls showing Joe Biden up by 12 points in Florida and double-digits nationally would surely tighten before Election Day.

Scarborough didn’t quite say the polls were wrong or fake, but he did cast doubt on the accuracy of surveys 100 days before the election.

“You see a poll by Joe Biden [sic] ahead by 12 points in the state of Florida, and I just find it hard to believe that even though that may be what people are telling pollsters in July, that’s not how they’re going to be voting,” Scarborough stated.

“I’d be surprised, Mika, if all of these races don’t tighten up significantly toward the end. But, you know, Arizona is a great example of the state where Biden has stubbornly maintained a lead of four points, five points, six points, eight points, three points. It reminds me of Ohio in 2012 where Barack Obama just consistently and steadily stayed ahead of Romney three points, four points, five points through the entire race.”

Polls are still just sampling registered voters.

One reason election polls tighten in the fall is pollsters switch from registered voters to screening for likely voters.

There are more Democrats in the country than Republicans so polls that only sample registered voters are likely to pick up more Democrats that end up not casting a ballot.

This is one reason why pundits like Scarborough think the polls will tighten in the fall.

These polls may revert back to the partisan norm in the fall because right now the country is in the middle of another spike of coronavirus cases and these numbers could just represent a blip in voter anger that will subside as the current case numbers plateau begin to decline.

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