This MSNBC host revealed the depth of her hatred for America with this tweet

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19 Responses

  1. Dave Miedema says:

    I saw that photo…UGH ! She looks like a gorilla!

  2. annoynous says:

    If you don’t like living here get on the first plane out. NO one will miss you. Your a disgrace to all of us. Don’t mind making your big bucks here in this country now do you.

  3. Jesse says:

    Reid like all LIBERALS is a MORON. Were it not for CHRISTIAN VALUES she would still be a slave like many are today in her Ancestral Homeland. So she needs a brain and then maybe she will be able to hold a conversation with a child but that child will still be SMARTER than she is. She is an UNEDUCATED IDIOT but worst of all like all LIBERALS she is WILLFULLY IGNORANT and nothing can fix that kind of STUPID.

    • Bill says:

      Like who cares what this dumb, stupid ignorant black POS has to say. Another ingrate who probably got by from give aways, nothing important here, move on!

  4. Stan L says:

    It is so sad that this woman’s streak of hate goes deeper than her brain. She just cannot get over the reality that white people exist and fought for their stake in the U.S.A., from its beginning to the present. She’s just another hater who ascended to her political position by race-baiting which contributed moreso than any of her other faculties. She would be doing herself and our country a service if she’s opt for a lobotomy, her problem is much more than skin-deep.

  5. Teo says:

    her perception overcomes her education to make judgement that is truthful and righteous.

  6. Joy Reid seems like you have a problem with America, good old main street USA is as good as it gets!!! But, then again you can go to another country, may be one of those “sh*tshow” (as Obama would call it) countries in Africa!!!!

  7. Hey Reid, China just cloned your children.

  8. alan says:

    she is typical of the poorly educated people in the world that feel they need not do anything except show up and reap all the benefits of working had for a living the bulk of these people of color believe that the rest of the world owes them every thing. It is wrong and the proof is that the well educated people of color are not complaining at all just look at doctor Ben Carson. Only the ones whose lively hood can continue if they costantly slam the system. I am referring to the democrats from Chicago who chose not to attend last night (but it looked like they had a really nice and expensive dinner. while their neighborhood continue to get ravage by fellow members of color. some of their own black leaders like reverand Farrchan are trying to eliminate who races of people and do not hide their feeling

  9. Gail says:

    Her ignorance is showing .Aling with the pathetic democrats .The medias are now being found out people are wondering why the MS13andxall the rest has never been told .They should heed the warning a day of reckoning is is . You have brainwashed and dumbed down our people long enough .Now you are along with the democrats have been seen for what you are

  10. Larry OBrien says:

    Whopee — Good ole’ CNN wins again — and it’s a WELL DESERVED win !!

  11. Burton Pauly says:

    We aren’t fans of any of the fake news media. None… And these so-called news outlets are biased in all of their reporting. So why let ones self be brainwashed by a slew of opinions in stead of actual news. A POX on all of them, and a couple who report on Fox.

  12. william heard says:

    I do not waste my time watching anything that comes out of MSNBC !!

  13. Flotmorton P Gildersleeve says:

    I constantly wonder what kind of life this person led to lead her to become so extremely bitter and lack any perspective at all.
    I realize how the late night comedian has never come to terms with the deaths of his father and brother in that airplane crash and his sadness is expressed as anger & “wit” but Joy Reid is like a faceless soul

  14. Robert Pavlick says:

    How strange ! Her ancestors, like the Tuskegee airmen and other Black WWII Veterans all supported all of that 1950’s nationalism and church and family values that she and others like her seem to mock and find corny nowadays. And they didn’t even have all of the freedoms and benefits that SHE has today !

    • Jim Scott says:

      Well, you know it’s like all things in life , if you don’t work to get it , you don’t respect it. Plus when your as ugly as her – she would scare a maggot off of a gut wagon (SO TRUE). I really hate people who hate America, I just don’t have the understanding that used to have. I believe we have all been TOO understanding, that’s why we have what we have now – no respect for the flag, no respect for the Anthem, no love of country, damn is this America anymore!!!!! We have back stabbing, abusive Politian’s, Government sucks so bad they think they’re little kings- LOL.

  15. Church, family, police, military, and the National Anthem. These are threads in the fabric of America. They are not “tropes”from a bygone era, but rather stones in the foundation of our country. I was taught to honor and respect each of them. It’s a shame that some liberal harpie like Joy Reid was not. If she were not in America, I wonder what she would have achieved in life.

  16. Rick says:

    Who watches this racist bitch. Another black women who is an utter disgrace. Just another entitled lowlife.

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