MSNBC host made a huge mistake attacking Jordan Peterson in this racist way

Canadian professor Jordan Peterson is a YouTube sensation with millions of views on his lectures against political correctness.

Radical leftists attack him for refusing to kowtow to the Marxists in academia who are pushing an unlimited number of genders.

But an MSNBC host hurled this racist insult on Peterson and he immediately regretted it.

A recent political debate on political correctness pitted Jordan Peterson and British actor/comedian Stephen Fry against MSNBC host Michael Eric Dyson and New York Times writer Michelle Goldberg.

Regressive “PC” culture was a major contributing factor to putting president Trump in the White House, but since the 2016 election leftists have ramped up their attempts at censorship.

The debate took a nasty turn when Dyson brought race into the mix.

Dyson called Peterson “a mean mad white man.”

Peterson called him out, but Dyson doubled down calling Peterson a “mean mad white man” again.

The easiest way to tell who’s losing the debate is the person who is resorting to throwing the most personal insults.

Prior to the debate, organizers polled the audience to see where they stood on the “PC” issue. Many said they were open-minded.

But after the debate, organizers asked the same question and 70% of the audience sided with Peterson.

You can watch the exchange in the clip below:

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38 Responses

  1. I will not pay a white privilege tax. There is no such thing as white privilege. Another made up piece of garbage like climate change.

  2. David Atherton says:

    How about a leftist privilege tax instead

  3. Man Splainer says:

    Blacks are privileged in black dominated nations. The same goes for Hispanics and Asians in Hispanic and Asian dominated nations. So why is this only a problem with regard to whites? Blacks commit the vast majority of interracial crimes against other races. Other nations have laws that expressly forbid whites from holding offices with political and/or financial power.

  4. Bruce House says:

    I’m tired of the left trying to hold the people of today hostage for the actions of the past instead of doing something to better themselves in today’s reality . I’m a white male who have had his ups and downs in life and if I wanted I could complain I had no one to help me in life and nobody cared that I had no father to help me in life. But I did what I had to do and got an education and wasn’t able to join the military due to being 4F got work with anyone who would train me since I grew up poor with no money in low income housing with a loving mother who was left with six children to raise by herself! I for some reason didn’t feel white privileged helping me when trying to get ahead. I’d met people of different ethnicity’s who lived better then I did and had help from groups that were set up to help them since there people were enslaved or war torn from Vietnam or an immigrant’s I didn’t see any white privilege helping me or my brother’s or sister’s ! We didn’t have affirmative action to protect or right’s ! The people that had these institutions behind them had a better chance of working and advancing in life then I did so where did white privilege get me? Not much. It was the individual want to do something with my life is what got me some where. Not blaming everyone else for my failures!

    • so RIGHT YOU ARE.

    • Jim Simons says:

      The only white privilege I had was a 2 parent family that taught me the value of hard work, and common sense approach to life.

    • True Believer says:

      Congratulations Bruce you did it and isn’t it a wonderful feeling. Same for my husband and I. We raised two wonderful children, lived all over the world (my husband was in the Navy where he got his education) and I worked my whole life. Wouldn’t change a thing and truthfully would like to live it all over (we are both in our 80’s). Affirmative action didn’t come in until the 60’s as all of the other horrible things like welfare, etc. Doesn’t seem to me that it really did any good, just made the minorities dependent on the government instead of on themselves. Anyway congratulations.

  5. Chastran says:

    Dyson?? Isn’t that the vacuum cleaner that really sucks?

  6. JohnGaltTexas says:

    Who the hell do these marxist racist jackasses think pulls this crap wagon now?

    • KarenL says:

      Typical black man using his race to call a white man a name because he has nothing else to complain about. They’ve pretty much run out of everything else, but I won’t hold my breath on that.

  7. Rivahmitch says:

    “A white privilege tax/… I’ll pay my levy in lead. Semper Fi!!

  8. Thomas says:

    I wonder if any of these people have read the book of Marx or Obama’s friends book Prairie Fire.Many cultures and people need to be sacrificed to achieve the unachievable goal. It always winds up with a dictator or king of sorts killing all who oppose. The US is a Republic with many facits to answer to as the constitution is written, We have some issues but to say we are oppressive is a stretch, No one is running to go to other countries but if they do many of us will try and help you go.

  9. H. Spires says:

    I have worked all of my life. I was working in the tobacco fields when I was 6 years old. I have done work in my lifetime that you could not get anybody to do today no matter how much you paid them. I worked for our neighbor from sunup to sundown for $7 a day. This was when my daddy didn’t have anything for me to do. My daddy told me that he had cut hair for 5¢ a head when he was young. Now folks won’t even stop and pick up a nickel that is laying on the floor. Him and my momma saved a silver dollar for all their children when they were born. I often wonder what types of hardships they endured to save that dollar for each one of us. I thank God that I had parents that taught me the value of hard work. There have been times that my wife and I have had to stretch our money to be able to get by. We always paid our bills before we paid anything else. Very seldom did we have money to be able to eat out like all of the other young couples did but we endured and stuck together when times were hard. We always found a way to make it to the next paycheck. Our son never had free milk or diapers. We never received a penny of foodstamps. We thanked the good Lord that he gave us the strength and desire to work for everything that we had. Now people think that they should be given everything and not have to work for it. The older generation of all colors always knew that they had to work to be able to have food, clothes and a roof over their heads. The young folks of today have been programmed by the left to be reliant upon the government for all of their needs. The requirement to work to get food stamps has been just what the country needed. There are plenty of jobs available, all one has to do is to look for them. Now we need everybody to get back to being self reliant. Hard work never hurt anybody. It just makes you tired but that is a good feeling. A lifetime of hard work has taken its toll on my wife and myself now. Both of us are medically disabled but we still don’t get any food stamps. We have to watch how we spend the little bit of money that we have. The hard times in our younger days prepared us for the future. Both of us wonder when our white privilege will start. So far it has given me a bad neck, bad lower back, open heart surgery, spinal stenosis and psoriatic arthritis that is so bad that I can’t even stay sitting upright in a chair for over 10 or 15 minutes without being in severe pain.

    • San Jose Mike says:

      God bless you and your wife Mr Spires.

      We wish you well. You are examples of what made this Country Great.

      Good luck and best wishes for good health,


      Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

    • True Believer says:

      I’ll bet that anyone reading your article would have thought that you were black. Thanks so much because the same is for my husband and myself. We now live on social security and thank the good Lord above that we have it so that we don’t have to work anymore. Thanks for posting your post.

    • zee says:

      God Bless, you & yours’. You are awesome.
      >i understand you last sentence.

  10. Nick says:

    All liberals are hypocrites plain and simple!

  11. Lewis Hodge says:

    Demoralization is phase one from the KGB handbook tutorial on taking over a prosperous economy and bringing it under communism. Political correctness is a subset of demoralization. Marx concocted communism in his manifesto, written under the patronage of the Rothschild family, So here we are at the real TOP of the chain of world misery. One family owns half of the world’s worth ($500 trillion), all the banks, media, education and essentially “everything”, even you and I physically. We are scrapping for crumbs on the floor, dropped intentionally by the global elites as they eat their gourmet meals. We need to look to the top if we are ever to make any progress in the US and the rest of the world. As for visibility, look to Soros as their main hatchet man and think about his effect on the nation.

  12. Terre says:

    Great comments & so true. If I were to live by Dyson’s beliefs, I’d be ‘owed’ exponentially more than he; my ancestors were indentured servants. Know what that is? Look it up. It’s not pretty. They, in most cases, lived in worse conditions & were treated measurably worse than the slaves. BOTH were wrong. And while we’re at it, let’s get our history correct – the white man did NOT initially sell the black man into slavery – the BLACK man sold the BLACK man into slavery. LOOK IT UP! Do your homework for a change, Dyson! Are the black people who hold these views EVER going to live in the present & for the future, or are they going to forever live in the past? If you’re living in the past, you’ll NEVER live in the present or be able to live for the future. The people who did the wrong, as well as those who were wronged are GONE – in the PAST – since long ago. Why must people of this generation pay for their wrongs? If your aunt committed a crime, should you pay for it? How does this make any sense? If your one child does wrong, do you punish the other one? This is slave mentality, bondage thinking! In doing so, one’s kept in the past, fights for the past & is enslaved to the past. This is also entitlement thinking/attitude. As for Beyonnce – since when’s she a great American philosopher? She’s a flaming liberal Marxist, demon-possessed (literally), stripper! She hates America & is working with the power that be to bring into being the NWO. This woman’s being traumtized by the demons she’s invited in. Hardly a great American philosopher. Dyson needs to get his facts straight, his act together & his mind in the present.

    • Howard Cannon says:

      Since the USA is so awful to them wouldn’t you just love to see them try to make a go of it in the land they came from? Now THAT would be a hilarious event we all could enjoy watching.

  13. Howard Cannon says:

    Sounded like a MEAN BLACK MAN to me!
    He should memorize this:

    “I am not a victim of my circumstances.
    I am a product of my decisions.”
    – Stephen Covey

  14. Linda Wolf says:

    The mean man is the accuser and the racist get over it!! Move on you have just as many advantages at getting a better education to improve yourself than a poor white person as you are a mirnority. Quit with the victimization or we will never get anywhere on these issues!!!

  15. I got a chuckle when Dyson brought up LBJ as a great President. Shows he’s either lying or stupid. Look at LBJ’s political life and you will see that behind the scenes he thinks blacks should vote Democrat keep their mouths shut and not forget they’re still on the plantation to be used as their masters see fit.

    • jug says:

      LBJ also said: “We will keep these ni–ers voting Democrat for the next two hundred years!”

      It just tickles my ass, seeing Trump win over a bunch of them!

      Finnally, some of them are wising up and getting off the plantstion!

  16. barry1817 says:

    in the past, hurling out a racist attack would silence the other side, and a tactic libs/dems/media loved to use.

    And it proliferated because we had a former president that ignored the assaults on him, which were also attacks on so many Americans that voted for him.

    Times they are changing, and congressmen should learn from Trump, you don’t win by being nice, and by kowtowing to those that hate you and want you gone.

  17. Nunyer Binnis says:

    Puck FC. Leftists must HANG.

  18. Jer says:

    The pot calling the kettle black. Vitioal ,pseudo-science.This “negro” has hatred spewing forth like a volcano in Hawaii. Hot,Bilious,Dangerous, and unnecessary , and noxious.

    • V says:

      The American Black (with a few exceptions here and there) is more racist than anyone else on earth. They demand reparations for something that happened centuries ago, and NOT to them directly. Very few of them had slave ancestors either, but they all believe that they should be allowed to crush”whitey” under their boot heel, and be given whatever they want on a silver platter. They are belligerent, lazy and selfish, even though they have the exact same opportunities as everyone else to get ahead in life. If an American Black DOES decide to make something of himself, studies in school, goes to college to get a degree, gets a good job and makes a decent, or even terrific, life for himself, he is ostracized by the black community; considered a sellout, an Uncle Tom and any other epithet they can think of. Even worse, if that same man learns to speak and enunciate properly, instead of speaking the gutter Ebonics that the vast majority speak(the gutter slang that is practically incoherent) then he is accused of wanting to be white. These incoherent, selfish examples of black society in the US are a source of horror and embarrassment to other black communities outside the country, especially the group the American blacks insist they descend from, the Africans. They are dismayed and disgusted at the black attitude and the way the blacks in this country are so nasty and selfish. Most of them would be thrilled to be able to live here and have the opportunity at a decent job, even if it’s minimum wage. Perhaps we should send our blacks to Africa and allow them to come here, for a year, possibly two. I can guarantee in the Africans’ case, they’d be thrilled beyond words to be here, and perhaps the American Blacks might gain some humility and appreciation for what they have here. If it would put an end to the violence, the stupidity and hatred, then I’m all for it.

  19. Dave Miedema says:

    Michael Eric Dyson used to write a weekly column (syndicated) for the liberal rag the Chicago Sun-Times decades ago, Racist then, racist now.

  20. Joanna says:

    More propaganda to spread hatred and racism..

  21. Ed says:

    Reverse discrimination will never heal, not only that it harms those who hold that anger in their heart.

  22. Mike says:

    Another tax to pay for Marxist give away programs?? I don’t think so. Not today. Not ever!
    The leftist Marxist wants to prejudge all white peoples as to create more divisions among all people. Divide and conquer, that’s the Marxist way.
    The PC culture will eventually protest their way into the chains of oppression like they have never been able to imagine.

    In their wisdom they have become fools.

  23. Eric says:

    Soon, there would be a tax on ALL privileges.

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