MSNBC host hit Democrats with this rude awakening that proved they are doomed in 2020

Democrats are in the final sprint before the Iowa Caucuses.

Every Democrat in America is on edge to see if they can find a candidate that can take on President Trump.

But one MSNBC host gave Democrats some bad news with this rude awakening that proved they are doomed in 2020.

Democrats think 2020 is their election to lose.

But their cheerleaders in the fake news media are sounding the alarm bells that Trump is on track for victory.

MSNBC’s Katy Tur – who is one of the most far-left, Trump-hating lunatics in all of the fake news media – listed three reasons that Donald Trump was in a strong position to win re-election.

The Daily Caller reports:

Tur then gave three examples, the first being the campaign’s “massive” fourth quarter fund-raising numbers which, at just under $46 million, proves “that Trump and his base remain emboldened by what they see as unfair attacks against the president.”

Trump’s mid 40’s approval rating served as the next example, a number which has remained nearly constant his entire presidency and serves to show that the president’s base has remained strong throughout the impeachment process.

The MSNBC host’s third example is the president’s strong showing in key battleground states, “where he continues to run neck in neck with top Democrats.”

“Whoever the Democrats pick,” Tur concluded, “they will be facing a president who has already survived the kind of setbacks that would normally end a political career, or a thousand political careers. Donald Trump is formidable.
Our question is, is there a Democratic candidate whose message can both unify the party and win the White House?”

The other reason Tur failed to mention that puts President Trump in a strong position to win re-election is that the Democrat Presidential field is a collection of misfit toys of socialists, anti-Americans, and past-their-prime also rans.

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