Morning Joe stooped to a new low with this attack on Trump supporters

Never-Trumper Joe Scarborough makes a living trashing the president on MSNBC.

He and co-host Mika Brzezinski spend hours every day mocking Trump and his supporters.

But they just reached a new low with their latest attack.

Joe Scarborough is a former Republican Congressman who claims to be a conservative, but spends his time on Morning Joe agreeing with the Democrats on virtually every issue.

He reacted to a clip of President Trump’s recent campaign-style speech in Pennsylvania.

Scarborough called President Trump a “snake oil salesman.”

Then he went on to attack Trump supporters as “stupid” and “fools” for believing a word Trump says.

Then Mika chimed in calling Trump supporters, “pawns.”

The media has ramped up their anti-Trump attacks to levels never before seen.

Every day they prove President Trump right when he tweeted: “THE FAKE NEWS MEDIA IS THE OPPOSITION PARTY.”

The latest study from Media Research Center showed that President Trump has gotten 92 percent negative media coverage.

Newsbusters reports:

In four weeks, Americans go to the polls for the midterm elections that the news media are casting as a referendum on the Trump presidency. Over the summer, the broadcast networks have continued to pound Donald Trump and his team with the most hostile coverage of a President in TV news history — 92 percent negative, vs. just eight percent positive.

For this report, MRC analysts reviewed all 1,007 evening news stories (1,960 minutes of airtime) about the Trump administration on ABC, CBS and NBC from June 1 to September 30, tallying the coverage of each topic and all evaluative comments made by anchors, reporters and non-partisan sources (such as voters or experts).

The results show that, over the past four months, nearly two-thirds of evening news coverage of the Trump presidency has been focused on just five main topics: the Russia investigation; immigration policy; the Kavanaugh nomination; North Korea diplomacy; and U.S. relations with Russia. The networks’ coverage of all of these topics has been highly negative, while bright spots for the administration such as the booming economy received extremely little coverage (less than one percent of the four-month total).


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103 Responses

  1. Maurice Caron says:

    Joe and Mika, It has been a long time since you two have been objective in your reporting.
    The entire country knows you have a personal grudge against our president so all the negatives about him that you share are useless. Oh, and Joe, please don’t claim to be a conservative. You are an embarrassment to authentic conservatives sir.

  2. H Lee says:

    Moaning ho on msnbc is about as rotten as the view. Just trashy people throwing trash. Both them and cnn are just dung flingers. No wonder both stations stink.

  3. Reihard says:

    has any of the so-called progressives or “DEMOCRATS” ever heart of the SOCIAL, DEMOCRATIC PARTY? If not I might remindyou “progessive democrats_ you call the NATIONAL SOCIAL PARTY NAZIS. That is exactly what you are !!!!!! Think about it.

  4. Donald wills says:

    joe scarcrow and the blonde bitch = village idiots!!!!!!!!

  5. Rivahmitch says:

    Actually, the term “opposition party” is too reminiscent of the John McLame comment thet The Kenyan muslim/marxist was “the opponent” and not the enemy. Those who would steal the things for which I have spent my live and the freedoms for which I and my progenitors have fought are ENEMIES, not “opponents” and should be considered and treated as such..

  6. Gary says:

    Tell Soros the NWO was once a part of the WWF. Also I thought the news was supposed to deliver the news, not give their personal observations of what the news is ( Norning Joe ) with a funny haircut

  7. Jerry says:

    I intend to vote for the “snake oil salesman” that is far better than the cuss word, “democrat” or “Liberal.” Snake oil, it is for me!

    • Franco says:

      ME TOO!
      Joe and his Ugly girlfriend are pathetic!!!!
      Calling us names????
      I saw you both at Mar-Lago begging Candidate Trump for something!
      I guess he said NO and you both got on your SISSY MARY ATTACK!

      That Wench was a mess from cosmetic surgery????

      Joe, you can’t sing and you should blow it out your REAR PORTAL!!!!

  8. ron kasner says:

    perhaps it’s time for every one to quit watching joe schmoe’s show
    let the rating drop, and maybe the network will drop his pony show,
    he’s the pone and his wife is a dog

  9. Nick says:

    He’s an idiot and she has never said one intelligent thing . I don’t even think she’s wearing pants whilenshes sitting there. Like someone said….Morning Twit and Always Twat.

  10. Sue Jackson says:

    It is my opinion that saying ‘Morning Joe’ has stooped to a new low is an oxymoronic statement. The mere fact that he gets up every day of his life and appears before the entire world, sitting beside his idiot troll puppetl Mika, is as low as anyone could go. There is nothing below the bottom. Now I have not lost my mind to the point that I have ever bothered to watch any of the MSM’s lowest polling troll shows but from what I hear reported on by others it is obvious they are all biased, hate-filled liberal pundits that spew Hatred and encourage Violence, making them AGAIN, lower than low. These people would need to climb a ladder to scratch a snakes belly.

  11. n wilson oliver says:

    The joke is on the talking heads–their insults are as valid as their opinions, i. e., worthless. The arrogance in their sociopathic egos considering how they view those who counter their beliefs has grown to a malignant state of cancerous misrepresentation of their roles–

    Their profession was created to provide INFORMATION on events, policies, individuals, for the public to be better informed. They have completely forfeited any legitimacy–Their bias and their pretense not only have become toxic, but transparent to millions they dismiss as “stupid” and “fools”–Perhaps they are looking in the mirror and not realizing they’re commenting on their own reflections

  12. I’d suggest that the media is the mouthpiece for the opposition, with talking heads like Joe Scarborough and his faithful sidekick Mika, the greatest salespeople for Mr. Trump’s MAGA agenda. Keep up the good work big mouths.

  13. Jan says:

    The Fake News Media, mainly cnn, is responsible for dividing this Country. Constantly Bashing our President with their Fake News is the only thing that is keeping their heads above water. Yes…there are still far left wing mob rule protester moron lemmings that follow this pure crap. Unbelievable Folks… But it’s true… VOTE THEM OUT !!! in November and shut them up for GOOD !!!!!

    • derf says:

      don’t worry Barr is going to get all of them before it’s over and I can[t wait little Ms rag head Omar won’t be allowed to wear that rag on her head in jail

  14. Ric B says:

    There is an amazing invention, that most of you don’t seem to know about or use. It is called the
    “c-h-a-n-n-e-l changer” and if I don’t wish to watch “Morning Joe” I can actually c-h-a-n-g-e the channel
    and watch something else. I know, will be hard to gripe, bitch and moan as much as many of you love to do, but it does fulfill what you say you want = = = > personal responsibility.

  15. Dianne Cornett says:

    The saddest thing, Joe, is that most of these notes of anger and hurt, and BIG disappointment would, once upon a time, back in the mid ninety’s, have been of love, caring, and hopes for a young, bright, Conservative Joe. Today, you are totally and completely, upside down and backwards — you sound more like a hard-nosed Democrat or worse. It really hurts to see someone you’ve had high dream’s for go diametrically in a reversed direction — so very sad!
    Could it be the company you keep?

  16. Tet Vet says:

    Will all the fake news jerks go to china or russia and practice your freedom of speech in those countries. While you are all taking the trip, take all the demoncrats with you.

    • truthistruth says:

      We can easily see that you want to use YOUR freedom of speech to end the freedom of speech of others, or to toss them out of America. You are advocating Putin’s “freedom of speech” where you can speak all you want IF IT IS ONLY what Putin wants you to say.

      • Oompa says:

        You truly are a fool!!!! EVERYTHING has to be about Russia with you & the nut job dems…. He has the right & freedom to say what his wishes (just as you do)…. But of course the “RUSSIAN” tell Republicans what to say & do…???????????? SO SAD YOUR SO DUMB….

  17. Kara Wright says:

    Joe and Mika are nothing more than gutter swamp creatures and they have made such fools of themselves with MSNBC they were unfaithful to their spouses and now they wont get married and move I hope to one of her houses in France. I hope they go soon.

  18. Bill says:

    Joe you should watch your back, because on of those stupid and so called fools are going to F**k you up

  19. Biggie Smalls says:

    Did no one at the Fake News ever hear about Charlie Hebdo?

  20. Old Pioneer says:

    All my friends, kids, grand kids and great grandkids refer to them as Twit & Twat for obvious reasons…….

  21. Robert Ehrenspeck says:

    just look at whos call who what ? joe u and mika r done but ur too stupid to know that.

    • Barb says:

      I agree with you totally Robert….I rarely watch them…only on occasions surfing the net….they are terrible. worthless to spend any on your time on.

  22. dlmstl says:

    Without Daddy B, she’s doing news at 6 & 10 on some station in Norfolk, VA. Used to be a decent morning talking head show. Interesting guests and spirited roundtables. Not any more. They’ve gone wall to wall dark side now. Rarely bother to tune in. OAN does the best job now.

  23. Steve says:

    Mika Brzinski is laughable. This woman gets a huge amount of money for being just plain dumb. Her school girl facial exoressions tell you how low MSNBC has gone. I tune into them every now and then for a laugh.

  24. Richard McClure says:

    The only things I have found at MSNBC of any Value are the Fixtures//Camera’s ,Sound Equipment, Lights ,Furniture and so on
    They have Absolutely no Talent what so ever to put in Front of their
    Camera’s or Management Staff and should Seek some Maybe the
    National Enquirer Has some Talent they can Lone them.

  25. Marc says:

    Komrad Morning Joe is a far-left low-IQ bloviating gasbag – and I enjoy every minute of his Trumpist suffering.

    • Felipe Gomez Jr. says:

      Pretty much all these fool’s who have showed and exposed themselves on TV and videos! Will be identified as treasonous to and dealt with accordingly. When Trump enacts Martial Law! Everything will be locked down! Then they’ll be looking for all these anti-Americsn Criminal’s soon enough! Right now they just think they are funny and on the Socislist Commie Globslist band wagon! Oops!

  26. N says:

    Get out and vote for the GOP in Nov. to save the country from NAZI Commie Demoncrat liberal mobs!They want to make America into another Venezuela!Obama almost got us there mob! Now that America is great again because of Pres.Trump let’s keep it that way!

    • Jerry Hampton says:

      It is time for America to stop watching and listening to news. Let’s break the backs of these networks who choose not to report the truth, who twist the truth, and who blatantly lie about what they are reporting.

    • Felipe Gomez Jr. says:

      I like your choice of words! They sure hate that word Mob! Ha! Ha! Ha!

    • PATRICIA says:


  27. John Bloxson Jr. says:

    Hay Joe you have no one to blame but yourself you dumped your show into the Toilet not the Trumpsters YOU ruined your show.

  28. Ron says:

    Hey, Joe! Being bad mouthed and called names by a POS like you is an honor! You wouldn’t make a pimple on my Butt!

  29. Margo Haynes says:

    I never watch them, their show is trash in my opinion, so is The View

  30. Doug says:

    In my opinion, the words of cheaters, who chose not to honor their vows with their spouse, can’t be trusted. I can’t believe the gall of Blondie saying it is her job to tell voters what to think and believe. Her job is to report the facts of an issue so people can make their own informed judgement. I’m sure Bob, “Old Ski Nose,” Hope isn’t happy with Mika cutting in on his action.

  31. Secora says:

    I don’t understand why some of you honest reporter’s don’t go and look at his past I knew him back in the day when he was a so called republican in North West Florida lots of dirt on this guy.

  32. GORDON says:


  33. Navy PO says:

    Morning Joe can KMA!

  34. Freddie says:

    They should change the show’s title to Goodnight and Goodbye, Joe… Sleep TIGHT, Mika.

  35. I can only HOPE that THEY will “HELP” Republicans KEEP House and Senate by bringing OUT “mad as HELL” Trump SUPPORTERS/VOTERS, and since THIS A-HOLE guy “used” to be a Republican Congressman, maybe he is SAYING this stuff to ENCOURAGE his FORMER base to come out and VOTE, because DEEP DOWN he is actually DISGUSTED with ALL the libtard’s RHETORIC and is just “PLAYING” into THEIR hands with the CRAP he is SPEWING…..!!!! So, REPUBLICANS come OUT and VOTE, give THEM a “BLACK EYE or TWO”…!!!!!!!

    • Joanne Thauberger says:

      We are going to see this escalate even more as the vote gets closer. Their owner George Soros demands it.

    • Leslie says:

      Angelika Griffen – Just because one says that they’re a Republican doesn’t mean they are. Look at some of the Rinos already in office. Joe and Mika have no morals and therefore cannot preach to others about morals and ethics. I don’t watch the trashy CNN, MSNBC and other loser liberal stations that hate anything good for America. They are only for their own interests. It’s very limited on what I watch on TV these days. This is Bob’s wife.

  36. Ernest says:

    Hahahaha …. if it was not for Trump … this idiots would have NO show!!
    So SEE!! Our President, and Vice President …. MAKE EVERYTHING GREAT!! NO MATTER HOW YOU LOOK AT IT!!

  37. Donl Longo says:

    Morning Joe ALWAYS was a POS.

  38. Dan says:

    The Democrats have no agenda other
    than lies and violence. We have a
    president working to bring this country
    together regardless of color.
    Obama was the most racist president
    ever and some people are seeing that and
    switching sides. Along with being a traitor
    to his country..Hillary the most rurhless
    person in history..also a traitor.
    With little to no help President Teump
    has brought this country a long way.

  39. Dnav says:

    Morning Blow is full of hot air. They are nothing but “pawns” and “shills” for the leftist false narrative.

    It is ironic how they can sit there and call Trump supporters stupid and fools for believing Trump when they stupidly and foolishly reinforce the unhinged liberal lunacy and alternate reality fabrications of the left that support Democrat hate, and anger, and violence, and bigotry, and evil.

    As with all hot air, Morning Blow will evaporate into the atmosphere and disappear.

  40. K says:

    Why won’t JoJo & Mika get married already?
    I kind of wonder if the Death of Scarborough’s intern in 2011 when he was a member of the house or senate was not the lefts way of “encouraging” him to turn into this pathetic creature he has evolved into? It was 911 that suddenly shifted all eyes from the suspicious death to the atrocities we all were watching.
    Makes sense to me, especially with the “Smear” confession by old Pelosi herself.

  41. Donald wills says:

    as for as Joe and mika, look at them, that says it all!!!!!! Two POS adulterers

  42. Richard says:

    You know, I have slopped the HOGS with better GARBAGE than these TWO PUT OUT!

  43. Breaker 19 says:

    Just when you think you have heard the height of stupidity, Joe and Mika prove you wrong again. I’m getting tired of being wrong, so joe, go for it I can’t win, you have too much experience at what you do.

  44. Nancy says:

    Never watch these two pieces of crapp…

    • Berda says:

      You got that right. They should be removed from the air, down right low scum of the earth.

    • JOHN J. KAYE says:

      I have better things to do than waste my time with these two idiots. I truly believe that a gnat has more brains than these two combined. just two talking heads reading what’s put in front of them with no real thoughts of their own. These two are lower than whale poop and that’s on the bottom of the ocean .

  45. Ron says:

    What Joe Some or his Russian Bimbo has to say has no effect on me or most intelligent Americans. He is the laughingstock of Fake News and always can be counted on for a good laugh, mostly directed at himself or the tramp he sleeps with.

  46. Frances Carlson says:

    My reaction will be at the polls.

  47. Buddy says:

    I met Joe Scarborough at a small campaign event back in the 90s. Not very friendly at all. I got the impression he didn’t like being there and didn’t much in common with Republicans.

  48. JR342 says:

    Yes, they are trying to destroy President Trump and any of his followers. But, what they have done is stir up the Republicans to VOTE. We will win and it will be because of people like morning Joe, who was never a true republican anyway. Mark my words, these people are making a huge mistake that will keep the democrats out of power for at least a generation and may be longer. Look for 20 plus years of Republican rule.

  49. Susan says:

    Joe and Mika you vile disgusting so called human beings let me be clear on this you better beware because there is a HUGE RED WAVE coming for you and I hope they film your faces when you find out what LOSERS you really are and that you have been defeated by a bunch of fools and stupid supporters you EVIL VILE Democrats!

  50. Jim says:

    Joe and Mika sound like dueling idiots. The only pawns in America are Democrat and if they had once ounce of integrity they would admit it. If they didn’t hate Trump their morning show would be moved to 2am. ????

  51. Daniel Walker says:

    Joe doesn’t remember he used to represent we deplorables in conservative FL 1st district 25 years ago. Then he left his first wife, resigned as our congressman and became a MSNBC fake news personality
    I’m sure his kids are proud

  52. jake Korean War Vet says:

    Joe, you become a “Turn Coat” we shoot a bastard like you in Korea

  53. Mariesa says:

    Bottom line is that all these blather mouths in the media are going to find themselves in the same place on November 7th, 2018, as they did on November 7th, 2016…crying their eyes out on national TV…them and all their Democrat crybabies. They have pushed our buttons, so Trump and his “stupid fools, pawns” will have WON again! And, guess what you Democrat crybabies? WE ARE NOT TIRED OF WINNING WITH TRUMP YET! So grab hold of your seat, cause it is going to get fun for us, and awful for you!

    • Patrick says:

      what are you all winning trump says he has all these victories but none them could happen without the democrats. like his wall bill that there proposing for him that will fully fund building his wall so he can say he completed another campaign promise, that will never be a campaign promise kept because when mexico said they weren’t paying for the wall his campaign promise was lost right there and then , because his campaign promise was to build the wall and make the mexican government pay for it. but just like trump is making the chinese government pay for everything they are doing but they are really going to pay for it by them jacking the prices for the american consumers paying major prices that if they get now they will never lower them so please remember to say thank you for all of us to pay jacked up prices for things. And now talking the kids away from the people in detention unless they agree to waive there hearings for immediate deportation. Why not do this the simple way of doing all immigration thru us embassy away from the border and have all control moved to a building at the the embassy and transportation to the border so when they get to the border almost all paper work is done so it stops the rush at the border and eliminate most of the head aches and for the immigrants issue us government ids to the ones to stay legally and the rest can be removed as in the trouble to the country can be captured with little to no threats to others and for the ones in the country if they can’t support themselves then let them alone if they can without help and not a threat to others.

    • Joann says:

      Ditto, DITTO, D- I- T -T-O, Marissa. You go girl.

      • Joann says:

        You are rambling Patrick.

        • Joann says:

          Every time I try to post on your comment above(true) Yahoo changes my correct spelling of your name as you post it – to Marissa – not how you spell it. They monitor Republicans posts way too much. See comment below dated October 13th at 7:38 PM

        • Joann says:

          Yahoo, seeing as how you apparently read and sensor everything posted (if you are a Republican) I did not post Patrick a second time at 7:49 PM that he was rambling. Once was sufficient.

    • Joann says:

      Every time I try to post on your comment above(true) Yahoo changes my correct spelling of your name as you post it – to Marissa – not how you spell it. They monitor Republicans posts way too much. See comment below dated October 13th at 7:38 PM

  54. william says:

    Golly, Moses:
    It’s so wonderful to receive such complements from true experts in donut holes for brains.

  55. Denise says:

    Joe and Mika go to hell.

  56. Jeanni says:

    92% negative news coverage says it all. MSNBC, CNN, and all the rest are all fake news. Only 1% of their news on Trump is positive that tells you everything. If tax cuts, low unemployment, companies returning to our country, a stronger military was happening under Obama you would hear how great he was and what miracles he was performing for us. I hope people are smart enough to check the news by conservative news media as well so they can be informed and make an unbiased decision.

  57. Mary Navratilova says:

    I’m almost thirty years old pro-life and pro-family relatively young woman and mother of six minors, six small children. I will never stay home on Election Day. I will go vote on this Election Day in November sixth too. I don’t vote pro-abortion and pro-homosexual Democrats and Republicans. I vote every election against these murders of the unborn children, sodomy, feminism, gender ideology and the Democratic Party. I’m going to vote and will vote only just pro-life and pro-family Republicans. The so-called Democratic Party is the extreme ultra-leftist Neomarxist party. The so-called Democratic Party wants ultra-left Neomarxist dictatorship in the USA! Politicians and supporters of the Democratic Party are Neomarxist extremists and the so-called Democratic Party is the extreme ultra-leftist Neomarxist party. Their pro-abortion and pro-sodomy agenda isn’t the agenda of the American people. This is agenda of the Democratic Communist Party U.S.A. and they will say or do anything to obstruct the Trump Administration. Remember this, a vote for a Democratic Party is a vote for ultra-leftist pro-abortion and pro-sodomy Communism.

    • Michael says:

      Yes, the open borders Antifa Democrats seem to have been taken over by violent hard-line Marxists. Remember the Antifa chant: “NO BORDERS, NO WALL, NO USA AT ALL !!!” The Mainstream Media is approximately 95 percent Democrat. Don’t vote for ANY Democrat, not a single one. They’ve got to be stood up to and stopped. Our survival as a country might depend on it.

  58. Fr Tom Martin says:

    The mainstream media is a “pawn” of the Democrat National Party. They get their marching orders from the Democrat Party.

  59. Joanna says:


  60. Randall says:

    Why don’t you do a piece on Susan Rice’s son? He is my new hero. He was smart enough to recognize the differences between right and wrong, but I am sorry that he had to be assaulted in the process.

    Step up Joe

  61. Cathylovesyou says:

    Morning Joe, come on you got radicalized over at your Commie network, which is dying a slow death. Get hold of Fox you would do well their, just take a good hot bath before you go. Your with all losers and un Americans, out to hurt our country. You may have to dump your new wife if you do go, but look what you have all very smart normal people who seem happy and happy in their jobs. They are number one, winners and they act like it, some came from that rag your with now and look at them. The idiots at CNN let Lou Dobbs go so he is over at Fox, he was the only one I would watch on CNN, the smell was too strong. Don Lemon is a total disgrace to Black, White, and pink people with his racist rhetoric. He keeps getting worse. I always like Gloria’s son ,but he has caught the smell as well.
    Joe, stop the stupid comments I thought you were better than that.

    • Shelly says:

      Right here is proof that the MSM is the enemy of the people, at least half of us anyway. I don’t know how these people wake up every day with nothing but hate and disdain for people in their hearts. I don’t think their souls are entirely in tact.

    • Gerry says:

      Better than what — he is a low life, no class POS !!!!

  62. Charles Collins says:

    MSNBC and all the other purveyors of lies, need to go crawl back under their rock. I don’t know why they want to destroy America, but it will not work.

    • Hydro says:

      People like these two will voice anything if it increases their Liseners numbers – notice even the people they supposedly hAve tuning in have gone down – if we are fortunate they will be replaced by honest journalists – these two couldn’t tell the truth if their life depended on it. They tried to play up to Trump in Marlago and were shunned – trump knows a fake when he sees one. Our smiles will come soon when the talking heads on TV will once again be wondering how the polls could be so wrong. We absolutely must vote – we all must pay attention to illegal votes – if you see something that doesn’t look right – speak up – don’t worry about the spoiled brat thugs – they will meet a for e of A.merican Voters and it won’t be pretty.

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