Morning Joe stooped to a new low with this attack on Trump supporters

Never-Trumper Joe Scarborough makes a living trashing the president on MSNBC.

He and co-host Mika Brzezinski spend hours every day mocking Trump and his supporters.

But they just reached a new low with their latest attack.

Joe Scarborough is a former Republican Congressman who claims to be a conservative, but spends his time on Morning Joe agreeing with the Democrats on virtually every issue.

He reacted to a clip of President Trump’s recent campaign-style speech in Pennsylvania.

Scarborough called President Trump a “snake oil salesman.”

Then he went on to attack Trump supporters as “stupid” and “fools” for believing a word Trump says.

Then Mika chimed in calling Trump supporters, “pawns.”

The media has ramped up their anti-Trump attacks to levels never before seen.

Every day they prove President Trump right when he tweeted: “THE FAKE NEWS MEDIA IS THE OPPOSITION PARTY.”

The latest study from Media Research Center showed that President Trump has gotten 92 percent negative media coverage.

Newsbusters reports:

In four weeks, Americans go to the polls for the midterm elections that the news media are casting as a referendum on the Trump presidency. Over the summer, the broadcast networks have continued to pound Donald Trump and his team with the most hostile coverage of a President in TV news history — 92 percent negative, vs. just eight percent positive.

For this report, MRC analysts reviewed all 1,007 evening news stories (1,960 minutes of airtime) about the Trump administration on ABC, CBS and NBC from June 1 to September 30, tallying the coverage of each topic and all evaluative comments made by anchors, reporters and non-partisan sources (such as voters or experts).

The results show that, over the past four months, nearly two-thirds of evening news coverage of the Trump presidency has been focused on just five main topics: the Russia investigation; immigration policy; the Kavanaugh nomination; North Korea diplomacy; and U.S. relations with Russia. The networks’ coverage of all of these topics has been highly negative, while bright spots for the administration such as the booming economy received extremely little coverage (less than one percent of the four-month total).

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