Morgan Freeman got angry over this insulting video

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U.S. Secretary of Defense, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Morgan Freeman is one of the legendary names in Hollywood.

Now he’s playing defense.

And now Morgan Freeman got angry over this insulting video.

Morgan Freeman calls out AI deep fake

Actor Morgan Freeman’s voice is his trademark.

There’s a meme that asks you to read the text in your head that is placed in front of a picture of Freeman it concludes by telling you that you just read this script in Morgan Freeman’s voice.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) now allows anyone to actually create content in Morgan Freeman’s voice.

“Welcome to my niece’s day-in-life, narrated by me, Morgan Freeman,” said an AI-generated video featuring narration by Freeman posted to TikTok.

Freeman was none too pleased with this content.

“Thank you to my incredible fans for your vigilance and support in calling out the unauthorized use of an A.I. voice imitating me,” Freeman posted on Facebook. 

“Your dedication helps authenticity and integrity remain paramount. Grateful. #AI #scam #imitation #IdentityProtection,” Freeman added.

AI “deep fakes” are so lifelike that one AI-generated video of him even fooled the CEO of Freeman’s production company Revelations Entertainment Lori McCreary.

At a panel on AI in Hollywood, McCreary said the industry needed to adapt to AI and create tools to allow users to know they are consuming content featuring the real deal and not computer-generated fakes.

“As a community we need to get ahead of it. Let’s try to build the tool and get the tools ready so when things come out, we know that they’re real. I’d like to have a bug that says this is the real Morgan,” McCreary stated.

That 70s Show actor Ashton Kutcher said AI would allow anyone to make their own movies using chatbots to write the script and video generating software to create the visuals.

“You’ll be able to render a whole movie. You’ll just come up with an idea for a movie, then it will write the script, then you’ll input the script into the video generator and it will generate the movie,” Kutcher declared.

“Instead of watching some movie that somebody else came up with, I can just generate and then watch my own movie,” Kutcher concluded.

AI in action

Famed actor James Earl Jones signed over the rights to Disney to use AI to generate his voice of Darth Vader for all future Star Wars projects.

Jones making this agreement with Disney meant he was retiring from the role he turned into the most famous voice-acting performance in cinema history.

Disney used AI to use Jones’ voice for Darth Vader in 2022’s Kenobi.

The Vader character can now live forever.

That’s the upside of AI.

The downside, as Morgan Freeman discovered is random people on the internet being able to create content using your voice and likeness with the help of AI.

Users will depend on creators to be upfront about the fact they used AI to create deep fakes, otherwise, everyone will be lost in confusion as to whether what they are watching is authentic video.

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