Mitt Romney will cry himself to sleep after what Rush Limbaugh said about him

Despite being elected into the Senate with Trump’s endorsement, Mitt Romney continues to attack the President.

But time and time again, Trump gets the upper hand on him.

And now Romney will cry himself to sleep after what Rush Limbaugh just said about him.

A recent report from Slate reveals that Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) has operated a fake Twitter account for many years.

Under the name Pierre Delecto, Romney went on the social media site to attack President Trump and to defend himself.

Rush Limbaugh mocked him over this, pointing out that Romney did this because he is “thin-skinned, totally vain,” and “totally jealous of Donald Trump.”

Transcript from The Rush Limbaugh Show:

RUSH: Two weeks ago. Two weeks ago your host predicted to you, and it probably was something you could come up with on your own because it’s that obvious what they’re doing. And, lo and behold, here he comes, the first cousin of Carlos Danger, what is his name? Pierre Delecto, Mitt Romney tweeting under a fake name.

Mitt Romney, among whose major criticisms of Trump is that he won’t stop tweeting, Mitt Romney set up a fake-named Twitter account — for what purpose? — to respond to criticism of him! Because he is thin-skinned, totally vain and, I now believe completely, totally jealous of Donald Trump.

I think Romney thinks he should be Trump. And he isn’t Trump. And so he hides behind the fact that he has honor and dignity and Trump doesn’t. But, anyway, so it’s now a foregone conclusion that Schiff and the Democrats have Romney. So they’re gonna get their bipartisan trick vote, if it ever goes this far, they’re gonna be able to say that impeachment is bipartisan.

I’m not making it up. Mitt Romney — in fact, being made fun of in several areas of the internet after a new report revealed that he appears to have used a secret Twitter account to defend himself against critics online.”

Mitt Romney is nothing more than an anti-Trump RINO.

He clearly doesn’t represent the voters who put him in office.

95% of Republicans support President Trump.

And in a deep red state like Utah, his constituents clearly stand with the President.

If he isn’t willing to support their interests, he is proving he doesn’t really represent them and should resign.

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