Mitt Romney will cry himself to sleep after one poll changed his life forever

Mitt Romney may be the biggest loser ever to serve in the U.S. Senate.

Since getting in, he has done everything to anger the very people who elected him.

And now he will cry himself to sleep after one poll changed his life forever.

After counting on President Donald Trump’s endorsement to get elected, “Republican” Sen. Mitt Romney has done everything he can to betray him and his constituents, who overwhelmingly support for Trump.

Since early 2019, when he took office, he has infuriated Trump supporters with his near constant attacks on the President.

But he took things further than anybody ever expected by voting along with Democrats to impeach President Donald Trump following the fake scandal surrounding Trump’s call with Ukraine’s President.

At the time, Romney defended his vote by stating, “The president is guilty of an appalling abuse of public trust.

What he did was not perfect. No, it was a flagrant assault under electoral rights, our national security, and our fundamental values.”

But as it turns out, Republicans aren’t buying his defense, but Democrats are.

A new poll from Gallup shows that 56 percent of Democrats now hold favorable views of Romney, with only 23 percent of Republicans feeling the same way.

That means that Democrats approve of Mitt Romney more than Republicans.

And it gets even worse for Romney when you consider that his approval rating is up 19 points among Democrats, while it has fallen 22 points among Republicans in the last year.

He clearly made a big mistake in siding with the Democrats in their fake impeachment scam.

And it will almost certainly mean that his political career is over, with there being little chance that he will ever win re-election.

Following his betrayal, Utah voters clearly were infuriated.

An effort to recall the Senator was launched, with Utah State Rep. Tim Quinn of Heber City introducing a bill to create the process to recall a Senator, which doesn’t yet exist in the state.

While there has been little movement on the push to create a recall process since, if Romney continues to anger his own voters that very well could change.

President Donald Trump also seemingly showed his support for the idea, re-posting an article advocating for the position earlier this year.

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62 Responses

  1. Greg says:

    The people who still think Willard Romney aka. nitwit Mitt is a real senator with integrity are just as weak minded as nitwit Mitt he is the biggest embarrassment the state of utah has had to endure for a long time
    If he was just ignorant it could be fixed but the stupid fool actually believes that what he says and does is on behalf of the will of the people of Utah if he does much more wrong he might make a mistake and do something right. In Utah we don’t have a constitutional way to recall the bumb and haven’t needed one until now, most of the people that have been elected here have been decent intelligent up to this point. As a side point Utah will elect a new governor this year two of the candidates cox and huntsman are believers in man made global warming and are huge rinos, candidate Hughes is the only true conservative in the race…Wake up America

  2. Wow what a bunch of hateful, arrogant and un Christian people. Romney voted to impeach trump on the basis of his conscience which neither trump or you who criticize him do not have because you are worship trump as a god. He can do no rung in your opinion but he is human as is evidenced by his lies, cheating on his wives and fondling women. Such a man does has dishonored the office he holds and is offensive and ignorant. After his Senate trial, two Republican senators publicly stated trump was guilty but voted to keep in office because they did not want him to be removed. Senator Mitch McConnell said before the trial he would not impeach and later took an oath to be impartial in the trial – what a hypocrite! Lt. Col. Vidman told the truth and honored his oath of office to defend the Constitution against enemies foreign and domestic whereas trump has dishonored his. Vidman, McCain and Romney are the true heroes and patriots; trump and those Republicans who voted not to impeach him are not in any sense patriots because they refused to
    accept the evidence and trump refused to submit phone calls and documents to the House’s hearings on this matter. If he is so innocent, why did he not do this? but one cannot reason with a person who is prejudiced.

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