Mitt Romney turned pale as a ghost after he got this shocking 2024 news

Mitt Romney is like a cold sore that just won’t go away for conservatives.

He’s relishing his role leading the opposition against President Trump.

But he turned as pale as a ghost after he got this shocking 2024 news.

When President Trump left office, some conservatives hoped Mitt Romney would focus his efforts on stopping the Biden regime.

Instead, while Joe Biden is burning the country to the ground he’s determined to be a thorn in the side of conservatives.

He’s put his personal vendetta against President Trump ahead of everything else.

He’s completely given up on pretending to be a conservative to champion the worst of the Never-Trump movement.

In Utah’s upcoming Senate race he declined to endorse incumbent Mike Lee, who’s been one of strongest conservatives in the Senate.

Lee is being opposed by Evan McMullen who ran as the Never-Trump “conservative” for President in 2016.

McMullen is a grifter who spends his time agreeing with Democrats on everything and hyperventilating over Trump.

While Romney isn’t endorsing McMullen, he called him a friend.

Meanwhile, Romney is supporting RINO Liz Cheney in her Primary and helping her raise money.

Romney rubbed salt on the wound by becoming the only Republican to vote to extend the airline mask mandate and to mask two year olds in preschool.

He’s completely burned all of his bridges in the Republican Party.

Although he isn’t up for reelection until 2024, conservatives are already making moves to end his career.

Politico reports that Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes is gearing up to challenge Mitt in the 2024 Senate Primary.

Reyes is a strong supporter of Trump and served as the Utah co-chair of his 2020 reelection campaign.

As Attorney General he’s been aggressive at suing the Biden regime for their overreach especially on border security.

An anonymous source told Politico, “Sean is very seriously considering running, regardless of if Mitt runs or not. He’s confident that regardless of what Sen. Romney wants to do, he’s going to pursue this.”

Romney hasn’t announced his plans for 2024.

Reyes reportedly met with President Trump last year and was encouraged to run against Romney.

Kimberly Guilfoyle described Reyes as “both substantive and magnetic” highlighting his speech at the 2020 Republican convention.

She told Politico, “Many of us who served President Trump have enthusiastically encouraged him to run for Senate regardless of what Mitt decides to do.”

Trump spokesperson Taylor Budowich unloaded on Romney.

“Mitt Romney will be replaced in 2024 by a champion for America First, that goes without question — he abandoned Utah and caved to the radical left,” he said.

A candidate with Trump’s backing in a state that he won by over 30 points would start out as the strong favorite.

No matter what happens with Reyes the clock is ticking on Mitt Romney’s political career.

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