Mitt Romney stabbed Trump in the back in the worst way

Two-time failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney is cruising to victory in the Utah Senate election.

He’s looking to position himself as the most vocal Never-Trump U.S. Senator.

And just days ahead of the critical midterms he stabbed Trump in the back.

Polls are just hours away from opening for the Midterm elections.

President Trump has been sweeping the nation holding rallies in support of Republican candidates.

But instead of attacking Democrats before Election Day, Mitt Romney is attacking Trump.

Mitt Romney wrote a blog post on his campaign website attacking President Trump for calling out the fake news media.

Romney defended the likes of CNN, MSNBC, and others who spend 24/7 attacking Trump.

He called them, “very much our friend.”

The truth is, the Media Research Center found that 92 percent of coverage of President Trump from June through September was negative.

The free press is an important part of our republic.

But no reasonable person can argue that they are doing a fair job of reporting the facts.

These Fake News outlets are nothing less than the Democrat Party’s mouthpiece.

President Trump has called Fake News America’s biggest enemy.

Do you agree with him?

Vote in our poll below and let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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204 Responses

  1. Randy Tielkings says:

    Rachel Maddox is the biggest joke of all these so called media. More like clowns

  2. Believer says:


  3. Believer says:

    My thoughts exacatly.. Romney belongs to a cult, so don’t expect truth from his mouth. he is a dirty soul.He is on the same train as McCain,Hillary,Obama,Soros. .. His soul has been bought by the the criminals..BIG money…..

  4. luis says:

    I regretted voting for this clown when he was running for president against that illegal president. There was no better choice then except not to vote at all. I cannot believe he ran as a Republican this time as senator and he won because if he ran as democrat he would surely lost. So what he did is to cheat the people of Utah by running under Republican party and now he is stabbing our President in the back. He will be another McCain. Do not trust him.

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