Mitt Romney sent out a tweet about Jeff Sessions that is Trump’s worst dream come true

Mitt Romney couldn’t even go one day without stabbing Donald Trump in the back.

Many never-Trumpers hope Romney challenges Trump for the GOP nomination in 2020.

And he sent one tweet out about Jeff Sessions that is Donald Trump’s worst nightmare.

Romney reacted to the news of Sessions resignation by undermining Donald Trump on social media.

The failed former Presidential candidate sent out a tweet thanking Sessions for his service and insisting that any replacement allow Robert Mueller’s rigged witch hunt to continue.

Trump supporters were furious.

They see the Mueller probe for what it is: an attack on their ability to choose their own leaders.

Mueller is only there to overturn the results of the 2016 election.

And Romney lent credibility to an illegitimate undertaking by tweeting his support for Mueller.

In addition, Mueller reports to the Justice Department.

This is an Executive Branch matter.

It’s not the Senate’s job to tell the President whom he can and can’t fire.

Romney’s tweet shows he is going to be a thorn in Trump’s side for as long as he is in office.

Romney’s base is not the GOP voters – but liberal media pundits he plays to for approval.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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193 Responses

  1. Vic says:

    I guess you forget that the Mormons murdered and killed just like every other religion, but worse they would run their sons off and molest their daughters as child brides, so DON’T preach to me how Holy the Mormons are, they have done a lot worse, as they rate right up there with the Catholics. Semper Fi.

  2. Susan Johnson says:

    To disparage Mormons simply because you do not agree with or like Mitt Romney is despicable. The Mormons were burned out raped and killed. Their leadership murdered and they fled to the Rocky Mountains to practice their religion in peace. Leave them alone. They are. Christians and believe Jesus Christ is the son of God he was resurrected from death and will return to save us all. They believe that.Christ paid the price for our sins and I all will be resurrected. Stop the bigotry. Who do you all think you are to Judge. Only God can nudge. See to your own short omings

  3. Charles Lindley says:


  4. H.R. Mattingly says:

    Steven, I may agree with you about Mitt not being a supporter for the party but I don’t agree with your comments about the church you are condemning. The fact that you claim you was forced to go to church explains much why you hate it.. I don’t believe you ever had a testimony to know much about it. Seems those without a testimony will always try to condemn the church because they cannot or will not live a life style that is required to be a member.

  5. Mel says:

    I voted for Mitt Romney when he was the candidate. His first round debate against Obama was brilliant. Second time around, B.O. dumped a series of lies and b.s. and found himself gasping for air (liberals cheered). He couldn’t say a word to bring out the truth. Predictably he lost the election. Now he aims for the presidency. His lose to B.O still hurts and thinks that Trump is the enemy but no, he is looking at the POTUS who loves America. He should be joining Trump instead on his quest to greatness if he wants to redeem himself from oblivion.

  6. The Real M says:

    Mike Bryant,
    I so wish I understood your comment. Am I too old to or too young to????

  7. Mike Brysnt says:

    Like that compareson. Now can he go jump on a lake ?

  8. Mike Brysnt says:

    Please Book Hope pee in panties.. He is democratic.

  9. Rosella M Kasper says:

    afraid Frank Cox is right on

  10. Rosella M Kasper says:

    afraid Frank Cox is right on

  11. James says:

    Yes BO is a Manchurian Candidate.

  12. Judith Lorraine says:

    Who cares what RINO Romney thinks. Romney lost and put b.o. in because he quit campaigning a month before election. Maybe he was paid handsomely to quit.
    B.o. was determined to have that 2nd term.
    Is b.o.a Manchurian Candidate?

  13. OLD VET says:


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