Mitt Romney said something jaw-dropping about Trump, allying with Ilhan Omar in an all-out war

Longtime Trump foe Mitt Romney seems to only like President Trump when he’s running for office.

But now that he’s in the Senate, he has no need for him, and is willing to betray him.

And Romney said this jaw-dropping thing about Trump, allying with Ilhan Omar in an all-out war.

President Donald Trump made waves in recent days for declaring that politicians like Ilhan Omar, who aren’t originally from the United States, can choose to go back to their home countries if they hate the U.S.

In response, the mainstream media launched into full-on attack mode, claiming his comments are racist — with Democrat Rep. Al Green calling for his impeachment over it.

And, as it turns out, they have at least one Republican in the Senate on their side.

Utah Sen. Mitt Romney went after Trump for his comment, calling it “destructive,” and proof that Trump has “failed badly” at uniting the country.

Breitbart reports:

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) said Monday that President Donald Trump’s challenge to far-left Congresswomen to leave the United States was “destructive” and argued the president has “failed badly” at uniting the country.

“The president’s comments were destructive, demeaning, and disunifying. The President of the United States has a unique and noble calling to unite the American people – of all different races, colors, and national origins. In that respect, the president failed badly,” Romney wrote on Twitter Monday evening.

“People can disagree over politics and policy, but telling American citizens to go back to where they came from is over the line,” he added.

Romney’s remarks came after President Trump reiterated his criticism of the “squad” — made up of Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Ayanna Pressley (D-MA), and Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) — at the White House earlier Monday.

“If you’re not happy here, then you can leave,” the president said. “As far as I’m concerned, if you hate our country, if you’re not happy here, you can leave.”

Romney is certainly jealous of President Trump.

While Romney embarrassed himself by losing to former President Obama in 2012, President Trump was able to mop the floor with Hillary Clinton in 2016.

This isn’t the first time Romney has gone after Trump.

During the 2016 election, Romney claimed that Trump is racist, and went after him very harshly.

And then, when Romney chose to run for Senate, he begged the President for his support.

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145 Responses

  1. Jt says:

    You are an idiot who needs to do yourself and everyone else a huge favor and stop posting.

  2. Jt says:

    You are a real idiot. Do yourself and everyone else a huge favor and stop posting.

  3. GBAR says:

    So right ! Spit Romney is a globalist left over from the Bush crime family era.
    What makes him worse, he is a mormon. Mormons are not Americans, they are Mormons. They reside in America but push their own globalist agenda. They are the biggest cons of all.

  4. Nellie McConnell says:

    CA has enough crazy people in government. We are trying to get THEM out not add another Rhino to the borders desaster that Obama created. If I remember Obama visited each South America Country, China and Africa. Don’t forget Cuba. Wonder what would have happened if Hillary would have won?! All these caravan people started coming here. Did Obama promise them open borders? They are to well dressed, clean and don’t look hungry or like they have been walking 2000 miles.
    When Trump won the election and closed the borders. There were a lot of Chinese and African people stuck in Mexico.
    Obama wasn’t deporting illegals, he was bussing them to Sancutary cities. One of the drivers for the bus company was the shooter in FL bar. He was taken off the watch list 2 months before the shooting. What was the FBI doing?
    Trump 2020
    Build the wall
    Deport Illegals
    Cortez and gang are Buddies will Muslim Brotherhood. Deport them too.
    Make Our Country great again
    Support our homeless Citizens and legal people
    Recall Newsom

  5. Jackie says:

    Mitt Romney needs to give it up as he would like to run for President and he needs to FORGET it as he is DONE! I voted for him once, but never again as we have witnessed the REAL Romney, and he is a bitter, jealous, mean, disgusting old man and he cannot takeback All the horrible things he has said about Our Favorite President Trump, and President Trump campaigned for him and he won! He would not have won if he had not had President Trumps help! I am Done with Romney and he needs to give it up!

  6. Moe says:

    not only is Mitt an idiot but if he is talking about dividing the country Omar and th squad are already doing it and have been doing it since their elections wake up Mitt if you truly believe in a united America then don’t side with the squad they are against christians and I believe as a Mormon you ae a christian they hate everything and everyone who does not agree with them that is not how you unite to unite everyone has a right to express their opinion with out being called out for it or being beat up by Antifa

  7. fettiplace bellers says:

    you must have missed his campaign. he said none of those things. he just said that his policies would fix certain problems obama had caused. and he did.

  8. Al Lohn says:

    Mitt is a total idiot

  9. Wanda Frost says:

    MIT is an ASS in so many, many ways. He thinks haven awaits him, he needs to rethink that.

  10. fred schwab says:

    he needs to go up the nearest mt and stick his head up an mountain lions ASS

  11. Tim Smith says:

    Mitt is a bad replacement for Rino John MCCain. Utah, even Park City is not run of the mill extreme left of right. I voted for Mitt regretfully now after seeing how he reacts on the national scene as a Senator. I suggest Utah find a better replacement for Orrin Hatch whom I greatly respected. Mitt I suggest you move to California and run for Governor as a democrat. That would suit your temperament better.

  12. Deplorable Betty says:

    Oh please don’t do that to innocent dogs! They didnt do anything to deserve that cretin Romney!

  13. libra says:

    Romney will be embarrassed when he finds that Omar’s citizenship is now in question due to frauding immigration plus her marriage to her brother, fraudulent handling of campaign funds and fraud in the tax statements to Internal revenue. Maybe President Trump knows more about Omar than Romney. He suffers from hoof and mouth disease. He is a huge disappointment because he is a RINO. The distractions by this bundle of hatred for the USA are one of the reasons there has been no legislation from the House of Reps .She continually insults the President and all of his followers calling us racists and garbage.

  14. IluvmyUSA says:

    He never named any particular country. Not only that but he said they should go back where they came from, but he also said for them to fix the problems there and COME BACK and let us know how they fixed those problems. Again, they cherry-picked his words and didn’t give the full view of what he meant.

  15. IluvmyUSA says:

    People are just plain stupid for the most part and they were like that long before Trump got in office. All you need do is look at their Democrat voting choices to see whose still in office and what have they accomplished since being in office for the past 20, 30, 40 years. Trump has accomplished more in two years than three presidents 24 years combined. Would one not be judged stupid for not getting on board with the TRUMP TRAIN? Going against something that works as good as Trump’s policies would have to be deemed stupid.

  16. Gwen Kaiser says:

    I don’t have a problem bashing that loser. He needs to take his a…. home. I don’t know who would vote for him to start with.

  17. SweetOlBob says:

    Off subject, but the headline of this article features another “dropped jaw”.
    Please tell Mrs. Joneses third grade class to stop insulting us by writing these stupid remarks.
    You’ll never be promoted to the fourth grade unless you can come up with some “Bombshell” of different descriptive titles for your misnamed drivel.
    The ever reoccurring use of these false and tired titles is “STOOPUD” with a capital STOO !

  18. joann ogden says:

    You are so right. He’s not loyal to either party and that will soon come down on the moron. He will be NOWHERE with either party. He has proven he can
    t be trusted by either party. I sure will never vote for him. Can’t trust him.

  19. mzaz says:


  20. mzaz says:

    He’s jealous he lost against a Muslim and TRUMP beat the

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