Mitt Romney said something jaw-dropping about Trump, allying with Ilhan Omar in an all-out war

Longtime Trump foe Mitt Romney seems to only like President Trump when he’s running for office.

But now that he’s in the Senate, he has no need for him, and is willing to betray him.

And Romney said this jaw-dropping thing about Trump, allying with Ilhan Omar in an all-out war.

President Donald Trump made waves in recent days for declaring that politicians like Ilhan Omar, who aren’t originally from the United States, can choose to go back to their home countries if they hate the U.S.

In response, the mainstream media launched into full-on attack mode, claiming his comments are racist — with Democrat Rep. Al Green calling for his impeachment over it.

And, as it turns out, they have at least one Republican in the Senate on their side.

Utah Sen. Mitt Romney went after Trump for his comment, calling it “destructive,” and proof that Trump has “failed badly” at uniting the country.

Breitbart reports:

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) said Monday that President Donald Trump’s challenge to far-left Congresswomen to leave the United States was “destructive” and argued the president has “failed badly” at uniting the country.

“The president’s comments were destructive, demeaning, and disunifying. The President of the United States has a unique and noble calling to unite the American people – of all different races, colors, and national origins. In that respect, the president failed badly,” Romney wrote on Twitter Monday evening.

“People can disagree over politics and policy, but telling American citizens to go back to where they came from is over the line,” he added.

Romney’s remarks came after President Trump reiterated his criticism of the “squad” — made up of Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Ayanna Pressley (D-MA), and Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) — at the White House earlier Monday.

“If you’re not happy here, then you can leave,” the president said. “As far as I’m concerned, if you hate our country, if you’re not happy here, you can leave.”

Romney is certainly jealous of President Trump.

While Romney embarrassed himself by losing to former President Obama in 2012, President Trump was able to mop the floor with Hillary Clinton in 2016.

This isn’t the first time Romney has gone after Trump.

During the 2016 election, Romney claimed that Trump is racist, and went after him very harshly.

And then, when Romney chose to run for Senate, he begged the President for his support.


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147 Responses

  1. Concerned says:

    There was a time when I thought Romney was a good one to elect to a national office have since changed my mind. It seems that he can’t resist the opportunity to tear the President down. We all know that the president is sometimes over the top in his comments but we also know that he is the most open and dedicated to the USA and the American people than anyone for many years. We can expect that anyone who tears the USA down is bound to hear from President Trump rather than just sit by and do nothing. To continue to tear the President down every time he gets a chance is more evidence that he is a RINO.

  2. Jackie says:

    Mitt Romney needs to give it up as he would like to run for President and he needs to FORGET it as he is DONE! I voted for him once, but never again as we have witnessed the REAL Romney, and he is a bitter, jealous, mean, disgusting old man and he cannot takeback All the horrible things he has said about Our Favorite President Trump, and President Trump campaigned for him and he won! He would not have won if he had not had President Trumps help! I am Done with Romney and he needs to give it up!

    • GBAR says:

      So right ! Spit Romney is a globalist left over from the Bush crime family era.
      What makes him worse, he is a mormon. Mormons are not Americans, they are Mormons. They reside in America but push their own globalist agenda. They are the biggest cons of all.

    • newhon63 says:

      Mitt Romney is a waste of skin. He ran against Obama, who is nothing more than a Chicago Thug, and it’s no wonder that he lost because he wanted to run a Squeaky Clean Campaign. Doing that against the dirt bag like Barack Obama and the Democratic Party is a big mistake. Like you, I voted for Mitt Romney, but only because I didn’t want to vote for Obama.

      Even though he’s out of office, I still want Obama to answer for signing off on Hillary Clinton’s back-channel uranium deal with the Russians. they spent two and a half years and 34 million tax dollars to find there was no collusion with Trump and the Russians. Staring them in the face it’s all the Russian collusion you want from the Clintons. But nobody wants to look at that. I dream of seeing Obama and hildabeast doing a speech somewhere, have US Marshals come up hot mic moment, telling the two of them that they are under arrest for treason, handcuffed their ankles, dragging them to the black SUVs, with their bucketheads bouncing off every step on the way down.

  3. Moe says:

    not only is Mitt an idiot but if he is talking about dividing the country Omar and th squad are already doing it and have been doing it since their elections wake up Mitt if you truly believe in a united America then don’t side with the squad they are against christians and I believe as a Mormon you ae a christian they hate everything and everyone who does not agree with them that is not how you unite to unite everyone has a right to express their opinion with out being called out for it or being beat up by Antifa

  4. Al Lohn says:

    Mitt is a total idiot

  5. Wanda Frost says:

    MIT is an ASS in so many, many ways. He thinks haven awaits him, he needs to rethink that.

  6. fred schwab says:

    he needs to go up the nearest mt and stick his head up an mountain lions ASS

  7. Tim Smith says:

    Mitt is a bad replacement for Rino John MCCain. Utah, even Park City is not run of the mill extreme left of right. I voted for Mitt regretfully now after seeing how he reacts on the national scene as a Senator. I suggest Utah find a better replacement for Orrin Hatch whom I greatly respected. Mitt I suggest you move to California and run for Governor as a democrat. That would suit your temperament better.

    • Nellie McConnell says:

      CA has enough crazy people in government. We are trying to get THEM out not add another Rhino to the borders desaster that Obama created. If I remember Obama visited each South America Country, China and Africa. Don’t forget Cuba. Wonder what would have happened if Hillary would have won?! All these caravan people started coming here. Did Obama promise them open borders? They are to well dressed, clean and don’t look hungry or like they have been walking 2000 miles.
      When Trump won the election and closed the borders. There were a lot of Chinese and African people stuck in Mexico.
      Obama wasn’t deporting illegals, he was bussing them to Sancutary cities. One of the drivers for the bus company was the shooter in FL bar. He was taken off the watch list 2 months before the shooting. What was the FBI doing?
      Trump 2020
      Build the wall
      Deport Illegals
      Cortez and gang are Buddies will Muslim Brotherhood. Deport them too.
      Make Our Country great again
      Support our homeless Citizens and legal people
      Recall Newsom

  8. libra says:

    Romney will be embarrassed when he finds that Omar’s citizenship is now in question due to frauding immigration plus her marriage to her brother, fraudulent handling of campaign funds and fraud in the tax statements to Internal revenue. Maybe President Trump knows more about Omar than Romney. He suffers from hoof and mouth disease. He is a huge disappointment because he is a RINO. The distractions by this bundle of hatred for the USA are one of the reasons there has been no legislation from the House of Reps .She continually insults the President and all of his followers calling us racists and garbage.

  9. mzaz says:

    He’s jealous he lost against a Muslim and TRUMP beat the

  10. BILL GRISWOLD says:


    • Richard L Noland Ret Army and no pension says:


  11. h8aliar says:

    Romney, Kasich, Ryan. Who could ask for anything less? Thanks for nothing Utah!

  12. sheldon says:

    Mitt Romney was a loser, is a loser, and will always be a loser!

    • joann ogden says:

      You are so right. He’s not loyal to either party and that will soon come down on the moron. He will be NOWHERE with either party. He has proven he can
      t be trusted by either party. I sure will never vote for him. Can’t trust him.

  13. Max says:

    Romney is a POS and his true nature floated to the surface just like the POS
    pete frigate who hopefully has his wesite cancelled. He is not worth reading or reply to.

    • Notalib says:

      Going way back I had a fair amount of respect for him. When he lost to Obama because he appeared weak and indecisive and could not hold his own against a do nothing big talker I lost interest in him. Now he attacks Trump in spite of the good work Trump is doing so Romney, take a hike. We don’t need you nor want you in office. RINO’s like him need to go and never been seen or heard from again.

  14. Kat says:

    I think President Trump should have left out her country, but said instead there’s the door if your that unhappy feel free to leave. Omar has no right to be sitting wasting a seat in Congress. If you are so unhappy and don’t believe in this nation you should not be holding a political position. You are supposed to be trying to find ways to better the system. All she can do is criticize. And talk about racism. And wasn’t Romney called a racist during his run for president? And wasn’t George Bush called a racist when he was running? This is a go to everytime during election on democratic party. Getting really old.

    • IluvmyUSA says:

      He never named any particular country. Not only that but he said they should go back where they came from, but he also said for them to fix the problems there and COME BACK and let us know how they fixed those problems. Again, they cherry-picked his words and didn’t give the full view of what he meant.

  15. Ken Marx says:

    Romney needs to get lost! I can’t believe the generally conservative people in Utah elected such a cretin. If Obama hadn’t been such a danger to American liberty and security, I would not have voted for Romney in 2012. I most certainly would not have voted for him to “serve” as a senator.

    • Genya says:

      AGREE with you 100%,we voted for him only to get Obama out of office not because we were impressed with Romney ,we knew he stand no chance,because Romney was the the first to make Obamacare first in Massachusetts, so he had no chance to beat a lousy president like Obama!

  16. jack says:

    bitch womney, is as bad as the hollywood elites. He needs a little attention from time to time, so he comes out and says, or does something stupid. He needs to be voted out of the senate. he seems to have become the new john macain, the big ass pain.

  17. Terry says:

    I am embarrassed Mitt represents UTAH. Anybody but Mitt in in 2022.

  18. Eliot says:

    Thing is, “The Squad” had it coming because at least three members have lengthy rap sheets! Here’s an abridged version: Omar’s anti-Semitic remarks that led to a watered down version which let her get away with it! Tlaib falsely claiming that “her people” helped the Jews during the Holocaust when “her people” helped Hitler! When the duo were called out, their apologists cried Islamophobia! AOC then wrongly called the detention centers – concentration camps – which is a Slap in the Face to those affected by the Holocaust! AOC also falsely called Nancy Pelosi a racist, thus President Trump defended her!
    Maybe, if the duo received their just punishments and their apologists didn’t cry Islamophobia and if AOC didn’t play the race card with Speaker Pelosi and make the concentration camp remark, then President Trump wouldn’t have said what he said which offended Mitt Romney!

  19. Judy Stinger says:

    The American people were so right when they rejected Mitt Romney in the presidential election. He is clearly is so jealous of President Trump that he’s willing to sell the country out and the American people out. Truth be told Romney has no relevance, credibility, honesty, ethics, integrity. He’s not only doing everything treasonously possibly He can against the US and the American people but he’s proven himself to be a national disgrace and a total embarrassment to himself and his family throughout the world.

  20. Mike says:

    I think President Trump and the democrats and people like mitt are polarizing the country pretty well. Every time they say something stupid, more people move to the Republicans van side.

    • IluvmyUSA says:

      People are just plain stupid for the most part and they were like that long before Trump got in office. All you need do is look at their Democrat voting choices to see whose still in office and what have they accomplished since being in office for the past 20, 30, 40 years. Trump has accomplished more in two years than three presidents 24 years combined. Would one not be judged stupid for not getting on board with the TRUMP TRAIN? Going against something that works as good as Trump’s policies would have to be deemed stupid.

  21. Sue Barr says:

    Just because Trump is not a smarmy, sneaky, self-centered swamp dweller like all the other career politicians in Washington, some of you think he is a failure. Well, he and most Americans don’t live by the criminal code of ethics that the majority of Washington D.C. elite elected officials live by. Mitt Romney has absolutely no business passing judgment on the sitting President; Mitt Romney is a hypocrite of the rarest breed like so many others in Washington D.C.

    • Dora says:

      The penguin is just a jealous RINO he is a taker he goes and begs for a job and when he doesn’t get he cries and need to borrow the diaper from Omar. Her diaper is big enough she could share with the penguin when Trump won he wanted to be appointed to a position in the Trump Admin. and when Trump said no he started bad mouthing him. When he decided to run for office in Utah who did he turn to for endorsement if it was to Trump that damn penguin is such a two face BASTARD I don’t have any idea why the people of Utah voted for him he ruin MA.

    • robert says:

      Mitt Romney is a Poor Loser , had his chance and blew it and now wants to be Relevant ? He can join the Democrats n Ran for President, or Run as an independent or act like a loyal Soldier and just follow the Leader

  22. Robert Maguire says:

    Mitt Romney is a RINO Scab on the ass of American society.

  23. Leo says:

    You know I’m ashamed of Mitt Romney he just makes me sick he is still pissed off about 2012 now is the time we are supposed to work together not fight. If you can’t figure this out its about time you get on your knees and kiss the Mormon Presidents ring and hand then not bitch all of the time. you flat out make me want to vomit. Its bad enough that we had McCain now we have you. The people in Utah sure went down hill when they voted you into office. Quit trying run your own agenda and think at least of the people for a change. If this is how you strive to become a God and want to have your own Cloud with living and deceased spirits then finish the job and finish selling yourself to the devil because he’s already got your heart.

  24. Lynn says:

    Mitt Romney is a TRAITOR to this country!! Democrats think that its OK to bad mouth our duly elected President and to call everyone that supports Trump a Racist or Nazi. I think that the majority of Americans are tired of these people, with their Spoiled Child attitude. I agree 100%, if you don’t like it here, get the Hell out. That includes you Mitt the Mutt Romney. You are the definition of loser. You act more like the Anti-Christ than a God fearing man. Maybe God sees you as a TRAITOR also

  25. gaga says:

    It is the only way this pathetic turd thinks he can stay “relevant” …. idiot!!!!

  26. Peter Podolak says:

    Mitt was and still is idiot and he never get it. He lost to worst president ever and doing like no brain no pain. He should resign. Utah voters get in senses and do not vote for looser! You do not want to be associate with no brainier.

  27. Larry says:

    Mitt Romney is a asshole and a jealous loser

  28. Mike Flanagan says:

    Mit the swamp boat hero wow

  29. Agnes says:

    I am in my mid-90’s…Our country is dying…and the “killer’s” are people like Mitt Romney & those “supposed” congresswomen…If they are not happy in the U.S. of America, RETURN to your HOMELAND…HOW IS IT THAT THEY WERE VOTED INTO OUR LAND’S HIGHEST OFFICES?? They most certainly are NOT working FOR America! They are leading us into CIVIL WAR!!

  30. OrangeManFan says:

    I had hoped Mitt Romney could beat President Obama and I voted for him but I don’t think Mr. Romney seriously tried to win that election. I think he consciously didn’t try to compete. He is worse than a RINO. He is a phony.

  31. Eric says:

    trump is not a good person. Even his erstwhile supporters admit that. He has ruined his family name forever.

    • Cody says:

      Eric, you must be about 20 years old and brainwashed or have a very low IQ….I’ve been a registered democrat for over 50 years and Trump is the BEST president in my life time…HE says everything a true, hard working American would say and I’m proud of him for standing up for all Americans and telling it like it is…The once great democrat party is DEAD…It’s now the COMMUNIST democrat party…I’ve fought wars against the communist and now they are here in the US thanks to the democrat party…Trump is a far better person than Obama and his gang of thugs!!!!

      • art facteau says:

        Cody, good for you, glad you had the ability to see for yourself WTF is actually going on, and break away from the BS. Wish there were more like you, that would simply just do the research for themselves, and not just take what they were told at face, and accept it as truth.

  32. Ross says:

    Now we have five little bitch ass skanks

  33. DonRS says:

    Romney is such a bitter, petty, useless, incompetent BOOB, attempting to become another John McCain. They are similar in many ways, particularly in the category of NO CHARACTER!

  34. George says:

    Here is Mitt who couldn’t stand up to Barry trying to tell us about THE GREATEST PRESIDENT WE HAVE ANOTHER THAN ABE LINCOLN. If he had half the fight against Barry that He has against PRESIDENT TRUMP he could have been President. What a tallywacker!!!

  35. Chuck says:

    First, Romney is the product of A**holism. That’s been well documented over many years. Second, that the folks in Utah voted this dick smear back into office, gives one serious concerns over their collective mental health. Lastly, his opinions upon anything are irrelevant.

  36. Tim says:

    Mitt needs to be voted out.

  37. Sam R says:

    Go Mitt!! Side with the “quad squad”!! They will teach you what racism is. Politically you are dead!!! Not even worthy of any further comment.

  38. Jenni B says:

    I will not bash Romney, but I was proud that Trump finally voiced what a lot of Americans are doing. If you hate America, then leave. So simple.

    • Gwen Kaiser says:

      I don’t have a problem bashing that loser. He needs to take his a…. home. I don’t know who would vote for him to start with.

  39. Robert Glade says:

    I voted yes, but what I really think is Romney is a loser.

  40. H Richard Penn says:

    He now says if you disparage America leave. He ran his campaign trashing the USA as not an exceptional country and not a great country. He spoke of “American carnage” and labelled this country a “laughingstock.” Because he clearly did not love America, pursuant to his own stated belief, he should have left. We would all be better off, including his millions of worshiping sycophants .

    • fettiplace bellers says:

      you must have missed his campaign. he said none of those things. he just said that his policies would fix certain problems obama had caused. and he did.

  41. Robert C Whitten says:

    Mitt – a bully and a coward! Run for dog catcher!

  42. Terry says:

    I’m sorry but as an X Mormon, of 50 years, I’m going to point out what I noticed with many Mormon’s, they will push you out of the boat if it meant them getting ahead. Some stick together but it’s a popularity contest. Most are very nice people, dedicated to the Church, not necessarily God.

  43. Cool Apple says:

    Romney is a snake. Anything he says will not affect Trump’s base. We were wise to him years ago.

  44. Vicki Martin says:

    Romney is quoted saying for President Trump to hear foreigners political dirt on opponents is “simply unthinkable”. Is he unaware the Democratic elite paid for a BRITISH (ie foreign) dossier fantasizing the Trump campaign “colluded with Russians in the 2016 election”? This two year distraction found NO COLLUSION and cost US $35 Million—charges still escalating in Democratic controlled congressional committee “investigations”.
    Romney seems unaware President Obama’s lobbying trip to London and the UK to tell voters to not BREXIT. Obama’s interference in their referendum cost UK taxpayers £ 1,668,650 (over a million and half pounds) and a deployment of 4,268 Metropolitan police officers. This waste backfired and Brits still chose to leave the EU.
    The 20 century had a gradual trend of combatants outside war parameters: Nazis bombed citizens of Guernica in the Spanish Civil War creating the London Blitz and retaliation bombing of German cities, Viet Cong looked like civilians, now bombing civilians in the PREFERRED method of islamic jihadists.
    Is globalist Obama the instigator of a 21 century trend of interfering in foreign elections?
    Romney would do well to remember Mark Twain’s dictum “I prefer to keep my mouth shut and allow others to think I’m a fool rather than open it and confirm the suspicion”.
    This carpet bagging senator is an embarrassment.
    Vicki Martin
    Clearfield, UT 84015

    • Anita says:

      I agree. Why is is ruining our state? It’s pretty weird that Hatch states he wouldn’t retire unless the carpetbagger gets his seat. Then he gets it. Something fishy here because most didn’t vote for him. He’s an embarrassment and needs to go back where he came from. A summer house doesn’t make him a resident.

    • Terry says:

      I’m going to say it, typical of most Mormon’s. (Coming from an X Mormon)

  45. Coldcowboy says:

    Romney is a fence riding AH!!!!!!!!!

  46. June says:

    Betrayal. He took his money when he was running for president. Total loser.

  47. Jo says:

    I don’t think the comments were racist at all…. The oeoole who chose to hate our country from prominent positions should change their attitudes or step down..
    I think they are the bullies…..

    • Mary Rose Leazer says:

      What I’d like to ask & explain to the people who are criticizing President Trump for being divisive and not bringing the nation together as Mitt Romney just did, is “who it is that hates everything about the President” how do you make peace with people who want to destroy not only him but our country. I agree with the President, if you don’t like our country, you are free to leave and live wherever you would prefer.

  48. Robert powell says:

    mit the mut has ALLWAYS BEEN A FENCER,which way is the wind blowing ? just follow this idiot. he has NO MORAL COMPASS, WHAT IS IN IT FOR HIM. that is all he worrys about. WHO HAS THE MOST LOOSE-MONEY LAYING AROUND? GOOD OLE SOROS, mit’s bestest buddy. mormon’s are anti-american and have been for many years. they ruined the south pacific islanders,and if given a half a chance they would destroy america.

  49. Alan Wright says:

    I’ve never had any use for Romney, and have even less now. And I’m NOT a fan of Trump’s. Having said all of that, neither am I a Liberal/Democrat. I did not vote for Trump in the last election — and neither did I vote for that Clinton “bit_ _”
    ah, excuse me,
    that other person — and I use that term “person”, very freely!

    A wasted vote? If that pleases you! But I’m not going to vote for someone that I have no faith in! It’s not my fault if neither of these political parties can’t find a candidate worth voting for and I’m NOT going to cast a vote, just to back a particular “Party”.

    My idea of “voting for the person of your choice”, is exactly that. Not someone else’s choice!

  50. Craig Crosby says:

    A clear case of Trump Derangement Syndrome there Mitt.

  51. Jay says:

    I supported Romney/Ryan when they ran for president. Lesson learned!! Omg – was I fooled.
    Both Romney and Ryan turned out to be huge liberal lying RINOS!!
    Both, I feel , have disgraced the USA . I guess you don’t change the spots on a RINO.
    Trump,2020. Our only hope!!

  52. Romney is unequivocally, absolutely, positively a R.I.N.O. I’m actually glad he lost to Obama, not that I cared that much for Obama either (that’s a whole other subject). Romney would have been left wing president… he has no gonads!!

  53. Harvey Schneider AKA conservativeone says:

    Mike Romney looks physically ill adding to his spiritual illness.

    He needs our prayers before he gets put into a strait jacket.

  54. Hey Romney, your a RINO, you should take your Half Breed Family and leave the country. You have always been a “NESTING COCKROACH”.

  55. Robert says:

    Romney says that the President is not unifying the country? I suppose Romney thinks that Obama DID?
    I disagree, everyone thinks the President is correct ,that the 4 traitors,( make that 5 if you include Romney)
    absolutely need to leave the country! We would be better of without them! And take the rest of the Demorats with them!

  56. The problem with Romney, he thinks the U.S. is his best audiance. He will suck after attention, no matter who gets hurt. His bigest problem is himself. He should have won in 2012. He was battling a definate looser. I guess that he is a bigger one. I am gald that he lost, because it set the stage for President Trump to walk all over the Clinions. Ialso believe that his previous accomplishments were bogus. I did vote for him but right now I have the same respect for hin, as Obama Opercent.

  57. Diane says:

    Was a loser as a Governor, a loser as a Presidential candidate, a loser as a Conservative, and is still a loser. Will always be a loser, I don’t get too excited about comments from losers and cry-babies.

  58. Mary Johnson says:

    Romney like the rest that lost to President Trump is sour grapes.

  59. Hal Lemoyne says:

    mitt romney isn’t a US citizens

    and I doubt he ever was!!!

  60. JEAN f CRAIG says:


  61. Vickie says:

    In my opinion Mitt Romney is in bed with the deep state that is for the rich and status quo. He didn’t deserve to be our president and should never have been elected to the senate.

  62. President Trump was correct in criticizing the four wind bags of the Dem party: Mitt was wrong again in blaming OUR President for making a strong complaint against the FOUR anti-American jackasses. NOW there are 5 jackasses.


      good one Palmer!

      • SweetOlBob says:

        Off subject, but the headline of this article features another “dropped jaw”.
        Please tell Mrs. Joneses third grade class to stop insulting us by writing these stupid remarks.
        You’ll never be promoted to the fourth grade unless you can come up with some “Bombshell” of different descriptive titles for your misnamed drivel.
        The ever reoccurring use of these false and tired titles is “STOOPUD” with a capital STOO !

  63. mike says:

    What about the Jews, Mitt? where were you when these female dirt bags attacked the Jews and Israel?

  64. Bill says:

    Trump’s comment about Omar was not a racist one it was a factual one. People have gotten so in the mindset of political correctness they can’t see the truth in front of them. Omar’s County that she is originally from is in turmoil. Omar since in office has been presenting herself very anti-American so Trump only stated the fact that since she is so anti-American why doesn’t she go back to where she came from and try and help that Country. Plain and simple. People stuck in PC mode read way to much into things. PC is a major downfall in the World today. Those PC people have totally forgotten and now never learned how to take someone for the words and meaning a person says. They feel the urge to PC analyze every word said which then appease there need at the time.

  65. Lisa says:

    Mitt Romney will whatever why the wind blows, no balls just worthless. Won’t ever get elected again.

  66. Laurie says:

    What a disappointment you are Mitt! We all saw how you backed down when you were running against obama, afraid to stand for any of your convictions….if you have any! How can you side with any of the anti-American sentiments that those females spew. There are women, strong women, that you could stand behind, but these are not them. By agreeing with these anti-American sentiments, you yourself are stating that you are anti-American…..Do you really mean to side with anti Americans, or are you just so full of hate that you take every opportunity to try to knock down our president? Either way, SHAME on YOU !

    • Alan Wright says:

      Laurie, excuse me, please, but the whole damn field is “a disappointment”! Neither party seems capable of putting up anyone worth voting for.

      How does that old joke go; What happens if we have an election for President—-and no one shows up? I think we’re there.

      • Vicki says:

        You can just stay on your little island then. Anyone awake the last 2.5 years knows Trump has done great things for our country. Your last comment was totally ridiculous, not worthy of a response.

  67. Jack says:

    Maybe Mitt should just go ahead and change parties and be done with it. Once thought Mitt may have been good for the country but seems he is out to destroy rather than help.

  68. Jane C Dewberry says:

    Is anyone really surprised that Sen. Romney would align himself with such as the “Four Ladies of the Apocolypse”? Unfortunately for us, Sen. Romney, like a former and now deceased Sen. McCain, is suffering from sour grapes due to the fact that he was unable to win the presidency when he ran in 2012, but Trump had no problem winning in 2016. Like McCain, Romney suffers from and is controlled by his enormous ego. He simply cannot comprehend why a man like Trump could easily win in 2016 when he didn’t even come close in 2012. Living in a self-absorbed delusional bubble like he’s created for himself, he finds it hard to believe that American citizens would want a man like Trump, who behaves in such an “un-presidential’ manner, residing in the White House, while he, an elitist arrogant egotistical RINO, has been relegated to holding a single seat in the Senate. Let’s face it, being the “junior” senator from Utah is a step down for Mr. Romney and definitely not what he thinks he deserves. Well, Mr. Junior Senator, the American people are sick and tired of politicians such as you. You are part of the problem rather than the solution. In your arrogance, you feel you know better than those who put you in office. You are a member of the elitist group of “swamp dwellers” that we want to eliminate from our government. We don’t want to listen to your voice anymore, we want you to listen to ours.

  69. Steve says:

    Romney has been a warped , traitorous , treasonous , liberal cretin from way back – He can not EVER be trusted .

    • drscot says:

      I disagree on one point: he CAN be ‘trusted’ to accept President Trump’s endorsements such as when HE (Romney) was running for President. Why did he fail to reject his endorsement at that time?

  70. Irene says:

    Mitt Romney is for himself. He will set his intentions to run if he can backstab his party and Trump. Not a party supporter. He is behind Omar’s hate for HIS COUNTRY, TOO! Way to go Mitt! How disappointing you are.

  71. Blue says:

    romney, what a waste!

  72. Philip says:

    Mitt Romney is ablooming IDIOT he should be put on the list for the rest of his life worthless and crazy as a run over ???? nuf said.

    • Edith says:

      This man is a terrible person .he is so jealous because the American people didn’t want,him to be the president for he is not smart enough to run a country .this shows what kind of Christian he is when he was so great to trump until he got his job in the Senate .he like the 4 ladies needs to be removed from our government .

  73. Royce Hamer says:

    Mitt Romney is so stupid he does not know he is stupid. Claiming that getting in the face of 4 people that show hatred for the USA is not racist in any reasonable interpretation. Trump is saying what I would like to say to these corrupt and hateful bags of trash. Carry on Trump you are no backstabbing Obama, keep us strong. Fight back to this trash. MY QUESTION IS WHO AND WHY DID SOMEONE VOTE FOR THESE.

  74. Will says:

    Mitt Romney your a Chicken ” S ” Rino Traitor , now your siding with this Anti- American Raghead Witch Omar , hit the road Mitt go live over there in Sandland , I’m sure you’ll enjoy being in the old Goat Herd boy , Romney your Anti American , up yours dumbass !!!

  75. Tomas Flores says:

    it is people like Romey that give Mormons a bad name

  76. john says:

    This man seems to be a nice enough man. H was voted into office by Rublicans/conservatives, and he has all of these shi*** things to say. One has to wonder what in the world he hopes to accomplish for himself by doing this and saying these things. He can’t hop to be trusted by anybody in America ever again.
    He needs to just keep his mouth shut. Some one once said, if you don’t have anything worthwhile to say, just don’t say anything…

    • Steve Potvin says:

      It’s called defending your country , snowflake .Just how stupid are you? These people are out to destroy our country.

  77. Doug says:

    Mitt’s underware have squeezed off his manhood and He is joining the women .

  78. James Moore says:

    Mitt I voted for you. I really regret that. You are what they made up the term RINO. Same goes for that little Twit Paul Ryan.

    • Marie Bergeron, DDS says:

      I have wondered why conservatives would ever have voted for that man. You must have voted for him because you did not know what he is and the stupid things he has done, for MANY years. I hope you know better now, but, really, study those people before you vote again. Good luck to you, you seem to be very concerned for our wonderful country. tks

  79. Army Vet says:

    As a Mormon and veteran, I am ashamed of Romney. I am glad that I don’t live in Utah.

  80. Cookie says:

    Trump NEVER MENTIONED THEM BY NAME until he brought up what OHAN said about 911, evidently they have guilty minds, THEY KNEW EXACTLY WHO HE MEANT.

  81. Lin says:

    I think Mitt Romney is being a big whiney baby

    • Amoney says:

      Think again. He’s a Republican not a tRumpican! He’s an intelligent man with morals and scruples. 3 things tRump knows nothing about!

      • Mike Pepper says:

        Sending USA haters back to their own country has nothing to do with morals, scruples or intelligence that mr romney may have. Definitely democrats have none of the above. Trumpican. Now that’s the Ticket. You go girl.

      • David says:

        No he’s not a Republican he sides with the idiot towel head and if you’re so stupid you can’t see what a great President he has been. We really don’t want you in our party

  82. John Galt says:

    Romney is a jackass (or this an insult to jackasses).

  83. Anna says:

    MITT the SH!T is always opening his pie hole and spewing CR@P, the only reason he is siding with one of the 4 AMIGOS is because she is popular among liberal left wing nuts, he would side with the devil if need be. He has always been a thorn in everyone’s side, he’s like a dreadful disease, NO CURE and IT WON’T GO AWAY

  84. Mike plude says:

    Good comments espially rag head mooslim

    • Amoney says:

      Racist much!! Clearly by the postings this is a tRumpican site. tRump likes uneducated people. Now we know why! Can’t think for themselves, just spew garbage like him. I’ve got an idea for you people. Grow a brain!

      • donald harris says:

        amoney, i am a cpa. u think cpa’s are not educated? what are your credentials? how educated are you. or maybe your what we call an educated IDIOT.

      • h8aliar says:

        Well there “Amoney”, all you have accomplished with your post is prove education doesn’t fix stupid.

  85. Clovis says:

    MITT, the PITT. MITT is a REAL PITT! A PITANCE! A Has-Been of YESTERDAY”S NEWS. He could have been elected President had he had any real ca-hones.

  86. Junius says:

    Mitt Romney, is a self worshiping Democrat, who is jealous of President Trump. He would not ever be a real man, it ios time for him to go home where ever that is, and shut his pie hole!

  87. Patty says:

    “Utah Sen. Mitt Romney went after Trump for his comment, calling it “destructive,” and proof that Trump has “failed badly” at uniting the country. ” Unbelievable! And they think what they are doing is uniting this country?? They are constantly stirring the pot and distracting from doing anything at all that benefits this country.

  88. Gail Arneman says:

    The President was not speaking to all Muslims when he made that statement about going back to their home country – he was speaking to one person. But Romney’s pulling the Media’s trick and making a hysterical, generalized accusation and giving the wrong impression.
    At least until Romney needs another favor.

  89. T. Bell says:

    Mitt Romney isa bigger scumbag than AOC or the rag head muslim bitch from Sudan !

  90. Mike says:

    Bet the state that he represents is no longer proud of electing an idiot

  91. Romney is a RINO just like McCain was they both voted against the republicans on every thing. I just don’t understand the voters of Utah now they are stuck with this asshole for four years of going against the republican party.

  92. Vasu Murti says:

    Trump really is saying, “America: love it or leave it!” Where have we heard that one before? Conservatives espouse a “My country, right or wrong” philosophy and won’t tolerate dissent. Liberals say, “My country, when right (correct) to be kept right (correct), and when wrong to be put right (i.e., corrected).”

    During times of war, liberals sport t-shirts and bumper stickers saying, “Peace is patriotic,” and “Dissent is the highest form of patriotism.”

    “America did not invent human rights. In a very real sense… human rights invented America.” — Jimmy Carter

    “I saw courage both in the Vietnam War and in the struggle to stop it. I learned that patriotism includes protest, not just military service.” – John Kerry

    • Doug says:

      United we stand we don’t pick and choose the laws we want to obey. If you seem to be swimming downstream when all others are going upstream. You may need to go to another country where there is always milk and Honey!

  93. Frederick A Trunk says:

    Mitt Romney is not only jealous of Trump, but he is a wimp. If he ever got in office, the democraps would walk all over him and whip up the floor with him.
    Mitt needs to turn democrate or shut up.

  94. Timothy Toroian says:

    What is Mitt smoking? You don’t bring people together with those four, you must attempt to bring to other people but you know that ain’t goona with the mouths they have. And their Anti-American anti-Semitic notions.

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