Mitt Romney left jaws on the ground with this 2020 announcement

After Mitt Romney voted to convict the President on one of the Democrats’ articles of impeachment everyone immediately wondered what it meant for Romney’s immediate political future.

Some wondered if Romney was setting himself up to challenge the President.

But Mitt Romney left jaws on the ground with this 2020 announcement.

Mitt Romney’s political career is best summed up by describing the Never-Trump RINO as a political chameleon who adopts whatever stripes he needs to in order to survive the current moment.

In 1994, Romney ran for Senate against Ted Kennedy as the most pro-abortion candidate in the race and vocally opposed Ronald Reagan only to claim in his 2012 Presidential campaign that he was “severely conservative.”

In that 2012 campaign, Romney accepted Donald Trump’s endorsement only to turn around and stab Trump in the back during the 2016 race by becoming the founding father of the Never-Trump movement.

Romney’s shape-shifting was on display again during a panel discussion at the Munich Security conference.

An attendee asked Romney if the Republican Party would move towards Romney’s Barack Obama-like globalist position on trade.

Romney responded that he did not know because now that Trump is the head of the Republican Party the GOP is taking a pro-America position on trade.

The Utah Senator claimed that although he could not predict which direction the GOP would move in the future he did feel confident in stating the President would win re-election.

“I can’t possibly predict what the future is in my party. I did not predict that President Trump would become President Trump,” Romney said.

Romney claimed that Trump would win re-election because the Democrats were likely to nominate Bernie Sanders – who in Romney’s mind was unelectable.

“I can tell you I think it’s likely he will get reelected. Not because he’s highly popular, but because I think the Democrats are not going to nominate someone who’ll be a very effective competitor.”

Some Americans wondered how Romney could vote to remove the President from office because he was a danger to the republic and the turn around and confidently assert the President would win re-election.

If the President deserved to be removed from office then Romney should do everything in his power to defeat the President in 2020.

Instead, Romney just reverted to the rudderless political hack who will do and say anything to survive politically.

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71 Responses

  1. Mac says:

    Romney is a dipstick. Just like a washed up actor. Spout off a bunch of 💩

  2. William A. Thompson says:

    Utah needs to recall Romney’s senate seat, talk about a turncoat RINO, he is as unpredictable as wet gun powder!

  3. Chuck says:

    Romney is correct about Donald Trump winning a second term, but NOT for the reason he stated.

  4. Sandra says:

    Romney is so jealous of Trump and whining about his not being elected President, thank goodness. He has proven he would have been a weakling and a flop as a President He would
    have given Carter a run for the most pathetic President. Incapable of handling the job. It is time for Romney just pack it up and disappear. No one wants hear his whining and see his face. Go away and stay away.

  5. Shasha says:

    Romney is jealous. Trump is an awesome president. Romney was not good for a president. Romney can’t control is jealousy? He wants to be a RHINO which no one will vote for it seems.

  6. Mac says:

    Jerry Moore
    ???? would love to help

  7. Helga says:

    Romney, we have one thing to say, our President is much more popular than you can ever hope to be! Coward, Traitor and Flip-Flopper come to mind when you are mentioned!

  8. leonard parisian says:

    Yhe whole stinking Democratic party are crook and thieves. The Democrats are a disgrace to the United States. Vote them out or loose this country. BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Nr says:

    Bella Pelosi, better known as Dracula. Sneaked in a 1 billion Dollar funding for Plan Parenthood (The abortion factory) in the Coronavirus bill. Never let a crisis go to waste is one of the Demoncrat 10 Satan Commandments.

    Wuhan Virus AKA: Coronavirus weaponized by China and their treasonous Godless demoncratic Commie party and cohorts to crash the greatest US economy ever! And to take down the greatest president ever, President Trump!! Keep up the great work President Trump! 2020 and beyond! From the Patriots of a Commie Demoncrat free America!

  10. Jerry Moore says:

    Mayor Pete should be removed from all military benefits he is not a veteran in any way
    He is nothing but a deplorable misfit with no value for this country

  11. Jerry Moore says:

    In reply to all radical deplorable actors and actresses you have a right if you are registered to vote for your choice but your slimy opinion on who is best should be flushed down the stool in particular Madonna and DiNero I would personally love to slap the life out of you with pleasure

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