Mitt Romney crossed over to the Democrats with this election announcement

Utah RINO Senator Mitt Romney has been lying in wait to sandbag Donald Trump this election.

Romney found his moment to betray the President.

And Mitt Romney crossed over to the Democrats with this election announcement.

On Tuesday, Mitt Romney released a statement attacking President Trump for factual criticism of Kamala Harris, for Barack Obama getting caught spying on his campaign, and Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer for falsely accusing President Trump of being a racist after Trump’s Justice Department foiling a plot against her.

In his statement, Romney offered a subtle endorsement of Joe Biden by falsely claiming Joe Biden did not engage in name calling or below the belt attacks against the President.

Romney blatantly lied about the President.

In the first debate, Joe Biden called Trump a clown.

During an interview on MSNBC, Biden compared President Trump to Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels.

Romney made sure not to include Biden in his attacks on overheated political rhetoric because Romney supports Joe Biden and wants him to win the election.

Once Biden wins the election, Romney will make his move to put his establishment pals back in charge of the GOP.

Romney and the swamp RINOs will then collaborate with President Biden on amnesty, globalist trade deals, and putting the Hillary Clinton-Barack Obama foreign policy back into police.

Mitt Romney became the first Senator in American history to vote to convict a President from his own party on articles of impeachment.

Romney entered the Senate to destroy Donald Trump’s Presidency and take the GOP back to the McCain/Romney Republican Party.

And what Romney failed to do on impeachment he hopes to accomplish by boosting Joe Biden.

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