Mitt Romney betrayed President Trump with this impeachment double-cross

Never-Trump RINO Mitt Romney finally showed his true colors.

Romney kept his cards close to the vest on impeachment until the very last moment.

And then Mitt Romney betrayed President Trump with this impeachment double-cross.

On Wednesday, the Senate held their vote to acquit President Trump.

This was expected to be another one of the President’s triumphs as all Republican united to reject what Donald Trump calls a sham impeachment.

But then Mitt Romney threw a monkey wrench into the plans.

Romney proved once and for all that his loyalty was to the fake news media.

Shortly after Romney announced his intention to convict the President on the impeachment article on abuse of power, glowing interviews profiling his decision appeared in the Washington Post, The Atlantic, and Fox News.

“There’s no question that the president asked a foreign power to investigate his political foe,” Romney told Amazon’s Washington Post. “That he did so for a political purpose, and that he pressured Ukraine to get them to do help or to lead in this effort. My own view is that there’s not much I can think of that would be a more egregious assault on our Constitution than trying to corrupt an election to maintain power. And that’s what the president did.”

Trump supporters immediately denounced Romney as a bitter coward and traitor.

The President’s son even demanded the Senate GOP expel Romney from the caucus.

“Mitt Romney is forever bitter that he will never be POTUS. He was too weak to beat the Democrats then so he’s joining them now. He’s now officially a member of the resistance & should be expelled from the @GOP,” Donald Trump Jr. tweeted.

Romney’s act of betrayal will not be forgotten.

There is already an effort underway in the Utah legislature to recall Romney and replace him with an actual Republican Senator.

The President has yet to weigh in, but it would not surprise anyone to see the President insist Republicans expel RINO Mitt Romney from the Republican caucus.

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