Mitt Romney announced one unthinkable threat to Donald Trump

Mitt Romney is announcing the comeback no one in America wanted.

The anti-Trump RINO is declaring he will run for Senate in Utah.

And it could lead to a challenge to Trump that no one could have believed.

With Romney entering the Utah Senate race, he will be the prohibitive favorite for victory.

That’s not where the suspense lies.

It’s what he does after he gets sworn in that has Washington abuzz.

The #NeverTrump GOP establishment will be looking for a standard bearer and Romney fits that bill.

Some anti-Trump RINO will challenge the President for the nomination.

The Swamp will do everything in their power to deny Trump a second term.

And establishment kingmakers will view Romney – with his vast fundraising network – as their top choice.

But running in a Republican primary is likely to be a suicide mission.

Trump retains the overwhelming support of rank-and-file Republicans and conservative activists.

Would Romney be willing to stage a failed Presidential campaign for the third time?

Others have speculated that Romney will move into Senate leadership and challenge Trump from the inside.

Romney represents the open borders, globalist-minded donor class that is not loyal to America.

The big shots need an inside man to fight their battles for amnesty, international trade deals, selling out American sovereignty to global institutions and launching foreign wars.

If Romney shoved aside Mitch McConnell as Majority Leader, he would be well positioned to wave the flag for the establishment’s globalist agenda.

Either way, Romney in the Senate will be a challenge to Donald Trump and the conservative movement.

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31 Responses

  1. BD says:

    Mitt is a flip-flopping arsewhole! Can’t stand him . Didn’t vote for him and wouldn’t again. He needs to just slither away. Does he really believe he is doing anything worthwhile in congress? He is just as worse as any Dumbocraps.

  2. ROGER says:

    I am not a political person, but merely a concerned retiree, proud Air Force vet and part of the long left out silent majority. Influenced by my depression grandparents and 6 uncles that served during the second world war, then Vietnam with a brother. We do not need to change our Constitution and Christian Beliefs to improve on the best and kindest country in the world. What we need to do is drain the swamp and get back to The American Ideals that allow even a Romney, McCain, Ryan, and Joe Biden, to make the news at all. The Clinton approach has migrated to many in politics today. LET,S STOP IT NOW ||||||

  3. Bigiron says:

    Mitt Romney is just another RINO Republican “establishment” hack loser and a “minion” of the Bush cabal. He ran for President in 2012 to block Ron Paul and to insure an Obama a 2nd term. He appears to have been involved in the theft of the Lee Wanta funds in some way.

  4. Stan L says:

    Yes, but Romney’s fear of “possibly” not being politically correct with Obama scared the dickens out of him. His best move in all of that was what you identified….The “fold.”

  5. Stan L says:

    Bob: Pelosi gained the House seat she’s had a lock on by the overwhelming votes for her in Democrat wards of her CA district. She has never undergone a national referendum. Name a few of those Democrat characters from California, and you can’t find much worse. Then, they get into position to affect national politics via power in the House of Reps.

  6. Stan L says:

    Romney is gutless, he will always wait to see what others are in favor of and then he goes along. Besides, he wants to run for the Senate seat as a Utah resident. He maintains he’s a resident of MA & UT! He was already a Governor of Massachusetts, and the man who brought the original compulsory health insurance to that liberal state. It was the forerunner of Obamacare and that idea is a loser. For sure, Romney fits into “The Swamp” and we don’t need another “Swamp Creature!”

  7. Steven says:

    Just remember when you go out to vote, Romney hates the deplorable voters and we should treat him as we did Hillary. With a defeat. But who knows how the morons think, ah Mormons think.

  8. Steven Coy says:


  9. Bob Hunt says:

    Right on Stan I’m glad to see that someone else is paying attention! We have far too many voters who never even attempt to get the facts! Its sort of like Pelosi said “I had to vote for it to see what is in it”!

  10. Bob Hunt says:

    Romney is like a mosquito which keeps coming back until you swat it! I believe the people of Utah are smart enough to realize that Romney with all the baggage that he carries will not have a chance against the best President we’ve had in decades! If the rest of the people who act like Romney would quit throwing rocks at Trump and let him do his job he would have this Country back where it should be in no time!

  11. Stan L says:

    Mitt Romney is a “carpetbagger” who will try to enter politics in any place that would have him. It’s hard to believe that out of the entire Utah population, the Utah Republican Party would allow a man from MA to run for the U.S. Senate from Utah. Romney claims that his entire extended family lives in Utah, but is that a qualifier for a former Governor of MA to seek federal office representing Utah? Sen. Hatch was a native of Utah, he represented his state at the U.S. Senate. Romney has had no such past, apart from being a Mormon, and the Mormon Church is centered from Salt Lake City, Utah. Romney also entertained vying for a job in the Trump Administration, which while Trump took time to speak with Romney, Trump decided against him. Trump knew that Romney was a “Never Trump”guy when Trump was campaigning and had nothing to say but negativity about Trump. I think Romney sees a possibility of serving in the U.S.Senate, as a prelude to gathering credits to run for President. But, as he allowed Obama to handle him, easily, he impressed me as a guy who was used to having things handed to him, and flinched if a time came in which he, Romney” had to be tough and fight. Frankly, I believe Romney, whose MA mandatory health insurance was a model for Obamacare, meaning his plan and Obama’s were terrible flops, does not have “the guts” to be a political leader.

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