Mitt Romney announced one unthinkable threat to Donald Trump

Mitt Romney is announcing the comeback no one in America wanted.

The anti-Trump RINO is declaring he will run for Senate in Utah.

And it could lead to a challenge to Trump that no one could have believed.

With Romney entering the Utah Senate race, he will be the prohibitive favorite for victory.

That’s not where the suspense lies.

It’s what he does after he gets sworn in that has Washington abuzz.

The #NeverTrump GOP establishment will be looking for a standard bearer and Romney fits that bill.

Some anti-Trump RINO will challenge the President for the nomination.

The Swamp will do everything in their power to deny Trump a second term.

And establishment kingmakers will view Romney – with his vast fundraising network – as their top choice.

But running in a Republican primary is likely to be a suicide mission.

Trump retains the overwhelming support of rank-and-file Republicans and conservative activists.

Would Romney be willing to stage a failed Presidential campaign for the third time?

Others have speculated that Romney will move into Senate leadership and challenge Trump from the inside.

Romney represents the open borders, globalist-minded donor class that is not loyal to America.

The big shots need an inside man to fight their battles for amnesty, international trade deals, selling out American sovereignty to global institutions and launching foreign wars.

If Romney shoved aside Mitch McConnell as Majority Leader, he would be well positioned to wave the flag for the establishment’s globalist agenda.

Either way, Romney in the Senate will be a challenge to Donald Trump and the conservative movement.

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