Mitch McConnell went on Fox News and admitted this giant defeat to Donald Trump

Mitch McConnell tried to use impeachment to expel Donald Trump from the Republican Party.

But no one saw what happened next coming.

And then Mitch McConnell went on Fox News and admitted this giant defeat to Donald Trump.

After the impeachment trial, McConnell blistered Trump in a speech claiming he was morally responsible for the January 6 riot and strongly hinted that Trump should face criminal charges.

Trump fired back with a statement blasting McConnell as a hack who could not lead the GOP back to victory with a “swamp first” agenda.

The media efforts to play this up like it was a civil war in the GOP fizzled.

McConnell’s plan to exploit impeachment to purge Trump and his voters from the GOP imploded as Trump was acquitted and Republican voters stood with Trump.

No one in Washington, D.C. can read polls or judge the political winds better than Mitch McConnell.

And in an interview on Fox News Special Report, McConnell beat a hasty retreat and sang on a different tune.

“If the President was the party’s nominee would you support him?” host Brett Baier asked.

“The nominee of the party?” McConnell asked and then answered his own questions by declaring, “Absolutely.”

No one had ever seen McConnell retreat from a fight quicker than this.

McConnell still hates Trump and wants to seize control of the GOP back for the Bush/McCain/Romney establishment.

But McConnell also knows that around 80 percent of Republican voters support Donald Trump.

One recent poll showed 75 percent of Republicans want Trump to play a major role in the party’s future.

For there to be a war for the soul of a political party, the two sides have to be on relatively equal footing.

And Mitch McConnell knows that few Republicans support excommunicating Trump from the GOP, so McConnell bowed to the reality and announced his support of Trump if Trump is the party nominee.

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