Mitch McConnell wanted to send Donald Trump one letter that will leave you speechless

Mitch McConnell wants to rid the Republican Party of Donald Trump.

Now it’s known just how far McConnell was willing to go.

And Mitch McConnell wanted to send Donald Trump one letter that will leave you speechless.

McConnell was one of the Republicans that falsely claimed Donald Trump incited an insurrection on January 6 and McConnell sought to use that moment to carry out the GOP’s long standing goal of exiling Donald Trump from the Republican Party.

In ABC’s Jonathan Karl’s new book Betrayal: The Final Act of the Trump Show, Karl reports that McConnell tried to draft a letter signed by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to disinvite Donald Trump from Joe Biden’s inauguration.

McCarthy thwarted McConnell’s plan by opposing the Senate leader and telling Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows what McConnell planned.

Meadows told Trump who then preemptively issued a statement announcing he would not attend Biden’s swearing in.

POLITICO reports:

Biden’s presidential inauguration on Jan. 20, a new book, “Betrayal,” by ABC News’ chief Washington correspondent Jonathan Karl reveals. According to Karl, McConnell “felt he could not give Trump another opportunity to disrupt the peaceful transfer of power.”

McConnell even wanted to have the four congressional leaders write a letter to Trump informing him he had been disinvited, but House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) opposed the idea, Karl reports, “arguing it would be an important message of unity” to have Trump attend.

Ever since January 6, Trump and McConnell have been at war.

McConnell would love for the Mitt Romney/John McCain wing of the GOP to seize back power from Trump and his grassroots supporters.

For his part, Trump wants to see Republicans replace McConnell as their leader in the Senate.

Trump’s criticisms of McConnell only grew louder after McConnell surrendered in a fight over raising the debt ceiling and provided the votes to pass Joe Biden’s $1.2 trillion Green New Deal-style spending bill.

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