Mitch McConnell is planning his worst betrayal for 2018

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  1. John Sebastian says:

    Mitch you have out lived your USEFULNESS Just Retire OKAY

  2. Richard says:

    Time to start the year off right to go after McConnell, Ryan and jerks like FLAKE hard with MAIL AND PHONE CALLS to stop their agenda of SCREWING THE PRESIDENT and we FOLKS that voted TRUMP INTO THE PRESIDENCY! IN OTHER WORDS KICK A$$ NOW!

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      You can’t phone Flake; that’s not been possible his entire term in office; neither can you phone McCain, nor McConnell; the call is robo-answered and shunted to kept full voice mail boxes. E-mails to their official boxes are “answered” with the gov’t form response mail which says exactly NOTHING, and there’s NO way to know if they ever got that mail or just some flunky saw and deleted it. And “snail mail” will get there a week after the issue is voted on. They KNOW that and insure that they don’t hear from constituents.

    • karen zawack says:

      Best bet is bombard their facebook accounts, twitter accounts.. instagram accounts. Put on state accounts, county accounts, local accounts. Wifes accounts, cousin accounts, etc. Either social media will delete or they will be out there for all to see even IF the representative will not answer. For 8 years, Obama has allowed this to occur. Congress did NOTHING in that time. Heck for 60 years New Jersey has been doing this, ignoring the Legal American citizens.

      Only way is to shame them into doing something. President Trump does that so well. Shame them to step up or resign. Which is happening!!!

      Mail and phone calls will not work UNTIL representatives actually REPRESENT Legal American Citizens.

  3. karen zawack says:

    Build the wall, send out ICE and OUR Military enforce and sweep the garbage that are the illegals out to the other side of the WALL. McConnell, needs to go as he’s been “compromising” (compromise is when both parties have something to hide or personally gain) way too long.

    Time to MAGA! Republicans that don’t, well just get out of OUR WAY! 2018 is going to be a GREAT YEAR! BUT need to be very vigil on the tactics that both liberals and Republicans that compromise use to “fix” the election their way. Heck, New Jersey must have the patent on this “fix”. Especially now that Camden County is starting the “mail vote order” drive. How else will the dead and illegals vote now that the 1985 Consent Order regarding voting fraud has been lifted.

    GO MAGA!

  4. Arne Wallin says:

    It’s VERY Very Late for the Wall to be Built. But better late then newer. The Sooner the Better

  5. Tam Fantom says:

    Yes, build that wall!!! Grass roots? I am a conservative independant. I am not grass roots. I refuse the evil snowflakes to the left of me & I refuse the evil fake rhinos to the right. As for Mitch….he’s not kosher!!! But he is kosher enough to serve up as turtle soup in North Korea…lol. He would give the North Koreans something worse than worms & he is difficult to get rid of.

  6. Jack says:

    It is time to build the wall and put McConnell on the other side. Think about all the jobs this wall would create for people living on both sides of the wall needing a job but you must remember Cheap labor is not skilled and Skilled labor is not cheap.

  7. Dianne Ness says:

    Tweet McConnell and let him know your feeling, tell him to quit going behind Trumps back and working out deals with the Dems.

  8. Sandra Lee Smith says:

    The wall likely should have been build during Ike’s administration after he expelled some 3 mil illegals; but it was promised under Reagan in ’86, if he’d just amnesty those here; he did and I’m still waiting 30 years later for that wall! WORSE; these DACA BRATS have shown NOTHING but contempt for America and her citizens. They deserve NOTHING from us, but deportation with the BILL for their past upkeep and education! Not 1 of them turned himself inn on reaching majority, and asked what could be done to rectify his parents’ crime in bringing him in illegally! Instead they stood in states’ capitols, demanding “rights” NEVER theirs to even BEG for; no apology, no remorse at all for STEALING American kids’ dreams from them all those years!

  9. JW says:

    The wall should have been built back when Kennedy was in there

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      Probably under Ike in fact, after he kicked a mess of illegals out during his administration; but it was promised under Reagan, 30 years ago and I’m still waiting for that wall!

  10. David says:

    Swamp/sewer creature has to be fired…..

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