Mitch McConnell got blindsided by one demand that could get him fired

Conservatives are furious with RINO Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

McConnell led Republicans to disaster in the Midterm elections.

And now Mitch McConnell got blindsided by one demand that could get him fired.

Mitch McConnell made several strategic blunders that appear to have cost Republicans their shot at a Senate majority.

Over the last year, McConnell agreed to the largest gun control package in 30 years, hundreds of billions of dollars in corporate welfare bailouts, and more than $1 trillion in socialist Green New Deal spending.

McConnell’s surrender on the entire Democrat agenda revved up the Party base and gave incumbents something positive to campaign on in swing states.

McConnell also helped feed the Democrat Party and corporate-controlled media narrative.

Finally, McConnell also yanked Super PAC funding from conservative Senate candidates like Blake Masters in Arizona and Don Bolduc in New Hampshire.

McConnell has led the GOP conference in the Senate since 2006 and is hoping to become the longest serving Republican Senate leader in history.

But those plans hit a snag when Marco Rubio – who is not a fire breathing conservative – posted a tweet announcing his support for delaying the GOP Senate leadership election until all the candidates could describe their plans to support a populist conservative agenda.

Rubio’s tweet came on the heels of a letter from Senators Mike Lee, Ron Johnson, and Rick Scott stating their desire to push back the leadership election due to uncalled races in Arizona and Nevada as well as the December 6 Georgia runoff.

The letter read:

We are all disappointed that a Red Wave failed to materialize, and there are multiple reasons it did not. We need to have serious discussions within our conference as to why and what we can do to improve our chances in 2024.

Holding leadership elections without hearing from the candidates as to how they will perform their leadership duties and before we know whether we will be in the majority or even who all our members are violates the most basic principles of a democratic process. It is certainly not the way leadership elections should be conducted in the world’s greatest deliberative body.

Accordingly, we propose that we postpone leadership elections until after we know who all our members will be and we all have a chance to hear from leadership candidates as to what type of collaborative conference governing model we should adopt.

Mitch McConnell has never faced a serious challenge to his leadership.

But Republicans expected to win control of the Senate on November 8.

And McConnell’s bungling played a major role in Republicans looking like they may have come up short.

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