Missing Trump votes just surfaced in this key state

Republicans have a lot of questions about the 2020 election.

Each day new evidence emerges that raises their suspicions about how the vote was conducted and counted.

And now these missing Trump votes just surfaced in this key state.

Recently, Floyd County, Georgia discovered a batch of 2,700 ballots off on the side in a box that was not counted on election night.

Those votes broke two to one for President Trump.

Now a second county in Georgia – Fayette – stumbled upon a memory card containing another 2,700 votes that were not entered into the tally on Election Night.

“Gabriel Sterling in the Secretary of State’s Office describes what happened in Fayette County: There were votes that had been scanned and were on a memory card, but the issue was that they hadn’t been uploaded.He said it was more easily discoverable than the issue in Floyd County, because they were able to see that the number of people who were checked in on the early voting file in Fayette was higher than the number of people there was in the county’s reported vote total,” 11 Alive News reported.

This batch of ballots netted Donald Trump 400 votes on Joe Biden.

Election officials continually finding new ballots lead Donald Trump to blast the Georgia officials conducting the recount.

The Georgia recount is a joke and is being done UNDER PROTEST. Even though thousands of fraudulent votes have been found, the real number is in matching signatures. Governor must open up the unconstitutional Consent Decree and call in the Legislature!” the President wrote on social media.

It’s clear the lack of transparency and officials claiming there is no fraud or the vote was perfectly secure are not telling the truth and are undermining confidence in the election.

The only way to restore faith in the idea that the 2020 race was free and fair is to give Donald Trump his day in court, hear all the President’s evidence of fraud, and then investigate the allegations to assess their merit.

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