Mike Pence refused to say one thing under pressure

Vice President Mike Pence has loyally served Donald Trump during his time in office.

That was just put to the test.

And Mike Pence just refused to say one thing under pressure.

Even weak-kneed RINOs like Mitt Romney are caving to Black Lives Matter and its radical political agenda.

Romney marched with the group and even blurted out the catch phrase “black lives matter.”

During an interview on CBS’s Face the Nation, Vice President Mike Pence refused to give in to pressure and utter “black lives matter” because the Vice President said the group’s far-left political agenda made him uncomfortable.

“And as a pro-life American, I also believe that all life matters, born and unborn,” Pence told CBS interviewer John Dickerson. “But what I see in the leaders of the black lives matter movement is a political agenda of the radical left that would defund the police . . .”

Dickerson interjected and tried to get Pence to say “black lives matter.”
But Pence stated you could not separate the phrase from the ideology that underpinned the group.

“That would tear down monuments, that would press a radical left agenda and support calls for the kind of violence that has beset the very communities that they say that they’re advocating for,” Pence added.

Pence rejected the idea that you had to say certain catch phrases to show support for the black community.

Instead, the Vice President pointed out that the Trump administration demonstrated that black lives mattered by enacting policies that promoted sage neighborhoods and prevented lawlessness.

“I’ve literally met with African American leaders around this country, and in the national capital area, who made it clear to us they want law and order, they want peace in our streets,” Pence said.

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  1. Joe Bob says:

    I’m really praying for a civil war because the thought of putting an end to a bunch of liberal lying scum like Bend Over is really pleasant. These scumbags are like locusts, and do nothing good for society!

  2. Joe Bob says:

    Hey Bend Over, how about a 45 slug for your head you faggoty left wing puss. Your mother always said you were a little coward

  3. Steve says:

    Bender is a BEND OVER Deceiever!
    Go phukkyerself LOUSE!
    We are On to how YOU ALL ROLL! Make No Mistake!!

  4. Bender says:

    Walter that may be, but Bolton personally told cadet bone spurs about it and the coward did nothing. Way worse than Bengazi was but no uproar here? You can stand behind your reality TV personality president but don’t claim to be pro military, pro life, or good Christians. This is more evil than anything Obama could even dream about. Sad.

  5. sharon says:

    Geneva-I agree. I had a great teacher from 2nd thru 6th grade in a one room school and yes, she ruled the classroom-all 8 grades. And she was in her late 50’s. And was one heck of a marbles player. She usually won the marbles. And I used her teaching techniques on my kids and now my grandkids. I would rather have the discipline. Right now the inmates will be running the asylum. Not a good plan.

  6. Geneva Sherrer says:

    When I was in the 3rd. grade, I wouldn’t study the multiplications. One day my teacher took me into the coat room and gave me one lick on the butt with a paddle it lifted my little body off the floor. Since I’m grown and know my “tables” I praise God she was interested in me enough to paddle some sense into me. When they took out the paddle and the Ten Commandments and GOD out of school, the devil walked in and took over. I’m thankful I went to school when the teacher was in control and not a gun shooting kid.

  7. Walter Robertson says:

    Bender you are nothing but an idiot.

  8. bonnie L Kent says:

    Please unsubscribe me

  9. John J says:

    Just like in the jungle, we meet with their LEADERS, the tribal chiefs

  10. Mike Siegfried says:

    Glad to see Mike is a real man, screw these pos if black lives really mattered they wouldn’t be shooting each other by the thousands every year across the country. It’s all BS and I’m sick of hearing African American if you were born in America and have never been to Africa then your not African your American. If you don’t like it here then leave.

  11. sharon says:

    The problem with these retired military is they don’t have up to date access on intel and cyber security. And if they do-it would have to be approved by POTUS or it’s been leaked. Have a step grandson in the intel-cyber security for the Pentagon-they DON’T even talk anything about their job as it is so classified. So whoever their source may be I’m betting they haven’t been cleared so how accurate is the info.

  12. Rocketman says:

    There’s no real concrete evidence that anyone outside of a few leftist anti-trump government types that make this claim. When asked to provide proof, they site “national security”. Show me some kind of proof because the left has been caught lying too many times to take them at their word.

  13. sharon says:

    LOL-Is Biden’s wife going to give him his brain back if he becomes President? I just don’t think so. So who’s pulling his puppet strings?

  14. Bender says:

    Coward cadet bone spurs let Russia off the hook for putting bounties on are soldiers. So they can’t say all lives matter to them. You Russian loving POS. Putin helps you in elections and now he owns you. America looks so weak in the world right now. We lost all respect Russia and China and even North Korea walk all over this administration. Europe won’t let Americans in they bungled the covid response so badly. You can’t even say all lives matter when you sacrificed grandpa and grandma to open economy back up to soon. You should be ashamed to be rethuglicans on this Independence Day. Charge your cult leader with treason and try to save the party you put before your country. The tax breaks for the rich weren’t worth the damage you’ve done to the USA. Next on the agenda tax health care away from 20 million Americans whose lives apparently don’t matter to rethuglicans either. God you people make me sick.

  15. sharon says:

    Dr. JD-granddaughter is doing well-looking into working for the medical examiners helping with autopsies while at Marquette. She has said these groups are handing out flyers constantly at college to get students to join. She realizes this not about bad police because most are not corrupt. If a criminal doesn’t want to get caught to what extent will he go to to get away. Discipline in the home by parents goes along way and that is lacking in parenting and I’m not talking about abuse. Milwaukee just took the police out of the schools-want to know what is going to happen. Just like other years, an undisciplined studlent will attack a teacher and who are they going to call? A social worker? But the teachers union of Milwaukee requesed this so when the hitting starts, it is on them. Our neighbors son is on the Milwaukee Swat team-over a week ago he was giving instructions to another officer when that officer was shot in front of him. Peaceful protests. No but you can keep your opinion as I will mine. I have a police officer son and 2 nephew-in-laws who are also. I wonder if you opinion wopuld change is you had a child or husband in the line of fire by a criminal who doesn’t want to responsibility for the crime they were being arrested for. Somehow-I don’t think so.

  16. Dr. J.D. says:

    Hi Sharon, how is that granddaughter at Marquette and how does she think about these questions. You know as an older American, like me, rarely does the “long-term” make much sense. I thought I would never get to over 40 years of age. I think some police might quit, but if it is those who abuse their powers, that might be a good thing. You know of the movie Serpico and how many police officers were corrupt and on the take . . . . well, power tends to corrupt, and so we must find a way to curb that. We agreed, I think, that bad teachers can abuse their power. One thing I SAW, the worst teachers were the ones who used the most violence with students – – paddling etc.. So, it is good there are now restrictions. And as far as the economy is going, I am fearful that because we did not handle this pandemic like Europe, we are going to crash and shut down again, and it is this second shut down that will hurt us most badly in the future. IF we would have followed medical advice, and opened up CAREFULLY, our health and medical situations would and could have bounced back.,

  17. sharon says:

    Dr. DJ-Do you think these protesters realize they will be paying for their protesting for most of THEIR adult lives thru taxation because of the destruction? Have they been informed of that? As for diversity-I was visiting our black renters 2 days after the protests started. Both had participated in the walk. When I asked why-their answer was for exercise and to get out of the house without the safer orders in effect. When I asked if the mayor and the supervisors of Milwaukee had addressed any of their issues in the last 20 years they voted for them-they said no. I also asked if the simplisafe system we installed is to protect them from the police or the people in the neighborhood that are breaking in to homes. They are afraid to answer their door without the ring doorbell so they know is on the other side of the door Both answered the neighborhood people NOT the police. I had both crying on my shoulder because the stress of not having police answering calls was so stressful. Think that’s what this about? I will admit the protesters and their mummy’s & daddy’s will not be so happy when the police don’t answer their 911 for any reason-vbecause so many have quit and the mayor and the supervisors could care less about the inner city residents-it’s the higher end neighborhood they will continue to pander to. Oh and it was their local stores that was looted not the higher end of town. And the inner city willo be paying for this as well with less jobs and higher rents after the looting to cover police costs and etc. So I disagree with you on this. Again the which neighborhoods will pay the biggest price-the inner city neighborhoods. Do you really think the college kids really think about that. That’d be a no and yes I’m white. And the tax assessments and the services charges will be higher because SOMEONE HAS TO PAY DON’T THEY? And it won’t be the mayor or the supervisors cause they won’t take a pay cut nor will they cut their security staff.

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