Mike Pence met behind closed doors and revealed the status of his relationship with Trump

After Donald Trump and Mike Pence left office, their political futures became the subject of much speculation.

Many political observers wondered if Pence still stood by Trump or if he was planning his own 2024 White House bid.

And Mike Pence met behind closed doors and revealed the status of his relationship with Trump.

This past week, former Vice President Mike Pence met with the Republican Study Committee – a group founded to push policy in the GOP conferences to the Right – in a closed door meeting.

Ahead of the gathering, Pence tweeted out that he was thrilled to meet with the members of a group he once chaired.

“As former Chairman of the RSC, I look forward to continuing to fight for the Conservative ideals that have made America great,” Pence wrote.

In the meeting, Pence put speculation about his relationship with Donald Trump to rest by telling the group he maintained the same relationship with Trump that he had during their time in office.

The New York Post reported:

Speaking to reporters after the nearly two-hour meeting, Banks said that Pence told the group that he maintains a strong relationship with former President Trump.

Banks said the ex-VP gave him the sense that the two men have the same rapport that they did prior to all that occurred after the 2020 presidential election.

Republican Study Committee Chairman Congressman Jim Banks of Indiana said Pence hinted that he would soon actively engage in the 2022 election cycle.

“He will be launching his efforts in the near future and his efforts will be related to defending the Trump-Pence record that he played a large part of and that House Republicans played a large part of,” Banks told the press.

When politicians set up a political organization ahead of a midterm election it is a clear sign they are trying to collect chits they can cash in when they run for President.

This meeting makes it clear Mike Pence is seriously considering a 2024 White House bid.

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