Mike Pence leveled with the American people on this horrible coronavirus reality

Vice President Mike Pence is heading up President Trump’s coronavirus task force.

It’s up to Pence to coordinate the recommendations of the health experts to translate into options he can present to the President so there can be a clear and informed decision making process.

That’s when Mike Pence leveled with the American people on this horrible coronavirus reality.

Vice President Pence took the podium at the daily task force press briefing and stressed to Americans the importance of following the President’s social distancing guidelines.

Pence sought to shut down the belief among some Americans that this was just the flu when the Vice President warned the public that the Chinese coronavirus was three times more contagious than the season flu.

“We need every American to put into practice the president’s guidelines . . . because the coronavirus is about three times more contagious than the flu according to our best estimate,” Pence told reporters.

Pence added it was possible to transmit the virus even when you weren’t showing symptoms.

“You can contract coronavirus and have mild symptoms if any, not even be aware that you have it and expose someone who is vulnerable to a serious health outcome,” Pence added.

Finally, the Vice President implored the public to stick together and if everyone observed the social distance recommendations the American people could stop the spread of the Chinese coronavirus.

“It is going to take all of us working together to make sure we are safe,” Pence said.

Even fake news reporters applaud Pence’s performance in the briefings as calming and reassuring the American people.

Trump supporters also agree that putting Pence in charge of the task force was one of the President’s best decisions.

Americans have put their trust in these social distancing guidelines and now it remains to be seen how effective they are and how long they will be put in place.

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33 Responses

  1. James 75th Regiment says:

    Are we sure they should legalize pot…Justice for Trump your a full blown retard.

  2. Joe Bob says:

    Sorry not Annie…it was Mike

  3. Joe Bob says:

    Annie you dumb kunt, after you stop blowing every scumbag on the Utah Jazz team, please have yourself checked, because we know you have every STD in the book you promiscuous ho.

  4. Joe Bob says:

    Justice you’re a stupid mofo. I’d like to exact something justice for Trump by putting a noose around your neck you demonrat POS. The best thing for a ratfuk like yourself is to throw you in a big crowd of sneezing people!

  5. Smarten Up Y'All says:

    Are you tired of winning yet with Trump as a chief medical spokesman.

  6. JusticeforTrump says:

    Trump has been a disaster since his corrupt campaign. Now he is killing people with his calling the virus a hoax, and a Democrat plot and ignoring his people who still have their cojones to tell his to mobilize but he wanted this pandemic not to occur so he thought being in denial was the way to deal with. We have idiots on here like Kent and callers on C-Span who still think that this is a conspiracy, they are sick mofos just like the Mobster-in-Chief.

  7. Alan says:

    It’s good to know we have the president in office that cares for the people .knows how to coordinate people and not take chances . maybe over playing this virus but not going to take that chance .obama waited six month to do anything with the h1n1 many people died before he declared it an emergency..people need to listen and do their part to stop this virus and cut out the fake news and get behind the president…for we all can get back to normal and save the economy…

  8. Helga says:

    All you fools who disregard the warnings are just plain morons! Look at Italy and Europe where it is still spreading. We are trying to head it off or minimize it and we are on the right track, however, if this goes on for months there will be hell to pay. Why don’t you cooperate for the time being and we should have medication to kill this thing. You can’t just snap your fingers and have it disappear. Lastly, we do not trust China one bit!

  9. Kent says:

    America being used Like a cheap whore.. Does anyone do research anymore.. Or do you believe like good little sheep? Reseach CDC own facts & figures on how many deaths in the USA from the FLU. Look at the figures today on this so called epidemic.. Your “Rights” are being stripped from you, never to return.

  10. Lol; I must have hit a truth nerve as they won’t let me post my comment.

  11. Mike says:

    The media is doing just fine reporting the facts. It seems people get all excited because the media points out the inane comments that Don made in January and February. And Pence was right next to him when he made up those facts. Don has one thing on his agenda. That is to enrich Don. He is the ultimate con man and he tried to con us with his perspective on the Coronavirus. I see that this blog tries to politicize the disease by always referring to is as the “China Virus”. Every intelligent source of information refers to is as Covid-19 or Coronavirus. Only the ignorant want to make a political statement out of such a horrible disease.

  12. Rhina says:

    Patriot Trump is number 1 just like us the American citizens. Together we are going to always win. One God, One Nation, One Country. FEAR does little to US we know whatever we decide we can and will make it happen. Just a little bit longer i sense it America will be stronger better and we won’t be asleep at the wheel again. Trump 2020

  13. james says:

    Circus clown that what bout are,clue less,no Med,supply,Bud a lot of
    Atom bombs,and war materials. Good night USA. You are done..!!

  14. JM says:

    Demorats will use anything to win in 2020…even Chinese virus. Beware of those spouting China propaganda as they have their agenda in mind, NOT for the good of America!

  15. SANFORD says:


  16. VIET VET says:

    We all have a thing called “COMMON SENSE” and in these troubled times need to engage in it. You see the stats on what is going on around you, and other countries. Why on earth would you expose yourself or your family to this deadly virus?
    Follow the guidelines given avoid crowds which could infect you or give it to your family. Think of the harm you could cause. BE SMART, FOLLOW THE RULES. STAY AT HOME. Go out only when necessary.
    You won’t run out of toilet tissue or paper towels. Think responsibly. Think like an adult!!!

  17. Annie says:

    A lot of people who should work with President Trump aren’t and it puts families at risk.
    including the News media. And Newspapers and Magazines and places on the internet.

  18. Linda M. says:

    The unfortunate thing is ,because of people hoarding necessities such as bathroom tissue and cleaning supplies and food, it has forced some of us to go out more often than we should, trying to obtain these things. Exposing our self’s and others to this virus. I have observed the very best and the very worse in people since this outbreak.
    I trust President Trump and VP Pence and I wish the media, would stop with their hate towards them and work with them , as our own congress SHOULD have been doing these past 3+ years. Please be safe everyone and I will be praying for our great country to continue….

  19. newhon63 says:

    People need to accept that President Trump is our leader and get over the fact that he won in 2016, he was nit colluding with Russia because Hillary Clinton was and probably still is and she doesn’t work well with others, there was no quid pro quo, the only thing that is true about Trump is he is orange. He admitted it himself.
    If the friggin media would use their energy to help this Administration by announcing instructions and updates, instead of continuing to try and take him down. We would all be better off.

  20. Sandra says:

    I am fairly healthy but I am not impervious to the virus. I have been staying close to home since the beginning. Unless I have to go out, I do not. Why should you behave like an arrogant fool? I
    may not have to worry but why should I push my luck. We all should protect ourselves and in turn possibly protecting others as well. We have so many hardheaded people who don’t seem interested in using common sense and intelligence. They just can’t stand for anyone to tell them what to do and as a result may just harm those they care about.

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