Mike Pence just made one big announcement about Dr. Fauci’s future

America is moving in to the next phase of the coronavirus outbreak.

That is leading the administration to re-evaluate the experts offering advice.

And Mike Pence just made one big announcement about Dr. Fauci’s future.

Dr. Anthony Fauci is one of the most controversial members of the White House coronavirus task force.

In this role, Dr. Fauci has been one of the leading advocates for the economically disastrous shutdowns to try and stop the slow of the spread of the virus.

But as 42 states moves to reopen their economies in some form or fashion, the administration is winding down the task force and moving to rescue the American economy.

And that means Dr. Fauci’s time in the spotlight is also winding down.

Vice President Mike Pence announced this decision to reporters at his office in the West Wing.

“I think we’re having conversations about that, and about what the proper time is for the task force to complete its work,” Pence told the press. “And for the ongoing efforts to take place on an agency by agency level.”

Pence said the decision to wind down the task force by Memorial Day was because of the successful work the group put in guiding America to a point where it could begin to reopen its economy.

“It really is all a reflection of the tremendous progress that we’ve made as a country,” Pence added.

The Vice President did say that Dr. Deborah Birx would continue to advise the President and work out of the White House.

“We’re going to keep Dr. Deb Birx around every bit as long as we need to,” Pence said.

Dr. Birx told the press that it was her job to monitor the outbreak and continue to provide the best medical expertise to the President based on the data at hand.

“We’ll still keep a close eye on the data,” Birx said. “Because we have very good data now, it took us a while to build that capacity and we’ll make sure that we’re watching that at a federal level.”

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98 Responses

  1. Carl Franklin says:

    Why are all of TRUMPERS HYPOCRITES hiding in your face ? GUTLESS !!!

  2. Fauci is a holdover from the Obummer Administration and Trump should have replaced him with someone SANE right after he was elected ! Fauci HAS to go……….the sooner the better !

  3. Margaret McConnell says:

    Dr Fauci, being a little guy, I believe has Napoleon syndrome. This is when the short guy can control a whole nation then he is BIG, he had something to do with the virus at the start, and he comes to the USA, has everyone locked down and in his mind he grew to 7′ tall. But, the virus isn’t much different with its numbers than the flu in 1918 that killed many, including my grandparents’ first child, then we have had polio, many died with it and many of us survived, no Dr Fauci to shut down the world. There was a sign on the door QUARANTINE enter at your own risk. No shut down, the war was on, a shut down was not considered and we as a nation survived, many of us living to old age. There have been many “flus” that have killed people who have had other problems, but our governors did not send the infected people in with the infirm older folk “they are all old, they are gonna die anyway” was a quote I heard. Fauci should be with Pelosi, shumer, and a few others on Gitmo. Now we have governors that think they are gods, stopping people going to church, a bar is fine, but no church, another has surrendered her state to BLM to tear down history and killing people. I said it before, GOD HELP AMERICA satan is expanding.

  4. Randy McKnight says:

    Trump is a lying, megalomaniacal dirtbag who should be escorted from the white house in a straight jacket and taken to a facility where he can receive the years of electroshock treatment that he clearly needs.

  5. Brenda says:

    They say this virus is spread by droplets ,why is it that I never see people sneezing or hardly a cough even whether when around people or all the people we see on t.v. . It has to be in the air.This was done intentionaly.The Dems hopped on this to take advantage of the people ,they have hypnotized from the insane negative medical witch is owned by Democratic billionaires that control what you see and hear they twist the truth and lie to people for control ,we need to stand up to this as strong tuff Americans let them know we won’t stand for it anymore.These billionaires and the elite don’t care about us they care about their investments in China ect this virus is about domination of USA and The world by Chinese Communist And Big Tech

  6. sharon says:

    Rose9999-it’s like climate change scientists-always wrong but always putting out new predictions and warnings. Gotta go where the money is no matter how often they are wrong.

  7. Rose9999 says:

    Why do the doctors keep referring to the data. The data has been proven wrong from the beginning so wrong in fact the person originally providing said data was fired. We were lied to from the beginning by the so called experts. I’m now wondering just who or what exactly provided said information. Dr Fauci still insisting lick fien continue. How can any country in the world hope to survive without a work force. We are all ONLY EXISTING —-/WE ARE NOT LIVING!

  8. sharon says:

    Richard-excellent idea. Without their cell phones these nitwits would be lost. They couldn’t call mummy and daddy who support this nonsense and try to protect even if they hurt and kill other people and ruin other people’s livlihoods.

  9. Richard says:

    Why can’t these governors that first coronavirus positive patients into retirement homes be charged with involuntary manslaughter!!!!!! In the autonomous zone in Seattle why can’t we just shut down all electron it communications in and out and see how long and people could last without their phones or Internet and that way nobody can say that you turn the water and electric off and you might cause people to die

  10. rick says:

    Fauci is a FAKE !!! He’ll say one thing and then when his numbers aren’t even close , then he CHANGES his narrative to fit the REAL numbers . Now that most people realize he was wrong most the time , he’s a regular on FAKE NEWS cnn and msnbc . They can keep him .

  11. sharon says:

    Patricia K-I’m with you all the way. Let us make our health decisions and how we do our personal interactions with people. People who afraid-stay home and protect yourselves. But that won’t help with cancers, heart disease, all the other ailments we can’t get into see a doctor for. Unless a virtual visit. Yeah how’s that going to work for a mammogram? What a joke. I got better medical service from the CVS minuteClinic than I can get from my regular dr. That’s the joke of this whole nonsense.

  12. Patricia R Kennedy says:

    Yes I will vote for our wonderful President. I will also pray that those oppose him, Pelosi, Schummer, etc. will get voted out when possible so he can do his job without fighting them off all the time. Voters need to remember the definition of isanity. “Doing the same thing again and again but expecting a different result”. Term limits are needed so when a bad apple is elected they can be out of office before they become Career Politicians.

  13. Patricia R Kennedy says:

    I believe the shutdown of states/cities/counties has done more harm than good. It allowed Elitist leaders to flaunt their power. We were just short of martial law as our elected leaders and many not elected told us who we could see and what we could do in our daily lives. Our leaders should have trusted us to make good decisions. My belief is that since this virus was manipulated in China-people gave in to Panic. When people this virus has really hurt our country, I correct them that the politicians and medical big heads have hurt our country by tearing up a strong economy, caused people to lose jobs and businesses and convinced many that it was in their best interest to isolate from the support systems needed to cope. Now the masks? Research shows these masks do not help and can make people sick. Time for the country to reopen and politicians to do what they are paid to do. We will take care of ourselves and those we love or just like.

  14. Carol Bacca says:

    I will vote for Our President Donald Trump. He has done very well for us. I got free hats and coin. Thank you

  15. If everyone will recall Pelosi called our president a racist for denying Chinese to enter our country until he was satisfied where the virus was coming from! Now she wants us to believe she’s the one who called for destiny with this horrible decease to be against the Chinese invasion of it!!

  16. PESTEAGUEVOS says:


  17. Howard Lewis says:

    Pirbright Institute, London England and another biowarfare lab in Wuhan owned by Pirbright passed this virus out after being given U.S. Patents on virus, cure and vaccine.

  18. Nelson says:

    President Donald Trump has done a tremendous job of saving American Lives during this trying time. What more could the man do? He stopped China’s flights long before anyone even knew anything about the Chinese Influenza, Pelosi and Cuomo were still advocating for normalcy… That in itself saved perhaps millions of lives!

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